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Free read Capricorn (Boys of the Zodiac, #10)

Free read ✓ Capricorn (Boys of the Zodiac, #10) É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð Some call Caleb the Angel of Death but he knows better He doesn’t kill He erases life Centuries ago the Higher Powers created him to walk the terrestrial plane eradicating those from M the start It’s the mark Leandro wears over his heart the symbol uniue to Caleb’s body Because the only way Leandro could have received the tattoo is if Caleb had given it to him But the man who’s collected memories for the last thousand years has no recollection of ever meeting Leandro befo. This is much fleshed out than most of Vivien Dean's books I love the writing story and everything else

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Latest assignment should have been as easy as the rest But the second he gets invited into Leandro Warnell’s remote Alaskan cabin Caleb knows something is different It’s than the overpowering physical attraction between them It’s than the inconsistencies that have plagued this assignment fro. Caleb’s and Leandro’s love was pictured in a beautiful way The irresistible attraction between them shows almost from the moment Caleb crosses Leandro’s doorstep in little gestures as well as in the passionate sex scenes which were clearly lovemaking rather than pure carnal desire right from the beginning Their connection reaches much deeper than the sex Caleb’s zest for life suffered from losing Leandro even though he didn’t know what he was missing and Leandro’s mortal humanity affected Caleb to a point where it almost overrun the invincibility the Higher Forces had accredited him withThe focus of this story is entirely on Caleb and Leandro with only one other acting character Lem The story is told by Caleb in first person but both Leandro and Lem come alive nicely through Caleb’s eyes At times Lem almost stole the show from the main characters with his shenanigans and his cocky remarksAll in all a well conceived and at times rather dark paranormal fantasy featuring a love stronger than time and space stronger than death and even stronger than the Powers of Darkness It’s skillfully written and makes for a nice change to all the vampires who are normally cast in tales of immortal love

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Capricorn Boys of the Zodiac #10Some call Caleb the Angel of Death but he knows better He doesn’t kill He erases life Centuries ago the Higher Powers created him to walk the terrestrial plane eradicating those from existence who have either earned punishment or asked for dissolution No attachments no commitments no problems His. Caleb is created by Higher Powers to erase life; either as punishment or as personal reuest But this one throws him out of his element since the very start when his friend Lemuel gives him the sight of the man that he needs to erase When Caleb travels to Alaska and meets Leandro his assignment there is something between them something than just instant attraction Because Leandro is wearing a tattoo that can only belong to Caleb; and the man claims that they met hundred of years before This story is written in 1st person; with Caleb as the narrator This is very effective in allowing readers to be with Caleb in his journey of rediscovering Who is Leandro What is his significance What is the reason for this assignment What is actually going on We get to the answers along with Caleb slowly learning and understanding that one thing he did hundred years ago have resulted in what he is facing right now I really love the intimate feel that this story creates It's just Caleb and Leandro in the middle of lonely Alaska and it is always something beautiful to me when reading stories about two people that have history that spans for such a long time There is that longing yearning that is just so palpable I wish there are stories about what Leandro has done for the past 400 years after he is separated with Caleb since he is the one who remembers A satisfying read from one of my favorite authors Side note Caleb has a cat named Kuro strange thing because one of my Mom's cat is named Kuro as well which means Black in Japanese ^^