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READ & DOWNLOAD ß Their Newborn Gift Outback Baby Tales #3 È When Lea became accidentally pregnant she decided that she would do it alone Rodeo star Reilly wasn't the sort of man who'd want to be tied down But five years later she needs to tell him her secretLearning he's a daddy is bittersweet for Reilly because his littlLe girl is fighting to survive Her only hope is a new brother or sister Can he and Lea create a newborn miracle and a future togeth. This one was emotional and I liked the character development I just didn't really like Lea I hate how she was so independent that was like pulling teeth for her to make the right decisions why was it hard for her to make the decision to stay with Reilly during the Rainy Season Reilly's points were extremely valid Also her decision to give up her baby rather then be with Reilly because he didn't love her was extremely crazy I just don't see that as being something a mother could do P

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Be tied down But five years later she needs to tell him her secretLearning he's a daddy is bittersweet for Reilly because his litt. This book really had potential but kept disappointing meThe main topic dealt with relates to a woman wanting to have a second child as a means to save her first born Not an easy topic but with really good potential except it was barely brushed Then some additional difficulties add up male infertility also barely brushed infidelity surrogacy None of them really handled More than a few times I had the feeling the author chose the easy way out glossing over the reality to hide some additional heart wrenching choices First example the hero conveniently became infertile so that they had to resort to IVF to get a second child and could not just have sexOr worse like the fact that the IVF procedure so conveniently produced only one embryo to be implanted with no spare that might not succeed in getting implanted and would then die or worse with additional embryos that might need to be frozen or disposed of That really disappointed me as it's very rare that IVF is mentioned in a romance and relatively correctly described except for one small mistake in the procedure But unfortunately it was once described through rose colored glasses Success at first attempt and no further dilemma Anyway the most disappointing part was definitely the romance and the character development because basically those are not really there The characters are closed off to anyone else except for the child And they remain such until the end of the book when they suddenly realize they will have to improve their communication That's true but I did not believe in it as it did not seem backed by any deep willingness to change


Their Newborn Gift Outback Baby Tales #3When Lea became accidentally pregnant she decided that she would do it alone Rodeo star Reilly wasn't the sort of man who'd want to. 4 Stars What an emotional journey I got much out of this read than I anticipatedWhat would you do to save your child's life Lea would do just about anything Desperate to save her adorable daughter Molly she approaches Reilly the father of her child with a proposal that could save her life He has no idea that he's a dad and he's shocked to say the least Then he's slapped with devastating news that she has a life threatening illness double whammy I felt so bad for him Molly is the result of one night of passion between Reilly and Lea only it was than that for both of them and it had Lea running They revealed a lot about themselves through intimate conversations and it was through those talks that Lea made her assumptions about Reilly his feelings on family and never approached him about her pregnancy Five years after the fact he finds out he's a father of a very sick little girl I'm not a fan of hidden pregnancies and secret children and my reasons are very personal but I could see why Lea was hesitant to tell Reilly His response to Molly is heart breaking and very touching however I was upset with him over how he reacted to Lea's reuest She never allows him to fully explain and runs back home Lea did that a lot in the book and it did get on my nerves after a while She never allowed herself to feel wouldn't let her walls crumble so she was constantly doing the push pull dance with ReillyWhat I really enjoyed about this book was the journey these two took to finding common ground and Reilly's interactions with Molly and his reaction to fatherhood It was lovely to watch them become a family The setting for the story is the beautiful Australian Outback I loved reading the native phrases difference in the spelling of common words which just made for the realism of the story It was richly detailed with the description of the land and Reilly and Lea's ranches or rather stations The fact that they both loved horses was another plus for me There was a scene were they ride out to see the brumbies wild horses and the terminology and scene reminded me of one of my favorite movies The Man from Snowy River I was in horse heaven I never expected all that and it added so much to this read for me If this is the setting for Nikki Logan's books I'll be reading If you're looking for a steamy read you won't find that here but you will find passion emotion unconditional love for a child and some controversy Some might consider what Lea and Reilly do unethical but not this reader I was rooting for them and I know if that shoe was on my foot I would do the same I almost forgotthere is a very happily ever after Thanks to Roberta for recommending this heart felt beautiful readJust a little added info that really has NOTHING to do with the book other than the reminder from that one scene and my love for a movie If you've never seen The Man from Snowy River and you are a horse lover like merun to watch it Below is the link to the BEST scene from the movieamazing Gives me a chill every time I watch it Tom Burlinson is brilliant as Jim Craig and I fell in love with him the first time I watched the movie nearly 30 years ago From my understanding no stunt man that his him ridingeven amazing The scenery is unbelievable the story is incredible and it's all set to some beautiful music Enjoy movie is based on the poem The Man from Snow River by AB Banjo Paterson