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Jamestown A Novel Review ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Jamestown chronicles a group of “settlers” like survivors from the ravaged island of Manhattan departing just as the Chrysler Building has mysteriously plummeted to the earth This ragged band is heading down what’s left of I 95 in a half sOunters and John Smith is a ruthless and pragmatic redhead continually undermining the aristocratic leadership Communication is by text messaging IMing and ultimately telepathy Punctuated by jokes rhymes “rim shot” dialogue and bloody black comic tableaux Jamestown is a trenchant commentary on America's past and present that confirms Matthew Sharpe’s status as a major talent in contemporary fiction. I did not finish this book I know it's received praise from all over the place and it was the LBC's Read This book from the summer but I got half way through and still wasn't enjoying it I don't think the author did what he intended to do I thought it was too clever by half and while parts were funny mostly I found it annoying I guess my sense of humor slips a little in his portrayal of the Indians with the title JAMESTOWN I wasn't sure if this was allegory or satire or farce or all three In any case I found it problematic at best

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Ccounts of the Jamestown settlement from 1607 to 1617 Jamestown features historical characters including John Smith Pocahontas and others enacting an imaginative re version of life in the pioneer colony In this retelling Pocahontas’s father Powhatan is half Falstaff half Henry V while his consigliere is a psychiatrist named Sidney Feingold John Martin gradually loses body parts in a series of violent enc. Jamestown is a wild violent mordantly hilarious retelling of how the first permanent English colony in the New World came into being and unlike the version extolled in countless middle school textbooks Matthew Sharpe doesn't gloss over its influence on those who were already there Indeed the Indians' perspective on the events of 400 years ago is what gives Sharpe's satire such ferocious bite Set in the indeterminably near future a ragtag band of employees of the Manhattan Company roughly analogous to the colonial era venture capitalist Virginia Company of London leaves the city in an ard bus as the Chrysler Building disappears in a cloud of dust Their mission is to cross the wasteland between New York and Virginia make contact with the local Indian population and exploit their natural resources The first locals to approach the bus are Pocahontas Chief Powhatan's daughter and her uncle and physician Sidney Feingold Johnny Rolfe the Manhattanites' communication officer is ordered to greet the natives which he does through interpretive dance Charmed Pocahontas leads the party to a grove of red skinned women In a scene that is not likely to be re created in a school play anytime soon the women clean clothe feed and sexually pleasure the interlopers before sending them back to their bus The following morning the warriors unleash an arrow attack on the woozy settlers piercing one of the pilgrims in the lower intestine The Indians are held off with automatic weapons fire and the New Yorkers retreat to the safety of the bus Johnny is called upon to mediate a truce with the Indians which ensues though neither side stops scheming to destroy the other Johnny's loyalty to the Manhattan Company is challenged by its erratic management and by the realization that he is developing feelings for Pocahontas The first section of the novel alternates between the perspectives of Johnny and Pocahontas so that by the time they meet the reader is completely won over by Pocahontas' effusive charm At 19 years old she's got a plethora of problems She hasn't gotten her period yet which causes her father all kinds of embarrassment since all of the men in her village want to bed her because she is the chief's daughter Pocahontas is an exceptional character part smartass part wood sprite and completely captivating It would have been easy to present her as a cipher a Joan of Arc type shouldering the burden of history the moment she steps out of the cornfield Instead Sharpe has given us a wildly precocious and eminently likable girl on the verge who is several steps ahead of every male she meets Throughout the novel Johnny and Pocahontas correspond through a variety of media that makes use of the written rather than the spoken word This form of expression is appropriate for much of what we know about the original settlers of Jamestown comes from the letters they sent back to the home office The scenes in Sharpe's novel so closely parallel the original events that the one knows about the origins of Jamestown the greater one's enjoyment of the novel is likely to be Although there are plenty of parallels between 1607 London and 2007 New York ultimately Jamestown is an utterly implausible tale After all no credible governing agency would blindly send its representatives to a perilous land they could never hope to understand nor control simply for the purpose of the short term exploitation of its natural resources Thankfully Sharpe's vividly realized farce plays much better as a novel than as the lead story on the nightly newsExcerpted from review published in the Los Angeles Times

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Jamestown A NovelJamestown chronicles a group of “settlers” like survivors from the ravaged island of Manhattan departing just as the Chrysler Building has mysteriously plummeted to the earth This ragged band is heading down what’s left of I 95 in a half school bus half Millennium Falcon Their goal is to establish an outpost in southern Virginia find oil and exploit the Indians controlling the area Based on actual a. Full review can be found at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE I am personal friends with a number of staff members of Soft Skull Press publishers of Jamestown even to the extent of sometimes staying on their couches during past trips to New York It should be kept in mind while reading this reviewIs it just me or has there been just a whole slew of high profile so called high literature novels about the Apocalypse published in the last year There's Michel Houellebec's The Possibility of an Island for example which I've reviewed here in the past; Tatyana Tolstaya's Russia based The Slynx which I've also reviewed; Jim Crace's The Pesthouse which I've kinda reviewed or at least explained why I found it too awful to actually finish; not to mention Cormac McCarthy's The Road which I haven't readyet plus any others that I'm forgetting or haven't heard of in the first placeWhew And now onto this pile you can add the insanely great Jamestown by Matthew Sharpe which very easily is the best of them all because it is in fact a whole bunch of different things at once not just a political comment on the Bush administration and 911 that many of the others are but also a new examination of a historical event from the point of view of what we traditionally have considered the enemy not to mention a slick and mentally dazzling tone poem at times that combines sophisticated rhyme and meter with the throwaway language of our modern instant messengering times And did I mention that it's slapstick funny at points And also dirty and sometimes fiercely politically incorrect Yeah it's that tooSo with all these things going on in one book where do we even start Well probably with the most well known thing about it the gimmick that got it all its original press when it first came out that the novel is a literal re telling of the Jamestown myth the 1600s story of the very first permanent English settlement in North America which has been embellished so much over the centuries that no one's uite sure what to believe any; but in this case under the setting of a post apocalyptic America one where a Road Warrior type group of stragglers have managed to take over a large chunk of Manhattan and form their own twisted combination of gang and corporation who are just now starting to send exploratory groups into the radioactive wilds of Virginia to start collecting such needed supplies as oil trees and uncontaminated food if any can be foundAnd let's just be honest