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Deep Water review Å 103 ↠ A história contada em Águas Profundas tem a ver com Vic Van Allen um homem muito calmo e muito controlado A mulher porém tinha aventuras sobre aventuras com outros homens e ele sabia disso mantendo uma passividade ue causava estranheza aos amigos Até ue um dia a taça transbordou e Vic Van Allen viu se transformado num assassiUlher porém tinha aventuras sobre aventuras com outros homens e ele sabia disso mantendo uma passividade ue ca. I need to make a confession before I start my review I went to Patricia Highsmith's page on and I saw so many of her books she's uite prolific for less than 5 dollars that I went nutzo one clicking away without conseuence at what my husband would say when we got the credit card bill what's all this 19 eBooks in one go So expect a lot of reviews of books by this author Now on with the reviewReading this book made me neglect my chores it obsessed me The story of an almost incredulously dysfunctional marriage is told in simple yet powerful sentences Ms Highsmith is certainly a master at chilling understatement Even though the cuckolded husband may end up doing some bad things I was sympathetic to his character and this is something that the author is famous for eg The Talented Mr RipleyIf this keeps up I'll end up addicted to Highsmith's books

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Usava estranheza aos amigos Até ue um dia a taça transbordou e Vic Van Allen viu se transformado num assassin. 35 starsDeep Water is the fifth of Patricia Highsmith’s psychological thriller novels and tells the story of a loveless marriage and the calmly collected resident psychopath living in plain sight behind the facade of domesticity in middle class 1950s surburbia“Little Wesley’s number one cuckold” thirty six year old Victor Van Allen is to all intents and purposes an upstanding model citizen living a uiet and unassuming life in the midst of a small suburban town In a neighbourhood where the majority of locals have an independent income in addition to their earnings and folks are courteous and help each out most residents are pretty contented For Vic proprietor of Greenspur Press a passion rather than a necessity who looks after his six year old daughter Beatrice “Trixie” cultivates his herbs and observes his snail auaria life appears to be comfortable if a little mundane Sounds like harmony if only his carefree wife Melinda didn’t insist on choosing such inane boyfriends and parading then around the neighbourhood For up until now Vic has tolerated his headstrong wife’s affairs demanded nothing sexually financed her lifestyle all with admirable forbearance much to the chagrin of his friends and all in return for Melinda not deserting her familyFor Vic it isn’t Melinda’s affairs per se but the “idiotic and spineless characters” that she selects inflicts on him and her childish refusal to grow up and shirking of maternal responsibility that frustrates him In fact Vic struggles to sum up the way he feels about Melinda so conflicted is he between love and devotion with Melinda’s obvious resentment and hostility merely exacerbating his show of good humour However after four years of such behaviour Vic lets slip to Melinda’s latest beau Joel Nash that he murdered the last man who got “too friendly” with her advertising executive Mal McRae whom as an aside he never liked anyway And with Mal having been found dead in suspicious circumstances and Vic’s disconcertingly manner the story spreads through the neighbourhood like wildfire with his friends simply seeing it as a dark joke It is Vic as the long suffering husband of Melinda who neighbours rally around and when finally the Mal McRae rumour is proved untrue Vic capitalises by dispatching her latest fascination Charley De Lisle in a not so tragic death in the swimming pool at the home of the Cowans’ As Melinda publicly accuses Vic of murdering Charley the official verdict of accidental death supports the cramp theory however the arrival of town newcomer Don Wilson brings further steadfast determination to prove Vic’s guilt and support Melinda’s theory With the Van Allen friends attitude to Melinda cooling the arrival of a ‘psychiatrist’ private eye with a flaky story hired by Don and canvassing the neighbours causes further disharmony with both Melinda and Don eventually ostracised by the communityWith Vic never showing any signs of conventional jealously his unorthodox manner continues to disconcert both Don and Melinda As the expected feelings of guilt and regret fail to stir within Vic he continues his sedate and routine existence but makes sure to let Don see his capacity to react with normal anger when he is sufficiently provoked and confronts him about hiring the private eye After De Lisle’s death Melinda’s sulking suspicion and baiting at home finally ends with the arrival of contractor and new paramour Tony Cameron but her likely abandonment of her family and exit to Mexico City is a bridge too far Once again Vic ‘intervenes’ and Melinda soon appears to get over Tony’s disappearance and adopts a pretence of affection and humility towards her family all of which sends Vic’s anger spiralling But with Vic having played the long game he knows to proceed with caution in navigating his marriage of mistrust and the long awaited and expected denouement at the uarry with Don Wilson brings Vic’s eventual meltdownIn many ways I found this a highly atypical crime read in that the reader can practically steer the course of the plot and appreciate Highsmith’s ambition from the off with the painstakingly steady and unhurried build up of tension gradually increasing the stories claustrophobic grip As a reader part of you feels like racing ahead and skipping straight to the denouement but much of the enjoyment of reading Deep Water is the vice like grip it exerts as the suspense builds In a story which turns the moral order of the masses on its head there is in fact no real mystery contained within the pages nor should the reader expect justice in the eyes of the law to be restored In portraying a year in the life of the Van Allen household the real skill comes from making the reader align their sympathies with Vic a sociopath living a suburban life and making his actions feel justifiable Maybe appreciating Patricia Highsmith’s novels is merely a matter of expectations with disappointment almost inevitable for anyone expecting a guessing game of unforeseen revelations and a neat solution as is the norm in crime fiction For a deliciously dark and twisted novel that entertains in abundance Deep Water comes recommended and Vic Van Allen proves memorable than so many of the half assed psychopaths of crime fiction even some fifty years later

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Deep WaterA história contada em Águas Profundas tem a ver com Vic Van Allen um homem muito calmo e muito controlado A m. I don't waste my time punching people on the nose If I really don't like somebody I kill himSo sayeth Victor Vic VanAllen the main character in Deep Water although he says it in jest According to Highsmith as related by Andrew Wilson in his biography Deep Water explores 'the sniping griping ambushing' that can exist between people who are supposed to love one another locked together 'in a ballet of the wearing of the nerves' Frankly that phrase describes this book perfectly but that wearing of the nerves is also a great way to describe how I felt during and after reading this novel Once again Highsmith had me feeling sympathetic toward a character not too unlike Tom Ripley; even though eventually I'm supposed to be outraged and shocked at things he does it's still sort of difficult not to feel something for the main character in this book I'm really starting to worry about myself here and that is not a joke If there is one thing at which Highsmith excels actually there are many things but for me this one is numero uno it is her ability to make a reader to see things from the points of view of the psychopaths who populate her books To them what they're doing makes perfectly good sense we may not believe in real life that murder is any sort of solution but somehow it's like you can seriously understand why her people feel compelled to do the things they do I often find myself rooting for these people to succeed and then I realize that I'm cheering on a murderer who has not one iota of conscience But I can't help it And that's why I'm a wee bit concernedThe reason Vic comes across as a sympathetic character here is because of his wife Melinda Vic runs a small but very successful press that produces only a few books each year beautifully bound but dreadfully dull The books that come from his press tend to reflect Vic's character on the outside he is well put together but inside he is dreadfully dull for example raising snails as a hobby also into such pastimes as bee culture and cheesemaking Melinda who doesn't at all share his interests carries on with a number of men flaunting them in Vic's face by either bringing them home and having them stay until the wee hours of the morning or not coming home because she's stayed with them; she also cares very little that their neighbors and circle of friends all get what's going on Vic whose philosophy is thateverybody therefore a wife should be allowed to do as she pleased provided no one else was hurt and that she fulfilled her main responsibilities which were to manage a household and to take care of her offspring realizes that because Melinda has a reputation for playing around he's acuired a near saintlike reputation among their acuaintances which as Highsmith tells us flattered Vic's ego However he also admittedly has an evil side that he keeps well hidden For example he takes near joyous pleasure in telling one of Melinda's new boyfriends that he'd actually killed one of her previous lovers referencing an actual murder that has been in the newspaper a joke that turns into rumor and circulates through Vic's friends It's not true of course but it sends the latest lover running and yet wondering Vic outwardly turns a blind eye to what's going on with Melinda and her series of lovers but inwardly he's seething and this being a Highsmith novel that pressure isn't going to stay bottled up for long When Melinda's latest boy toy is invited to play the piano during a neighbor's party somehow he ends up dead in the swimming pool and Melinda begins to wonder if Vic may have had a hand in his deathDeep Water is Highsmith's exploration of the diseases produced by sexual repression; as she notes again from Beautiful Shadow From this unnatural abstinence evil things arise like peculiar vermin in a stagnant well fantasies and hatreds and the accursed tendency to attribute evil motivations to charitable and friendly acts 101and once again she takes her idea and runs with it this time creating a nearly perfect study of a marriage that's stagnating and deep in decline Vic is almost too perfect a great dad househusband sympathetic employer and perfect neighbor as opposed to Melinda whose flaws we see from the outset It is definitely not hard at all to feel pity for Vic as he puts up with his wife and her multiple affairs and this is really where Highsmith gets into my head I always seem to side with the bad guy; she makes it so easy to understand his point of view and actually feel a huge amount of sympathy for himHighsmith isn't for everyone and as I'm discovering it's becoming sort of necessary to space out reading her novels to maintain a measure of my own sanity At the end of this one I put the book down and walked away from it in a funk She has this way of burrowing deeply into my skin as she burrows into the minds of others and it's not always a comfortable feeling even though so far I'm absolutely loving her work It's not often an author can have that effect on me but she manages to do so with every novel at least so fardefinitely and most highly recommended It will have you suirming in your seat as you read