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Reise im AugustAlice is eleven years old and it is wartime She is on a train with no seats no lights no sanitary facilities Her parents and her. The Holocaust is an all too popular subject for young adult literature so it was with reluctance that I opened this book Unlike so many books in this genre there are no real heroes no noble acts and no redemption in this claustrophobic tale first published in Germany Instead this short novel focuses on the tedium uncertainty and unease in one railway car full of Jews making the forced journey to Auschwitz Alice the central character is nearly twelve but has lived such a sheltered life that she seems much younger Despite hiding in a basement for than two years she knows nothing of the war or the atrocities being committed Her own parents disappeared in the dark of night but her grandparents reassured her that it was only because her mother needed emergency dental care which the naive child believed And so Alice finds herself in a herd of humanity heading east hoping to be reunited with her parents Over the course of the brief journey her illusions are shattered as she witnesses death including her own grandfather's birth and the entire spectrum of human emotions When the torture of the journey is finally over she is only too relieved to be offered the opportunity to shower Unlike other YA novels about the Holocaust Number the Stars for one that remain somewhat removed from the actual details of the tragedy Pausewang's work wallows in the repetitive mundane trivia of the journey Most of the passengers in the railway car are neither horrible nor heroic but are instead preoccupied with bodily functions normally kept private The two corpses occupying valuable space in the car are treated in the same matter of fact style further emphasizing the dehumanizing effects of the journey The birth of a baby in the midst of such depression should have been cause for celebration but the assorted travelers cannot find enough hope in their hearts to rejoice It is only the false promise of a shower and hot coffee that causes some to lift their heads in anticipation making the final inevitable conclusion that much poignantDue to explicit language and uncomfortable situations The Final Journey is probably best suited for older middle school and high school readers I would proceed with caution before using with with a fifth or sixth grade class

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summary Reise im August ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Alice is eleven years old and it is wartime She is on a train with no seats no lights no sanitary facilities Her parents and her grandmother are missing and Alice doesn't know where she is going Maybe she will get to play outside again maybe she will see her parents But as tEr parents But as the train rolls on Alice begins to realize that just when you think things can't possibly get any worse they d. This is one of the very few books non fiction or otherwise on this subject that I'd recommend to younger people Even though the majority of this book details the train ride Alice takes to Auschwitz there is still much tragedy involved as is to be expected But it's written in a way that can be handled by young people I think Maybe because instead of putting it out there very plainly it all goes through Alice That may be why I feel this way I'm really surprised at this book to be honest I read it to be very honest because it's missing it's dust jacket and I wanted it off my bookshelf My OCD thank you very much I was surprised at how well it flowed As astonishing as Alice's experiences are it can be handled by someone younger This is also slim enough that someone younger may not be overwhelmed which is always a good thing

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Grandmother are missing and Alice doesn't know where she is going Maybe she will get to play outside again maybe she will see h. There are a lot of books on the Holocaust but not many of them talk in detail about the actual journeys to the camps the trains This book which is about as low key as it can be given the topic is about a twelve year old girl Alice being deported to Auschwitz and almost the entire story takes place in the cattle car packed in with dozens of other miserable Jews The grimness and inhumanity of the surroundings is uite evident The wretched people uickly fill their waste bucket and finally just eliminate in a corner and eventually the whole car floods A nice young man is shot to death when he tries to escape Although it's not explicitly stated Alice is sent to certain death in the last chapter of the book However important is the protagonist's journey of self discoveryAs the train rolls onward to its destination so does Alice learn and things about her life that she never knew Extremely naive in the beginning she was kept shut away by her loving grandfather and was completely unaware of the persecutions and the danger surrounding her Alice uickly wises up and realizes the almost entire truth of the situation She begins to menstruate during the last pages a symbol of her new emotional maturityChildren would appreciate this book and I don't think it's too graphic for them but adults will also appreciate it for the many layers of meaning in the story