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What Maisie Knew97 when Henry James was becoming increasingly experimental with narrative techniue and fascinated by the idea of the child's eye view What Maisie Knew is a subtle intricate yet devastating portrayal of an innocent adrift in a corrupt society. I hate Henry James with an eternal and fiery passion I rarely hate a book utterly; I hate this book It's actually worse than The Bostonians which I would not have imagined possible It's just not necessary to write sentences two hundred words long with four semicolons and eight commas It's just not Especially not EVERY sentenceIt's like reading an impossibly uninteresting Jane Austen novel that's been babelfished into German and then back I could only read it for ten minutes at a time because otherwise the headache it induced became unbearable Learn to sentence Henry James

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Another And when both take lovers and remarry Maisie solitary observant and wise beyond her years is drawn into an entangled adult world of intrigue and sexual betrayal until she is finally compelled to choose her own future Published in 18. How to describe this book; different unusual even disturbing on some level Young Maisie Farange has possibly the two worst parents in the history of literature Dickens characters notwithstanding Her two step parents from opposite sides of the parental marriages were somewhat better but still lacking from my point of view Her governess Mrs Wix was the most responsible adult in the book certainly the best one to have custody of Maisie I would like to read about Maisie as an adult see her rise above her childhood find love and happiness To bad that never occurred to JamesIf you read the reviews here on Goodreads you see everything from 1 star to 5 star ratings Really that's true with every book but I can understand it with this one James known for his lengthy thoughts and descriptions uses those to distraction here Some sentenses were so long that I lost the train of thought Nevertheless the final result is a story that grabs your attention one that every reader can relate to to some extent The characters likeable or not are beautifully crafted by James and taken as a whole I liked this book4 solid stars

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What Maisie Knew Read & Download ☆ 104 Ù After her parents' bitter divorce young Maisie Farange finds herself turned into a 'little feathered shuttlecock' to be swatted back and forth by her selfish mother Ida and her vain father Beale who value her only as a means of provoking one another And when both take lovers and remarry Maisie solitaAfter her parents' bitter divorce young Maisie Farange finds herself turned into a 'little feathered shuttlecock' to be swatted back and forth by her selfish mother Ida and her vain father Beale who value her only as a means of provoking one. Henry James is a heuristic writer Know what I meanIn other words he remained throughout his life a Seeker The overarching priority of Being over Becoming meant little to him as a truth he could hold on to So impelled by his own tumultuous and impetuous cravings the cravings that comprised his inner Daemon he was driven “down down to a sunless sea” the world of deep and dangerous introspectionTonight after re dipping deeply into Henry James’ convoluted introspections in this novel again the first time in fifty years for I read it once academically I’ve come to the sad conclusion that his late novels can be toxic to postmodern souls In fact tonight for this reason I’ve resolved never to attempt another of his later novels again Oh I know I have a fascination for his lucidly moody interior rambles and I know they’re addictive to me like a hypnotic subject’s fascination with whirlpools but that’s the long and the short of it and this time I’m going to try to stick to my gunsHappens every time I read James You mosey through a paysage moralisé of profound aperçus and before you know it you’re hooked but guess what you’re going down the drain FastI do anyway I lose my connection with the Primacy of Being too readily when I read James Without absolutes we risk finding ourselves being uickly set adrift in a depressive and restive ocean of ethical relativismAs is always the case with JamesIt’s like a mariner in a storm who loses track of where he is without the North Star But James was so exclusively self possessed he could do it as long as he kept his Daemon relentlessly seeking through our modern age’s refuse for answers Give it up Henry it’s only JunkBut if you’re a seeker you will search to the endAnd if you DO find your Pot of Gold you’ll be contentYour life will have PURPOSEBut anyway James is now passé for now we can’t sustain a restive introspection in our postmodern age Media education and conditioning have directed our gaze firmly outwards So we turn to our books They’re escapes from too much realityThe answer is WithinSo many of us read as long as we have a firm idea of who we are and where we’re going as I do but when we enter Henry James’ late labyrinths we lose our connective touchstones Or at least I do I guess that’s the experimental transitional side of his modernism It leads you “to an overwhelming uestion”Where precisely are you GOING with all this HenryYou’re almost sickly and cloying in your introspection but with all your moral relativism we become deceived into believing there’s fresh air in it all There ain’t It’s totally disconnected with exterior social reality and as well with any absolute reference pointThere seemed to be fresh air finally in The Ambassadors Again that threw me for a loop Turns out of course it’s a False Dawn at the darkest point of the nightYes folks read Henry James and as Jim Morrison sang you“Take the highway to the end of the night”Some people can still read the late novels of Henry JamesBut not cantankerous me I just say thank heaven some among us are “assured of certain certainties”So would you please pass me my Plutarch