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On a Pale HorseBalance of Good and Evil sending each to Heaven or Hell instead of Purgatory The new Thanatos is superbly competent ends pain when he. This was the first book I ever read of Piers Anthony and I was hooked Original imaginative and told by a true story teller this was a gem And best of all this blended good science fiction with pure fantasy elements to make a very enjoyable read A man accidentally kills Death an incarnation of Immortality and shades of Tim Allen in The Santa Clause he must don the black mantle and ride the white horse It turns out to be a white car and a pretty cool gig when all is settled That is until the Hellhounds show upUnfortunately I don't think the rest of the series was anywhere nearly as good On a Pale Horse has nonetheless remained timeless as I have often thought about it since

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When Zane shoots Death he has to take the job speeding over the world riding Mortis his pale horselimo measuring souls for the exact. Ok I think it's time to delve into my long evolving and conflicted feelings about this series and about Piers Anthony Especially since I changed my rating for this book from a 5 to a 1When I was young I loved this series It was on my favourites list throughout high school I was also pretty obsessed with the Xanth series and would get new books from that series for many christmases and birthdays These series and Piers in general go into my adult category of things I can't believe I didn't realize were sexistAs an adult I started to revisit some of my favourite series from childhood just to see if they'd hold up Animorphs which blew my mind and changed my entire life from grade 4 onward does not hold up writing wise but the stories are still good and still pretty mind blowing as the introduction for a 10 year old to serious for a 10 year old sci fi The Giver does hold up magnificently Piers Anthony just ends up being a sexist old man writing juvenile screeds couched in sci fi and fantasy And unfortunately I still like his stories and ideas There's a lot in there that's good Alas there's so much that's bad that it's really not worth itFor example in the very first scene of this book we meet a gorgeous rich woman who will fall in love with any person who saves her life This is not even the point of the scene the point is that the crafty magic stone peddler stole the poor dupe's true loveas women are property and have no minds of their own What does true love even mean if you can just swoop in and steal it from someone Is this woman's mind so empty of her own thoughts and feelings that she counts adrenaline as love That's about where I stopped reading and started skimming The series as a whole and Piers' writing as a whole is filled with gorgeous women who all look exactly the same big eyes small noses long hair ample bosom but not too ample just the perfect amount of ample small waists and above all as young as possible without being creepy though he sometimes just says fuck it and goes with creepy There are of course middle aged women women with large noses and small eyes and sometimes they even have brains but it's always despite their looks Because there is no woman character ever introduced in ANY Piers Anthony book EVER WRITTEN I haven't checked but I would bet a lot on it whose attractiveness is not commented on in some way Hey a women who has been living for 20 years on her wits in exile I wonder what she'll say first when she meets someone from her home Tell me the truth do I remain sexually appealing Hey aren't you one of the aspects of FATE one of the most powerful beings in all of space and time What wonderful and interesting things are you thinking about right now I'm middle aged and therefore ugly Ah yes Piers you have captured a woman's mind perfectly I AM always thinking about how my nose could be pert and am also constantly looking for validation from men that they find me sexually attractive Literally every second of every day On the other side it is exceedingly rare for a male character to think about his own attractiveness Instead he is also always thinking about the attractiveness of his female companionI would really love for someone to re write the Incarnations of Immortality so that I could enjoy the stories again while cutting out all the bullshit sexism and frankly poor character development I think that Piers actually believes he is writing strong female characters which is pretty scary The prospect of actually re reading all of these books is scary too so I'm just going to spare myself and remember the stories fondly

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Free read Ï On a Pale Horse 100 ↠ When Zane shoots Death he has to take the job speeding over the world riding Mortis his pale horselimo measuring souls for the exact balance of Good and Evil sending each to Heaven or Hell instead of Purgatory The new Thanatos is superbly competent ends pain when he ends lives But Satan is forging a trap for Luna tEnds lives But Satan is forging a trap for Luna the woman Death lovesUnabridged 1 audiobook audio file 12 hours 50 minutes 47 second. Actual rating 25 starsI can see where I would have been really into this series if I’d read it as a teenager I was just busy reading at that point in my life and not very much into evaluating what I was taking in It is a very male oriented story with women being mostly objects that they compete for and fight over The male characters evaluate women by their age and attractiveness although ZaneDeath comes to grudgingly admire Luna’s strength intelligence and morality If I had children I wouldn’t encourage them to read this series but if they did we would need to talk about the role of women in it and why it shouldn’t be used as a model for relationships The female characters often say some very chauvinistic things as if Anthony believed it was acceptable to be prejudiced as long as the female characters voice those thoughts eg that as women get old they just bag sag and lose all their attractiveness implying that without youthful attractiveness they really aren’t worth anything any The writing is acceptable; the morality is extremely black and white Having characters like God and Satan included in the list of characters plunges the reader very much into a Christian universe and there is no escaping that uni religion slant Since I attended Sunday School as a child I was conversant with the details of that worldview but I wonder how many modern young people would be It might be interesting for non Christian readers although I would hate for them to get their Christian theology from Anthony or it might be off putting On the plus side I really enjoyed the horsecar Mortis and the idea that a new person in the Incarnation of Death could shake up the job uite a bit I’ve read these books out of order it doesn’t affect their understanding all that much since they’re fairly simplistic so I’ve only got a couple to go I’ve abandoned Anthony’s Xanth series because it bores and annoys me but I haven’t made any hard and fast decisions about this one Not my favourite author although I can understand what others may see in his workBook number 181 in my science fiction fantasy reading project