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In a Lonely PlaceDix Steele is back in town and 'town' is post war LA His best friend Brub is on the force of the LAPD and as the two meet in country clubs and beach bars they discuss the. Read this on the way to LA recently because that's where the book is set This is first class noir What truly sets it apart is the prose style so elegant and sculpted The author's first book was a book of poetry in the Yale Young Poets series and I can say I wasn't surprised at all I delighted in these sentences Hughes really ought to be better known as she than holds her own against Chandler and Hammett

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Free download In a Lonely Place º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç Dix Steele is back in town and 'town' is post war LA His best friend Brub is on the force of the LAPD and as the two meet in country clubs and beach bars they discuss the latest case a strangler is preying on young women in the dark Dix listens with interest as Brub Latest case a strangler is preying on young women in the dark Dix listens with interest as Brub describes their top suspect as yet unnamed Dix loves the dark and women in. This novel from Dorothy Hughes a portrait of a sociopath in post WWII Los Angeles was very loosely adapted in to the under appreciated noir classic movie directed by Nicholas Ray and starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria GrahameNotice my use of the word loosely If you've only ever seen the movie then you only have a vague idea of what this novel is about and probably even less idea of what happensThis is the story of Dickson Steele heir to a fortune who was forced to work his way through Princeton in the manner of his rich uncle former Air Force pilot who found himself rootless and aimless in the aftermath of war new in LA and in a very lonely place It's also the story of a serial killer a strangler and rapist who once a month seemingly finds themselves unable to resist the lure of leaving another dead body in their wake Told from the perspective of Dix as he interacts with a bevy of beauties and his fly buddy Brub now a detective in Beverly Hills and slowly falls apart as bodies are found General suspicion of Dix Steele aside this novel couldn't really get much further from the movie something I was expecting but preparedness doesn't always temper disappointmentA note on the movie first It's a uniue piece of noir cinema in my opinion not least because of the fascinating and complex performance from Humphrey Bogart as a possibly innocent man suspected of murder by all those people closest to him a theme that was revisited to brilliant effect by the Danish film maker Thomas Vinterberg in the new film The Hunt but largely thanks to the direction of Nicholas Ray as he changes the perspective from that of Dix to that of his accusers part way through Very suddenly you realise you no longer have any sympathy for the man you fear him and fear for his friends and family and the way Ray achieves this is remarkable It was this point that got me really interested in how Dorothy Hughes had originally written it I expected dark I expected a different ending although the Hollywood ending is pretty dark right up there with The Killing as far as noir slaps in the face go but I didn't expect something that clearly influenced Patricia Highsmith and in particular her famous Tom RipleyThere really is a strong touch of the Ripley about Dix Steele too He's a good looking charmer from the wrong side of the tracks; a guy who doesn't think he should have to work someone who wants than they can legally get their hands on and who seems like they'd be willing to go beyond what is socially acceptable to obtain it His life is one big facade and it takes its toll on his clearly already fragile state of mind Hughes doesn't fill her narrative with gory details or violence or omnipotent narration by utilising the first person voice of Dix as her narrator she leaves plenty of room for doubt in the reader Even having finished the book I still cannot tell you if the murders are solved by the novels conclusion It's all very impressive but a trick that may lead to boredom in some readersPersonally I can fully appreciate the uality of this work but at the same time I failed to engage with the text; I would have liked exploration of Steele's psyche perhaps maybe a little less ambivalence I might even suggest that it's all a bit too cold and clinical Last year I read The Blackbirder from the same author which I thoroughly enjoyed but looking back I think I might have made the same complaint of that one if it hadn't been for the strong sense of place and paranoia that was evoked All that aside Dorothy Hughes is certainly a noir writer worth investigating

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Eual measure so he knows enough to watch his step though when he meets the luscious Laurel Gray something begins to crack The American Dream is showing its seamy underside. It is absolutely criminal that this amazing book has ever gone out of printNational treasure Hughes's The Expendable Man might have maintained its social relevance better but this is the finer book Fans of Chandler and other vintage crime will slurp this down and it's worth reading for its description of forties Los Angeles alone even without all the restBut the rest Dix Steele makes all other characters from that era's so called hardboiled fiction look like pantywaist pussies This book is disturbing and still has the power to chill and shock even this jaded reader almost seventy years down the lineI've always been repulsed by our culture's popular fascination with serial killers The main thing that bothers me about it is a widespread lack of recognition that serial killers are nearly always committing what are essentially hate crimes against women and that both the murders and our obsession with their lurid details reflect and amplify our society's wider and arguably subtle misogyny This is a point Dorothy Hughes must have been acutely aware of and her interest in the dynamics of gender and class seems ahead of its time and is sure to delight today's students of Women and Gender Studies which is no doubt why CUNY's Feminist Press did the good work of reprinting itUndergraduate English class essay fodder aside this book was a blast While Dix is never exactly a sympathetic character he is certainly an empathetic one and this novel from the perspective of an evil villain totally works The end portion I thought was a bit less tight than the rest and felt somehow both bloated and rushed like maybe Hughes was on a deadline and in a hurry to get done; it wasn't bad just slightly less awesome than what I'd expected Aw but it was still plenty awesome thoughIf you like this sort of thing postwar urban anomie claustrophobic narration that makes you wake up in the middle of the night with a sour sense of dread that the world is a horrid fucked up scary place you had really better check this one out