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SUMMARY ¸ Indians: A Play ß Popular Kindle Epub, Indians: A Play author Arthur Kopit There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn 9780809012183 94 pages and has a text language like EnglishIsbn 9780809012183 94 pages and has a text language like English. Further confirmation that high school American history class whitewashed a lot that we as a nation choose to ignore European settlers we're absolutely barbaric to the native people they encountered in North America Indefensible


Popular Kindle Epub Indians: A Play author Arthur Kopit There are. review of Arthur Kopit's Indians by tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE March 19 2012 A wk or so ago my g friend Amy I were sitting around at nite bored she proposed that we go into our personal library that I hold her prevent her from knocking into things while she walked thru the library w her eyes closed picked out a bk to become our bk in the way that people have an our song etc We did this she picked Kopit's Indians Mary Manning's Passages from Finnegans Wake Then things changed so that we had two our bks The idea was that each of us wd read one of the bks then we'd trade THEN things changed so that we were back to only one bk Passages from Finnegans Wake Welp I've read them both now you can see my review of Passages here reading Passages has spawned a new Finnegans Wake related sampling project of mine Both of these bks were in my Plays section of my library I'd never read either of them In a sense I came to 'maturity' in an era of 'performance art' see my own history here An aspect of this was that theater no longer seemed very exciting in contrast 'Performance Art' a term I still reject to this day was the way of performing that took risks manifested contemporary praxis Theater was entirely too 'safe' Nonetheless I was ever on the look out for what struck me as the most innovative the most daring the most political in theater I wasn't entirely disinterested in the theater of the past Fortunately I turned 18 in the same yr that the Balti Theater Project was founded 1971 found much of interest there at least at 1st There were groups like Studio Scarabee Plan K Scarabee presented what was probably the most technically sophisticated stage show w projections that I'd seen as of the late 1970s Some of the same people who had pioneered 1970s performance art in Balti then went on to create Impossible Theater in 1982 It was probably thru them or their successor project that I learned about John Schneider of Theater X w whom they collaborated on a performance called Social Amnesia playwright Caryl Churchill All very interesting stuff Of the other 20th c playwrights to catch my attn some of them were Edward Albee Samuel Beckett Albert Camus Friedrich Dürrenmatt Jean Genet Peter Handke Rolf Hochhuth Eugène Ionesco Alfred Jarry Arthur Kopit Jean Paul Sartre Peter Weiss Since Jarry is of substantial importance to both Amy myself it was uite possibly his work that Amy was groping for w eyes shut either consciously or unconsciously My adding Passages from Finnegans Wake Indians to my library wd've been part of this research Nonetheless I'd never read either play until now basically bc I don't enjoy reading plays very much In my review of Passages I barely mention much about the actual play bc aside from Joyce's fantastic language there's really very little to it The stage production notes are minimal it seems that Mary Manning's role was mainly to pick the text no mean feat in itself to pick characters to speaksing this text also somewhat difficult given how Finnegans Wake is written Indians I'm happy to say is uite different in that respect considerably attn is pd to the theatrics by the playwright It's a strange thing tho that in bk form the presentation of plays often focuses on the 'superstar' the playwright neglects altogether the people who flesh out the playwright's vision wch is often a huge job A playwright might call for Buffalo Bill to appear on a horse in a Wild West Show setting but then someone has to build the horse prop make it

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Indians A PlayMany interesting things in this book format Paperback and others. So powerful Information is devastating what our forefathers did Love how it is structured Reading the play I would guess has a much different impact than seeing it I imagine it was a spectacle on stage