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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Little Paradise à Melbourne 1943 and Mirabel is seventeen She's leaving school designing dresses falling in love Then fate intervenes her forbidden affair is discovered and JJ is posted back to China where a civil war is raging Despite all warnings Mirabel sets off for Shanghai to find himLittle Paradise is inspired by a true storyIntervenes her forbidden affair is discovered and JJ is posted back to China where a civil war is raging. Gabrielle Wang’s YA novel ‘Little Paradise’ is based on the true story of how her parents metWhen the book begins Lei An is changing her name She is a third generation Chinese Australian her grandparents came over in the gold rush and she wants a Aussie name She settles on ‘Mirabel’ and visits a soothsayer to bless the name But the soothsayer has only ominous words to offer; Dressing the deadTreasure not wedLost on the seaTo fortune you’ll flee The novel skips ahead to Melbourne in 1943 War hasn’t touched Australia the same way it has Europe and Asia American soldiers have made base in the city and school children are armed with air raid kits But Australia is otherwise far removed from the war although people are still on edge after the Japanese attack on Sydney Harbour last yearMirabel is in her last year of school and coping with a hectic home life Her older sister Lola is dating an American soldier much to her parents chagrin Mirabel’s mother is having another ‘episode’ battling the highs and lows of her emotions that force the family to send her away to a facility in the country Mirabel has her head in her art books but decides to join the army cartography unit once school finishesThen Mirabel meets Lieutenant Lin Lieutenant Jin Jing or ‘JJ’ as he prefers is a liaison between Chinese and Australian forces JJ was a peasant in Shanghai but left the city when Japanese forces invaded now he is in Melbourne working a special assignment for the two governments He and Mirabel cross paths a number of times before being officially introduced by her father and told to escort JJ around Melbourne to show him the sights JJ is tall strong jawed and respectful and the handsomest man Mirabel has even seen – she falls in love instantly Soon she and JJ are spending every spare minute together including a clandestine trip to Tasmania But just as war bought them together it also tears them apart JJ leaves for Shanghai in the midst of political upheaval with the communist party In 1945 peace time brings new immigration restrictions in Australia and no way for JJ to return not even when Mirabel sends word of her pregnancyI loved this book This is the sort of novel you wish had been on the syllabus when you were in high school There’s a lot of merit in the book from Wang’s lyrical writing to the sweeping historic landscape But at its centre ‘Little Paradise’ is a wartime romance and addictive readingIf the old adage is ‘write what you know’ then it’s obvious why Gabrielle Wang chose to tell this story She has clearly grown up hearing the tale of her parent’s meeting and star crossed love and their romance is grand scale and incredible enough to merit book form JJ and Mirabel’s romance is swoon worthy playing out during World War II and the impending communist take over of China – theirs is an epic love story Wang did well to not lose these two characters amidst the historic back drop; she beautifully describes their first meetings and timid affection which eventually grows into a heated romance “One day we will be together again” JJ said She put a finger on his lips No they could only talk about this room this bed their love and the sad note that lingered on the strings of the Chinese violin But a tiny seed of hope had been plantedMelbourne is my home town so I loved reading about the city in 1945 Wang offers a little sna

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Despite all warnings Mirabel sets off for Shanghai to find himLittle Paradise is inspired by a true story. This story is inspired by the author's parents and is about 17 year old Mirabel who lives in Melbourne with her family and enjoys drawing and dress making Set in the 1940s when the world is at war Mirabel meets and falls in love with a Chinese soldier JJ Only after JJ returns to China to help fight against the Communist take over does Mirabel discover she is pregnant Despite all opposition and the hardships she will face Mirabel decides to follow JJ even though she doesn't know where he is based Unfortunately upon her arrival Mirabel discovers that China is a large and strange placeThis book is full of history but it dragged in places and I found myself skipping over large sections of it Knowing that it was based on a true story made it slightly interesting but I was still glad to reach the last page

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Little ParadiseMelbourne 1943 and Mirabel is seventeen She's leaving school designing dresses falling in love Then fate. 35 starsLittle Paradise has been described as an epic love story set during World War Two in Melbourne and ShanghaiI am than a little in awe of how well incorporated the little details of setting and culture and have been weaved into the story It's intricate and lyrical and one of those stories where you truly feel transported to the time and place while reading It's a perfect example of research not bogging down a story just used deftly to make it shine Once the scene is set the story flows along wonderfully The beginning while beautifully written took a little for me to warm up intoThe story is fascinating and always a little unexpected There's family dramas and secrets I personally loved the Mirabelle's Mothers story fascinating and mind boggling there's friends and a war time romance which is kept a secret from Mirabelle's family There's intrigue love and disappointments There's scandal and mental illness and daring adventuresIt's epic not only in it's settings from Melbourne to Adelaide and then a war devastated Shanghai but also in the period of life Mirabel is going through she begins as a 17 year old dreamer longing for love and tinkering with art to having an illegitimate child risking her life through a war torn nation in search of JJ her soldier boyfriend By the end of the novel Mirabel is in her early twentiesI loved all the little snippets Wang snuck in the narrative concerning Chinses culture and history They slipped so effortlessly into the prose adding a richness to the storyI really enjoyed the first half in Melbourne but the second half wow the story just really took off in China I was captivated and amazed at events that unfolded It's really stunning even so considering it is inspired by a true storyRecommended Anyone who loves historical fiction fascinating cultural history or a war torn love story will really appreciate and enjoy this It's a beautifully told story heart felt and powerful a story that will resonate after the last page It's particularly rich in setting and just oozes heart