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review Ý The Glittering Plain ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF õ Amazing ePub, The Glittering Plain by William Morris This is the best favorite book with over 874 readers online here.E book with over 874 readers online he. A young Viking sets off on a uest to rescue his kidnapped bride and along the way discovers the earthly paradise Somehow he must turn his back on paradise to complete his uest to find a woman he barely knows William Morris is best remembered today as one of the founders of the Arts and Crafts design movement but he also wrote some ripping Fantasy stories

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Amazing ePub The Glittering Plain by W. While not uite as good as The wood beyond the World this was still fantastic It was such a lovely tale of sinister people fantasy and the search for love I am really enjoying the way he writes and the story is unlike anything you'd find in a modern book I also liked the fact that there was no good or evil and that the land of eternal bliss and happiness wasn't and that he didn't try and tie up all his loose ends or explain the Princess and her love All told it was a wonderful story I think the thing it reminded me the most of was Gilgamesh Definitely recommended

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The Glittering PlainIlliam Morris This is the best favorit. One thing that struck me about this book was that despite the anachronistic language the pictures that it drew in my head were uite clear I could see the dimly lit interiors of the Viking halls and hear the speech of these men as they bandied about what they sought The plot structure was rather strange and only after finishing it which took longer than the page count would suggest realized the entire tale was in the Introduction I guess we have to keep in mind that Morris was actually inventing the fantasy novel here so if it seems a little rough that's probably to be expected I think for anyone interested in fantasy as a genre or as literature a worthwhile read