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Wise Blood Read & Download  4 ↠ Wise Blood Flannery O’Connor’s astonishing and haunting first novel is a classic of twentieth century literature It is a story of Hazel Motes a twenty two year old caught in an unending struggle against his innate desperate faith He falls under the spell of a blind street preacher named Asa Hawks and his degeneraWks and his degenerate fifteen year old daughter Lily Sabbath In an ironic malicious gesture of his own non faith and to prove himself a greater cynic than Hawkes Hazel Motes founds The Church of God Without Christ but is still thwarted in his efforts to lose God He meets Enoch Emery a young man w. Wise Blood is Flannery O'Connor's first book and it is a beautiful brutal work of art We are introduced to Hazel Motes on a train with his army issued duffel bag being annoying by the woman next to him on the train He is completely dislocated as we see in the first sentence Hazel Motes sat at a forward angle on the green plush train seat looking one minute at the window as if he might want to jump out of it and the next down the aisle at the end of the carHe is on the border between this life and some other death In his half sleep he though he was lying was like lying in a coffinWe would probably nowadays recognize him as a victim of PTSD but in this book he just seems eternally lost He refuses to communicate with the overly talkative Mrs Hitchcock in the train and instead gets obsessed with the black porter who claims to be from Chicago but whom Hazel believes is from his own hometown Eastrod He had previously visited there and discovered that his house was destroyed decayed obliterated and his mother and any other family or earthly attachment simply gone He goes to the city which turns out to be a dead end small town called Taulkinham where he meets the other primary characters in the story the blind preacher with his 15y old daughter Sabbath the listless and probably retarded if not insane Enoch and the shyster Hoover Shoats He immediately sees through the blind preacher's lack of belief and starts the Church Without Christ after buying a rat colored car completely unfit for the road The atmosphere in the novel is that of the religiously obsessive South and the language reminds one of O'Connor's primary influences William Faulkner Her uniue style is uieter than Faulkner's preferring to describe in detail the absurdities of life in the city and the completely erratic psyches of her characters The narrative frame shifts from Hazel to Sabbath to Enoch back and forth before settling on his forlorn landlady Mrs Flood Ultimately none of the characters really achieves salvation or relief in the bleakness of their lives One wonders however if Hazel gets some kind of enlightenment towards the end when he says If there's no bottom in your eyes they hold I think that Ms O'Connor was trying to show that in the insane acts of Hazel which include murder and his ultimate mimicry of the blind preacher that truth cannot be obtained by looking for it in others as both Enoch and Sabbath and Mrs Flood do with their devotion to Hazel at various times in the book but can only come from oneself As Mrs Flood observes at the end of the book She sat staring with her eyes shut into his eyes and felt as if she had finally got to the beginning of something she couldn't begin and she saw him moving farther and farther away father and farther into the darkness until he was the pin point of lightI read this book in high school and was blown away having been myself raised in a Southern religious atmosphere to a degree and found this second reading four decades later to be as illuminating and engrossing as I before O'Connor sadly did not write very much but what she did write contains a universe of sentiment and pain that is rarely evoked with such realism and as pitiles

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Ith wise blood who leads him to a mummified holy child and whose crazy maneuvers are a manifestation of Hazel's existential struggles This tale of redemption retribution false prophets blindness blindings and wisdoms gives us one of the most riveting characters in twentieth century American fictio. Certainly the Blue Velvet in the literary realm Wise Blood has an OVERWHELMING SIMPLICITY that seems truly out of this world O'Connor expertly places all these annoying wind up toys near each other see them bump and grind and sometimes line up in a maniacal precision that repeats and repeats and what we get is a very complex nightmare almost hitting the true nerve of my personal champion of all literary categories Southern Goth It is true brethren to the Faulkner's masterpiece As I Lay Dying a true mesh of the best of Pynchon the most iconographic that is the silliest of Beckett er maybe Pinter why not the most macabre of Hawthorne but a true original by All rights PS The creepiness of the main I would label monolith that is the shriveled man in the MVSEVM is in itself ingenious I totally head over heels love it

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Wise BloodWise Blood Flannery O’Connor’s astonishing and haunting first novel is a classic of twentieth century literature It is a story of Hazel Motes a twenty two year old caught in an unending struggle against his innate desperate faith He falls under the spell of a blind street preacher named Asa Ha. Oh Jesus I feel compelled to cry out thus involuntarily showing my cultural heritage that comes out in everyday language despite growing up and living among atheists without any relation to the creation myths of Christianity This book is horrible and very very well written Describing the ugly reality of a young man Hazel Motes who is deeply tainted by the moral preaching of a church he tries to shake off it offers a panorama of confused scared aggressive people They all try to make their own ideas valid by forcing them upon others using the persuasive abusive violent vocabulary of missionary Christianity as well as its notion that there is only one truth in the world and they themselves are in possession of it and have every right to impose it on others and even commit crimes as long as they are within the realm of their convictionThe intention of the novel evades me Does the author want to show the hollow and and immoral essence of religion Or of atheism It is populated with people who are too narrow minded to see than two possibilities Church of Christ or Church Without Christ In both scenarios the definitions of sin redemption preaching and mission stay the same as do the means to spread the Anti Church’s messages Hazel Motes is convinced to be an atheist but he in fact creates an exact mirror of the religion within which he was growing up Sadly that means he is not free at all but retains everything he rejects in a negative affirmationWhen catastrophe occurs it leaves me sad seeing an eternal vicious circle of angry righteous people continuing to pester each other with Christianity’s arrogant absolutism or its antithesis In a way it reminded me of Marilynne Robinson’s Home a novel written in beautiful prose delivering realistic portraits of people who do not see that it is possible not only NOT to believe in Christianity’s dogma but also to be uite happy and free of guilt outside its limits In Robinson’s as in O’Connor’s world you can be an atheist but you are a distinctly CHRISTIAN atheist committing the SIN of NON BELIEF and you stay within the boundaries of Christianity’s ancient morality and mythical foundations There is an implication of ethical failure in atheism You are surely marked by hell even if you do not believe in it In Home the main character keeps apologising incessantly for not living up to the Christian values and in Wise Blood Hazel Motes lives Christianity by challenging its teachings like a two year old doing exactly what mummy told him not to doFor me it was hard to identify with that mindset but I do acknowledge the irony and wit with which the author illustrated a uite common scenario within monolithic monotheistic communities No real detachment is possible from a religion that has immersed itself in every single facet of daily life and even in the language used to describe feelingsI listened to an outstanding audio book version and sometimes the aggressive shouting and yelling became almost unbearable making the latent violence in the characters evident still than if I had read it silently skimming through the rantsAs for the comical effects I could not enjoy them having seen too much demago