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Summary Once Bitten Twice Shy ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø I'm Jaz Parks My boss is Vayl born in Romania in 1744 Died there too at the hand of his vampire wife Liliana But that's ancient history For the moment Vayl works for the CIA doing what he does best assassination And I help You could say I'm an Assistant AEeper than a buried body Find out what he's meeting with that can help him and his comrades bring America to her knees And then close his beady little eyes forever Why is it that nothing's ever as easy as it seem. I honestly don't know how this book got so many 5 stars I had passed this book by so many times and never picked it up because the title just didn't do it for me I read the reviews and I thought to myself okay I'll give it a shot It was a waste of time really I skipped a lot of it because it was just plain boring and rushed The character development sucked butt I wanted to like Vayl and I believe that I would have if his character was developed I didn't want his whole 300 years of life but it would have been a great thing to add some details to his background before dumping his 'late wife' into the story His attraction to Jaz was out of the blue Jasmines attraction to Cole was weird and again out of the blue he kisses her while hiding in the ladies room because he wants to be like Bond and she kisses him back forhell I dont know why Jaz and Vayl's 'relationship' is never actually announced How she became a 'Sensitive' was kind of described but not really well The 'magic' or whatever that she received after Vayl feed from her wasn't really explained to the reader It gave no description of why she was getting magic what actually passed between them during that time cause she blacks out The black outs themselves I don't understand She constantly repeats hereself the job the job the job annoying really There were so many analogies in the book that I started skipping a lot The plot was rushed and none too exciting in my opinion Her relationship with her brother in pretty much described as non existent but he all of a sudden forgives her and understands how hard she had it in the past when she warns him about a bomb I honestly have so many complaintsI uit reading read this book at page 134 It was just too annoying and rushed to me I was tired of the lame bad guys 'taking over the world' bit the late wife wanting some ring from Jaz Jaz smart mouth which is not really a bad thing but it gets old pretty fast I believe it could have been a good book if it wasn't so rushed and gave a little background info on the characters

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And I help You could say I'm an Assistant Assassin But then I'd have to kick your assOur current assignment seemed easy Get close to a Miami plastic surgeon named Assan a charmer with ties to terrorism that run d. Woot Another vampire hunter female kicks major ss makes almost enough smart remarks to annoy but not uite now teamed up with a very hot vampire who came across in the 1700s They are government operatives he legendary she big tough who are partnered because he asked for her which leaves her much confused They hunt bad guys of all stripes for the CIA evil vampires terrorists big nasty transdimensional things and magic critters She is the lone survivor of a strike team that was obliterated over a year ago and since then weird things have been happening to her like smelling demons She is Becoming and he knows it This time they are looking to bust an international terrorist crew with ties to our government a crew that is planning a massacre far greater than anything that's been done beforeThe seuel's coming out any minute now For those who think I haven't hinted at enough treats the CIA has a seemingly limitless budget for apartments and clothes for the hunts weird things department a paranoid gadgets geek having verbal fights with the hot seer they just teamed up with a pregnant younger sister about to deliver an ex Marine dad who's a pain and a vile gorgeous murderous ex wife with claws What's not to love

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Once Bitten Twice ShyI'm Jaz Parks My boss is Vayl born in Romania in 1744 Died there too at the hand of his vampire wife Liliana But that's ancient history For the moment Vayl works for the CIA doing what he does best assassination. I read a lot of this subgenre light modern fantasy with a horror twist and usually a female protag This book and series is getting a lot of press and a heavy and fast push to get out putting it in the mainstream and lighter weight end of the spectrum Combined with the garish cover the horrible Meet Jaz Parks in cover copy and the cover uotes clearly intended for non genre readers I expected a guilty pleasure at bestIt's better than that fortunately but not as much better as it could be I'm going to give a moderate spoiler to the book and a non spoiler to the series to explainThe setup is a common one for the subgenre simplified for the GrishamClancy crowd who isn't prepared for the supernatural element Our protag Jasmine Jaz Parks works for the CIA as an assassin working in the US against US law and apparently having enough assassination work to keep her super busy all of which reuires disbelief be not only suspended but hanged until dead Vampireswerewolvesmagiciansetc are out in the public in a way never explained and vampire abilities are conveniently idiosyncratic removing the need for consistency or explanationIn the forward Jaz is taken off individual missions and re assigned as the assistant to the CIA's vampire uber assassin Vayle first sign of an author who doesn't respect the genre reader stupid names for the vampires but not for the humans She doesn't know why she is re assignedSo she and Vayle go to Miami hotbed of international terrorism for some mild racism the brown skinned taxi driver is referred to as fresh off el rafto Cubano the non Muslim religious fanatic terrorists are led by people with stereotypical Muslim names etc Once there they discover the expected 1 The cult is going to release a virus that kills 90% of humans and vampires not terrorists at all technically 2 Someone from Vayle's or Jaz' past is involved in the cult 3 Their CIA handlers include a mole working for the cult 4 There is a hunky PI investigating the same people and willing to give up his investigation his job and ultimately his home because Jaz is such a great kisser 5 Jaz kissing PI Hunk makes Vayle insanely jealousSo they call in their non CIA for some new über gadgets and proceed to introduce the term collateral damage to the book Oh and they meet a convenient 1000 year old psychic with a magic stack of marbles that contains all the mystic knowledge they might ever need A passable super light plot that might pull in the airport reading crowd The major problems 1 The VayleJaz relationship is horribly drawn out 100% predictable and boring 2 Jaz' reaction to the Something Horrible In Her PastTM is so so and the mystery around it is complicated by unnecessary obfuscation 3 The villainous evil cult is not only overdone it's boring Only the mole in their organization has any personality and he's straight out of X Men 3 4 The action scenes are so so Not horrible but not amazing The good 1 They get new gear from their that they don't wind up needing The experimental gear doesn't always work but the failures aren't plot devices The character her paranoid friend Bergman who seems to have some time now that he's not an extra on the X Files is a fun character who isn't just the guy in the lab They also get new gadgets from the agency not just Bergman 2 the biggee The Horrible Thing In Her Past turns out a really really nice and unexpected element Jaz is a revenant In the event that killed her whole team she didn't actually survive but she was sent back with some souped up powers to fight and kill something The rules are unclear to herSo I enjoyed it enough to make it to the big surprise The big surprise made some of the goofy stuff before reasonable and interesting And I'll give the next a try