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Free read The Orange Eats Creeps ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë It's the '90s Pacific Northwest refracted through a dark mirror where meth and madness hash it out in the woods A band of hobo vampire junkies roam the blighted landscape—trashing supermarket breakrooms praying to the altar of Poison Idea and GG AIor center pancake breakfasts locked in the thrall of Robitussin trips and their own wild dreamsA girl with drug induced ESP and an eerie connection to Patty Reed a young member of the Donner Party who credited her survival to her relationship with a hidden wooden doll searches for her. I almost saw G G Allin perform Running late for his gig I was rolling up to the entrance of Stache’s the small indie rockpunk club on High Street in Columbus when a burst of people stumbled out the door “What’s going on” I asked someone who was running by me “GG is naked on stage with the mic cord wrapped around his dick and he’s throwing bottles and shit at the audience” I’m pretty sure he meant actual shitO kay Maybe not so muchG G makes a brief cameo in The Orange Eats Creeps which is fitting because this is a book of decadence degradation abuse and horrorThe nearest relative to this work is Kathy Acker who was herself influenced by William S Burroughs I found The Orange Eats Creeps to be closely related to a poem than a novel although there is certainly no exact comparison to either It has almost no narrative through line Chronology and location are generally dispensed with Disjointed is not the right word because the main character’s thoughts seem to flow from present to past to fantasy and from place to place rather than leaping abruptly Objects have strange lives and the distinction between metaphor and reality is blurredNominally this story is about a teenage runawayfoster kid who becomes a “vampire” and spends part of the book hanging with a small group of runaway vampire druggie hoodlum suatters running wild in the Northwest in the NinetiesNote They might not really be vampires and this is nothing like a pop vampire book Not Even Slightly Eventually she ditches them or is ditched by them and wanders on her own spending a lot of time sleeping in forests in storage rooms in abandoned buildings or sheds and waking up in the homes of random men who pick her up off the street She’s seems to be obsessed with her foster sister who may have also become a vampire and be wandering around the Northwest or her sister may have been kidnapped and murdered The vampirism might be a metaphor or it might not The girl’s thoughts are so hallucinatory that much of what goes on is abstracted She might have ESP Or perhaps schizophrenia Characters are met briefly and then disappear Some of them speak in prose rather than dialogue It’s unclear if they are even “real” whatever that means in the context of a book that refuses to acknowledge the difference between real and fiction This isn’t postmodern in the sense of acknowledging the author The Orange Eats Creeps creates a world where it’s impossible to distinguish whether the character’s thoughts represent reality within the context of the story insanity or metaphor As metaphor it becomes like a novel length poem than a story although story like things happen occasionally After all Paradise Lost is considered a poem even though “shit happens”We are sustained in this morass of despair and violence by the poetic voice and a consistency of tone Krilanovich’s use of language is rather breathtaking and always surprising It’s consistently shocking as well Without ever specifically mentioning it directly this books seems to reflect the political sickness of our age The empty relationships between the main character and everyone she encounters spoke to me of the brutal heartless nature of Capitalism and how it engenders alienation and the dismemberment of the family We’re all so busy trying to survive there isn’t any time for real community The communities shown in this book don’t seem to embody any affection they are mostly survival oriented—cold grungy suats filled with sick kids and small violent gangs that ravage 7 11s for snacks The main character at least doesn’t find any comprehensible emotional connections possibly due to the inherent patriarchy in the male gaze or possibly just because the world is so owned by Capitalism that trying to subsist around the periphery of it is produces a brutal pitiless existence After all the only food that’s free is in dumpstersThe narrator does seem to “love” her sister but uite possibly only after her sister is dead Certainly only after she disappeared And is it love or just obsession and insanity Either way there is a terrifying recognition of the suffering that can be found in the human condition Truly original Rather difficult Powerfully written Don’t go into it expecting a story and you might be enthralled

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Disappeared foster sister along The Highway That Eats People stalked by a conflation of Twin Peaks' Bob and the Green River Killer known as DactylWith a scathing voice and penetrating delivery Grace Krilanovich's The Orange Eats Creeps is one of the most ferocious debut novels in memory. UhhI apparently did not get the memo on this book First noticing it appear on NPR's Best Books of 2010 and then seeing rave reviews pop up on Goodreads and elsewhere made me super excited to read this novel Plus it was billed as being about hobo junkie vampires running around and causing havochow could it not be good right So disappointing Yes the writing was interesting descriptive and oddly beautiful but there was NO STORY At least none that I could find in the weird ramblings Had I not read the book jacket I probably would have had absolutely no idea what was even going on It was virtually impossible to tell the difference between current time and flashbacks dreams and reality and whether things were actually happening to her someone else or if it was just completely imagined I understand that the story is told from the point of view of a drug addict but apparently the reader must also be hopped up on cold medicine to have any chance of understanding what is going on That or my small brain just can't comprehend fiction that is so cool and cutting edge

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The Orange Eats CreepsIt's the '90s Pacific Northwest refracted through a dark mirror where meth and madness hash it out in the woods A band of hobo vampire junkies roam the blighted landscape trashing supermarket breakrooms praying to the altar of Poison Idea and GG Allin at basement rock shows crashing sen. Envision the largest stained glass scene from the church of your choosing shattered into pieces no larger than a Kennedy half dollar and given to you on soiled butcher paper with the instructions to recreate the image with a Slipknot album cover as a guide That is the euivalent of this masterful mindfuck of a novelThis book isn’t for everyone and I won’t argue with the Goodreads community that pitched it after fifty pages I experienced long sections of 20 30 pages that I had to reread to keep up with Grace Krilanovich’s frenetic sentences that lay on the page like tattered standards of a defeated army But the yield for this particular reader was than worth the investment It saddens me the inevitability; this wheel must turn return There is no end only endless endings surrounding us all opines our slutty teenage hobo vampire junky She haunts the environs of greater Portland reeling from loss and gain in eual measureIf heroin addled William S Burroughs attempted to write Twilight it might feel something like this book I like reading fiction that makes me think this gum I’m chewing is tinfoil I’ll also say that The Believer was really onto something when they shortlisted this book and Dutton’s S P R A W L as two of the three Best Books of 2010 Ideally these two novels should be read within a short span of the other – they exist as the other’s antipode in a fractured mirror sense; Dutton’s world creates a sense of agoraphobia in its limitless external nothingness while Krilanovich’s teens kick against the goads of their birth town that encases them in “miniature graves” and yields an endless desperation of feckless depravity