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A car accident ended John Harlan's pro football career But maybe it wasn't such a disaster after all For Harlan knows something about the accident that no one else doe. Such a good book The suspense the speed Just readable and satisfying And his endings are often unpredictable This one was great Charles Williams is definitely one of my favorite writers

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The Big BiteS And there's a lovely calculating lady who will give him a hundred grand if he promises not to tell There's only one problem at football he'd been a pro but at blackm. Charles Williams' The Big Bite is very good crimenoir thriller though it's not uite up there with his brilliant 1953 noir The Hot SpotJohn Harlan's pro football career has ended after another driver hit him in what appeared to be a drunk driving accident After his recovery Harlan is in very good shape by normal standards He's in his late twenties strong and fit He just lost that extra bit of uickness that it takes to compete at the highest level of sport and now that he can't play football any he's on the skids with no idea what to do next As he drifts about the insurance investigator who originally looked into the drunk driving accident tells Harlan he suspects there may be to the story Part of the accident may have been deliberate and while Harlan wasn't the intended target of that mischief he certainly was a victimJohn Harlan is a man of low morals and few scruples He's bitter and he thinks he's entitled to get back some of the money he lost due to the premature end of his career He decides to blackmail the two people who he thinks were responsible for the intentional part of the accidentWhen it comes to crime Harlan is a good planner even though he's a novice He takes huge calculated risks because he's greedy as hell His risks pay off up to a certain point because of his obsessive planning which is the focus of much of the narrative He neglects some little things along the way like failing to examine parts of his plan from every conceivable angle He also neglects some big things like failing to fully understand the nature of the people he's blackmailing What begins as a brutish game of intimidation and force evolves into a subtle and intense battle of strategy and clever tactics by both the blackmailer and his victims In fact for much of the book it's unclear who the victims will be Because we see the world through Harlan's eyes we become as convinced of his plans as he does and we don't see their flaws until they smack him in the face Then the reader gets smacked in the face too because Harlan can really suck you in He's up against some very clever foes particularly Julia Cannon who plays a number of roles in turn and all of them convincingly She the cheating wife the femme fatale the victim the master the psychologist the moralist and the oracle Though the poor writing in the first few pages of the book may turn you off stick with it You'll start to see the value by the end of the first chapter view spoilerThis one really comes alive at the end when a story that has looked like a series of adventures and misadventures starts to take on new layers of depth darkness and moral heft It's a Jim Thompson style ending in which a character slowly comes to realize he is imprisoned by the very desires and actions he thought would set him free Julia Cannon becomes the prophetess and the bearer of wisdom and fate beueathing to Harlan a legacy and a future he tries vainly to reject and exposing in him every flaw she so elouently enumerated when she chained him to the bed and forced him to listen to what he had so rudely dismissed as her incessant yakkingWhat she tries repeatedly to drive home to him and what she does get across loud and clear to the reader is the hidden cost of crime that is the cost to the perpetrators We get it and we get her frustration when she says to Harlan I was unfaithful to my husband I realize you have already grasped this at least as far as its surface aspects are concerned and there would be no point in attempting to explore it to any depth because eventually we'd run into language connected to emotion which obviously would have no meaning to you How would you describe a sunset to a blind mole living on the dark side of the moon hide spoiler

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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ The Big Bite ☆ A car accident ended John Harlan's pro football career But maybe it wasn't such a disaster after all For Harlan knows something about the accident that no one else does And there's a lovely calculating lady who will give him a hundred grand if he promises not to tell There's only one problem at football he'd been aAil he's strictly an amateur And amateurs usually get hurt Mystery and intrigue like it used to be written like it comes along in real life B O T Editorial Review Boar. Charles Williams is without uestion one of the top writers to come out of the fifties The Big Bite is typical of the excellence of his writing It is a story about a down on his luck professional football player who just can't seem to turn as uickly since he was rear ended by a drunk The doctors say his leg is all healed but it just isn't the same and his career is over They'd stuck it back on all right and it looked like a leg but something was gone This isn't good As the narrator John Harlan explains The only thing I'd ever owned in my life was a mechanism that ran like something bathed in oil and now it had been smashed and when they put it back together something was gone He's cut from the team and goes on a binge It was a honey and lasted a week He wakes up in a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere with some girl whose name he didn't recall and She seemed to think something terrible was going to happen to her if she ever sobered up Five months after his injury something about the incident is causing a private investigator to look into it again off the record The trail of intrigue leads Harlan to get involved in a blackmail scheme What else does he have to lose Why not He should've had a long professional career and that's now all down the toilet The blackmail leads him to get involved with a sexy siren that likes of which could barely be described The story is filled with tension It is great from page one all the way to the bitter end There is not one thing I would change about it if I were editing it It is that good Who is the dish he is blackmailing Why none other than the widow of the drunken jerk who ran him off the road and flushed his career down the drain She is in Harlan's mind none other than the brown eyed Fort Knox and he is going to get that woman to open up the vault and pour some gold out But when he meets her his mind starts melting She was a construction job from the ground up without being overdone about it anywhere just medium height and rather slim and with only a touch of that overblown calendar girl effect above the sucked in waist It was her eyes however that could throw the match in the gasoline And You had the impression that if she ever really turned them on you with that sidelong come hither out of the corners and from the lashes she could roll your shirt up your back like a window blind Is John Harlan over his head when he tries to work Julia Cannon She was a cool devil in most ways but when she was after fun she took it fervently and unbuttoned I highly recommend this excellent pulp era thriller It has everything in it that you could want murder blackmail fishing football intrigue and the smartest craftiest femme fatale to grace the pages of fiction