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READ & DOWNLOAD Thick as Thieves 109 ½ Deep within the palace of the Mede emperor in an alcove off the main room of his master’s apartments Kamet minds his master’s business and his own Carefully keeping the accounts and his own counsel Kamet has accumulated a few possessions a little money stored in the household’s cashbox and a significant amountKamet’s and Nahuseresh has been working diligently to promote his fortunes since the debacle in AttoliaA soldier in the shadows offers escape but Kamet won’t sacrifice his ambition for a meager and unreliable freedom; not until a whispered warning of poison and murder destroys all of his carefully laid plans When Kamet flees for his life he leaves behind everything his past his identity his meticulously crafted defe. Yeah I am even certain that view spoilerKamet and Costis have romantic feelings toward each other I dislike the vagueness but the way Kamet writes about and describes Costis are so drastically different from how other bromances in this series are written that I can’t help but ship these two hide spoiler

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Deep within the palace of the Mede emperor in an alcove off the main room of his master’s apartments Kamet minds his master’s business and his own Carefully keeping the accounts and his own counsel Kamet has accumulated a few possessions a little money stored in the household’s cashbox and a significant amount of personal power As a slave his fate is tied to his master’s If Nahuseresh’s fortunes improve so will. There is freedom in this life and there is power and I was ambitious for the latter When you wait six years for a book it's hard not to be nervous going into it Would it be as good as I remembered Would Thick as Thieves deliver what I loved about the other books in the series Or what if I've changed What if after six years I am a different type of reader who no longer likes this kind of bookI shouldn't have worried Megan Whalen Turner is still after all this time one of the strongest and if you ask me best writers of YA fantasyYou should be warned this is no Throne of Glass This is no Shadow and Bone or Cinder or Red ueen There is a time and place for that kind of easy romance heavy fantasy but you won't find it in this series The ueen's Thief series is about political machinations and slow built character dynamics Each scene is crafted in perfect detail Each character is complex multilayered and probably not all they first seemEven knowing this author and knowing that her slowly developing plots often conceal something much deeper and cleverer she still manages to surprise To catch me off guard Thick as Thieves is not a direct seuel to A Conspiracy of Kings as I expected but rather a companion novel set in the same world Familiar characters do appear eventually though most of the story is about a Medean slave called Kamet When his master dies and blame is set to fall on him he flees the city What follows is a journey filled with bloodshed betrayal and bromance; a journey that brings Kamet ever closer to the last place he wants to be Attolia Look I LOVED it I don't want to say too much because it's best just to experience it firsthand If you like the slow smart political and twisty kind of fantasy it really doesn't get much better than thisBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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Thick as ThievesNses and finds himself woefully unprepared for the journey that lies aheadPursued across rivers wastelands salt plains snowcapped mountains and storm tossed seas Kamet is dead set on regaining control of his future and protecting himself at any cost Friendships new and long forgotten beckon lethal enemies circle secrets accumulate and the fragile hopes of the little kingdoms of Attolia Eddis and Sounis hang in the balanc. Dear Ms Turnerahem clears throatPLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASEEEEEEE at least give us a release dateI know that being an author is hard and there's a LOT of thinking that goes into these books that's why we love them but I miss Eugenides so much It's been a couple of years nowCan we get maybe a titlePleaseThank youLove The Adoring Fans of EugenidesPS The first book was written before I was born I am now 18I miss EugenidesEDIT AS OF FEBRUARY 2015 I am now 19GIMME NOW FEBRUARY 2016You knew this complaint was coming You should have prepared for it I AM DUCKING TWENTY YEARS OLD NOW I AM SO DEPRIVED OF NEW EUGENIDES ADVENTURES THAT I WILL PROBABLY FLUNK OUT OF COLLEGE GO CRY IN A CORNER AND NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY AGAIN Happy nowOCTOBER 2016Release date TitleCover MARCH 2017This is it I am 21 nowIt has been YEARSBut we have itA RELEASE DATE WITHIN OUR GRASPA PROMISEHope evenUPDATE 121917Not to worry fair fellows and ladies I am NOT one of those reviews who only have their before book came out review up and never write a review for the actual book I will have a review; I am expecting to get this book for Christmas Seriously I'm a straight out of school paralegal I'm broke I couldn't afford the hardcover when it came out so I'm letting someone else buy it for meBUT A REVIEW IS COMINGUPDATE 11718 I HAVE BEEN THROUGH A MHERING ORDEAL TO READ THIS BOOKI will tell you this story tomorrow bc right now I need to get up for work in the morning but trust me the review is comingEDIT 12318 Okay We did it We finally got our hands on this book It’s been a doozy So last you’d all heard our intrepid heroine laughs and flips hair obliviously AHA ME was awaiting this book for a Christmas present Well guess what folks I still don’t have itYEP Because SOMEONE my brother cough cough decided to tell me he was going to get it for me for Christmas so I waited and then it never showed up because he doesn’t love me and didn’t get me a Christmas present after all In fact I STILL don’t have itSo there I was Stuck AGAIN No book and a review sitting and waiting Until just last week A miracle A bright light The waiting list I’d been on for almost a year for the online copysuddenlyhad no one else on it but me Click clickety click BAM Opened the book on a Chrome tab FINALLY I HAD THE BOOK I got to READ the book And it wasGood but disappointing Which is what a lot of people have been saying okay but let me explain MY side of things Warning mild spoilers ahead And they will be immediate so pop off before you get your panties in a bunch if you don’t want a few spoilers Now I was happy to see Costis again I was like “MA BOI” and it was pretty obvious pretty early on that it was him It was also obvious that “the Attolian kitchen boy” was Eugenides But that’s or less all we see of him this book until the end And the book wasokay I guess But after the first book and the fourth one this one felt a little bit repeated There was some new lore some new legends and stories from the EmpireButOver all my main problem was that this book didn’t feel like the next installment in the series It felt like a novella that Ms Turner released while we WAITED for the next installment in the series And it was a GOOD “novella” Got to see some diff characters and some much loved old onesGot some info on what was going on in Medeetc Not bad It had Turner’s usual wit and easy dialogue massive descriptions and a pretty hilarious bro mance budding But I felt as if it lacked a sense of urgency I felt like we didn’t really get anything particularly clever or new We were just kindathere Even Kamet’s insistence that the “king of Attolia is an idiot” felt old tired and boring Becausewe know he is But he’s a brilliant idiot who is really controlling everything behind the scenes We get it The reason Costis’ handling of this was SO MUCH BETTER in book 3 was because Turner managed to trick US so that WE were terrified Gen had changed Only to be fooled and OWNED completely by the INCREDIBLE ending I guess in a way Ms Turner has set us up for disappointment in writing such a show stopping third book and then having the fourth and fifth REALLY fail to live up to it So again not a BAD book But I’mma gonna call this one “one of the two novellas we were given in between book three and the real book four” Because that’s what it feels like to me Another problem I think has been her swap back to 1st person Turner had a soft opening 1st person with the first book really rocked the 3rd person in books 2 and 3 and has kinda slid downhill a bit from there Her main character has become a side character in her own series And yes it’s good for us to see these other angles In fact she HAS to show us these other angles for the series as a whole to be good Most especially view spoilerher treatment of Eugenides and AttoliaIrene’s relationship was well handled showing it to us from Kamet’s perspective We now know that 1 yes they banged 2 she got preggers 3 the baby died  But I can understand that it would be REALLY HARD to show us those same things “from the inside” as it were from Gen’s point of view or even just from anyone close to him’s point of view So I GET IT ButI still miss our old cast of characters uite a lot Especially when we’ve been waiting well really since when the third book released to see EugenidesThat’s a LONG time to wait for a 350 page book And Turner packs a lot in to those pagesAnd I’m not saying we needed a LONGER book because that’s not how she writesIt was just a bit disappointing hide spoiler