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Summary Heartwood ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF á Few authors have understood the tender intricacies of relationships better than the incomparable Belva Plain For three decades her deeply moving epics have captivated the hearts and imaginations of readers everywhere Now in her final novel she comes full circle with the themes she took Herself must come to grips with the discovery of a long held family secret But it’s an emotional parting of another kind that looms most prominently on Iris’s horizon as neither her beloved husband nor the solidity of her own marriage is immune to the ravages of time Through separations and reunions the changes we cannot avoid and the love that sustains Iris will weather whatever lies ahead with a faith that cannot be shaken Like the inmost rings of a tree that abide through the generations she will be as strong as heartwo. Heartwood is the conclusion of the Evergreen series Joseph and Anna Friedman and Paul Werner have all died Now Iris the Friedman's daughter is seeing herself as a modern woman She has a successful academic career and a happy marriage to Theo Stern an oncologist Unbeknownst to Iris she is the daughter of Anna Friedman and Paul Werner after an afternoon of lovemaking Neither of them have ever told Iris or the family of this Joseph raised Iris as his own loving child Theo is struck down after a serious heart attack and can no longer work His death was a tragedy to the whole familyNow Laura has a chance at a fresh start in New York City and maybe a last chance to try to save her marriage to Robbie McAllister Robbie always had his heart on becoming an archeologist but just never made the grade They are blessed with a child Katie; who is so smart for her age and can figure out what is going on Laura however became successful with her catering company and household tips to share in books and on tv Robbie felt he could never compete with her and she was being the higher paid of the two of them He could stand thatLaura meets Nick the photographer for her catering and household hints segments and falls for him Foolishly they meet and become lovers as well as friends Laura is going to tell Robbie she wants a divorce never a divorce in either side of the families and start anew The most awful tragedy occurs; Robbie dies in a plane crash on his way home to talk with Laura about their future Laura is so upset by this that she calls it off with NickNow that I have brought you up to steam you will have to read for yourself the outcomeAs an aside it is sad that Belva Plain is no longer with us as she was a very great storyteller She was in a class by herself Thank you BelvaHer mother Iris talks to Nick and tells him that she does love him and not to give up

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Mic career and a happy marriage she still holds steadfast to her old fashioned sensibilities But as the mother of three adult children each with their own lives and burdens to bear she often finds those sensibilities called into uestion when confronted with the choices her children have made For one of Iris’s daughters it’s the choice of a fresh start in New York City and a last chance to save her troubled marriage While Laura and Robbie cope with an impending separation and its effect on Iris’s young granddaughter Iris. Robbie sure got the short end of the stick The author took the easy way out with the solution to Laura's problem It would have been much better to make Laura deal with the issue directly so that she would mature in the process I'd have rather seen a divorce between the two and a hea for Robbie He wasn't any worse the Laura Laura was immature as well She really should have acted like a grown up wife and talked to him about her needs and made the marriage better Instead she decides the grass is greener elsewhere but she hasn't changed she has just found someone willing to cater to her and read her mind about what she needs We haven't seen that her communications skills have gotten any better Without that she may be finding green grass with someone else Time must have been short with this book It seemed barely filled out like an outline I realize this took place 30 years ago but the issues seemed so out of date It was hard to see what the big deal was

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HeartwoodFew authors have understood the tender intricacies of relationships better than the incomparable Belva Plain For three decades her deeply moving epics have captivated the hearts and imaginations of readers everywhere Now in her final novel she comes full circle with the themes she took up in her very first work Evergreen bringing us this unforgettable story of family and friendship love and marriage the challenges of life and the true secret of happinessThough Iris Stern considers herself a modern woman with a successful acade. Although I am not uite done with this book I am enjoying it much than I thought I would I have been a fan of Belva Plain for over 30 years starting with her first book Evergreen; there are not too many Jewish family sagas written these days unlike years ago when She along with Gloria Goldreich and Maisie Mosco wrote several novels in this genre Although not all of Belva's books were family sagas I enjoyed these the most Knowing that Belva Plain was uite elderly and after hearing that she had died last year I did not expect another novel to be released Not only does Heartwood remind us of her old style of demonstrating passion family loyalty and conflict and undying love and devotion it concludes the story of the descendants of the characters in Evergreen a fact that I wasn't aware of until I started the book Although it is much shorter in scope and seuence it is still engrossing and emotionally charged and it hooked me in right from the beginning and made me realize how much I miss reading the family sagas of which I couldn't get enough in the 1970s and 1980s I am not sure whether Belva Plain wrote the entire book by herself or if she had help but it is only fitting that her final work brings to a conclusion the story of the beloved family from Evergreen It is not as good and as riveting as Evergreen but it is still a decent and interesting bookWell I finished the book in only a few days but I am not uite sure why the review never appeared on my profile or my facebook page It was an excellent uick read which did not disappoint expecially since Belva Plain had to have been in her 90s when she wrote it I miss the family sagas of years ago so this book left me nostalgic and wanting of this genre I definitely would pass this book on to my friends