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Download µ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Patrick OBrian L blunders and with the challenges of forging an effective crew before ultimately taking on enemy ships in a vivid intricately detailed series of sea battl. Maybe it's a blasphemy but I prefer the Aubrey Maturin series to all others even Holmes Watson Every book is packed to absolute straining with erudition wit history and thunderous action I read two books from the series every year they're reliable standbys when I absolutely must read something I know I will love

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Master and Commander characters ✓ 106 Ì As the Royal Navy takes part in the wars against Napoleonic France young Jack Aubrey receives his first command the small old and slow HMS Sophie Accompanied by his eccentric new friend the physician and naturalist Stephen Maturin Aubrey does battle with the naval hierarchy with his own tendency to m As the Royal Navy takes part in the wars against Napoleonic France young Jack Aubrey receives his first command the small old and slow HMS Sophie Accompani. The classic high seas adventure In the year 1800 Jack Aubrey sits next Stephen Maturin at a musical performance in Port Mahon Minorca a base of the British Royal Navy in the Mediterranean Sea between Spain and Italy They immediately rub each other the wrong way Both are snappish because of other issues in their lives and they part planning on next meeting for a duel But when Jack is given his first command of a ship all is forgiven and he needs a ship's surgeon who better than Stephen Stephen down on his luck is happy to accept And so begins the first AubreyMaturin voyage with Stephen conveniently playing the role of landlubber who needs to be informed of everything naval so the reader can be informed along with him I have to say this book was pretty rough sailing in parts The massive amount of naval and nautical jargon about sank me and I got a bit lost in some of the battle descriptions My book club pretty much unanimously felt the same way; we all floundered a little The funniest part of the book club meeting was when one of the ladies was excitedly telling the rest of us about her favorite scenes in the book and we didn't remember any of them I finally asked her to show us the cover of her book it was The Far Side of the World the 10th book in this seriesThis 1969 book is the first in a series of 21 books and though it doesn't end on a cliffhanger the novel felt a little unfinished to me like a set up for an ongoing story than a self contained book It's also very episodic kind of like you're on a real life journey with the characters But I can't in good conscience rate Master and Commander less than 4 stars the amount of research that went into this book was incredible even if O'Brian could have done a better job of making it accessible to the reader Patrick said one of his friends can be a bit of a snob The characters were well rounded with some very human flaws Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin are very different from each other but they complement each other well Jack is brash and bluff a womanizer in port and just a little shallow at this point in his life although he can be a genius at sea Stephen is intelligent curious and a gifted natural scientist with a hidden past It will be interesting to see how their personalities develop in following booksThe plot was complex with the author doing that sometimes frustrating thing Dorothy Dunnett does the same where something happens or someone says something and you can tell it's significant but you can't figure out why because the author isn't spoonfeeding you everythingThere's a lot of humor in the story some of it so dry that it's blink and you miss it At one point Jack and Stephen are at a fancy dinner party held by Captain and Mrs Harte Mrs Harte is sleeping around on her husband Stephen loses his napkin and dives below the table to get itHe beheld four and twenty legs Colonel Pitt's gleaming military boot lay pressed upon Mrs Harte's right foot and upon her left uite a distance from the right reposed Jack's scarcely less massive buckled shoeCourse followed course But in time Mrs Harte rose and walked limping slightly into the drawing roomIn a 1991 New York Times book review Richard Snow called this series the best historical novels ever written On every page Mr O'Brian reminds us with subtle artistry of the most important of all historical lessons that times change but people don't that the griefs and follies and victories of the men and women who were here before us are in fact the maps of our own livesHighly recommended for readers who want a mentally challenging historical novelBonus content There's a fantastic interactive map of the journeys of the ship Sophie in Master and Commander at Cannonadenet Spoilers ahoyThis one was a twofer• IRL book club read February 2016• 2016 Classic Bingo challenge Catching up on Classics group

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Master and CommanderEd by his eccentric new friend the physician and naturalist Stephen Maturin Aubrey does battle with the naval hierarchy with his own tendency to make socia. The music room in the Governor’s House at Port Mahon a tall handsome pillared octagon was filled with the triumphant first movement of Locatelli’s C major uartet The players were playing with passionate conviction as they mounted towards the penultimate crescendo towards the tremendous pause and the deep liberating final chord Thus the first sentence of Master and Commander; thus begins the grand series of historical novels penned by Patrick O’Brian over the last three decades of the last century The authorPatrick O’Brian 1914 2000 was born Richard Patrick Russ in Buckinghamshire of an English physician of German descent and an English woman of Irish descent The eighth of nine children he lost his mother at the age of four and led “a fairly isolated childhood limited by poverty” He married his first wife in 1936 had two children one of whom died young; worked as an ambulance driver in the second War and possibly in intelligence of some sort; got divorced; in July ’45 married a second time a woman whom he lived with happily until her death in 1998; and soon after changed his name to Patrick O’Brian In the half century plus that he and his second wife lived together a few early years were spent in Wales but mostly they lived in a Catalan town in the south of France Besides the “Aubrey Maturin” series of novels O’Brian wrote several other fictional books some collections of short stories three non fiction works including books on Picasso and Joseph Banks and translated works by both Henri Charriere the Papillon books and by Simone de Beauvoir into EnglishBut it is for the Aubrey Maturin series that O’Brian is best known and for which he will be long remembered This was not always the case however Master and Commanderthe first book in the series appeared in 1969 and in the years following as additional books in the series appeared they gained modest readership in both England and the US Then in 1988 an editor at WW Norton Starling Lawrence discovered the novels and Norton began publishing them They attracted serious critics and reviewers sales took off and O’Brian spent the remainder of his days as a public author not so welcome since he enjoyed his privacy and also a much better remunerated one welcome I presume The last two years of his life after his wife died were a very difficult time for O’Brian though he did continue to write He died in Dublin The series “Aubrey Maturin” refers to the two main characters in the novels There are twenty completed books in the series which take place in chronological order The first novel begins in 1800 at Port Mahon on the island of Menorca in the Balearics The British had recaptured the island from France in 1798 and were using Port Mahon as a key naval base in the Mediterranean The twentieth novel takes place in 1815 after Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo and thus is the only one of the series to not take place in the period of the Napoleonic Wars This conflict provides the general historic backdrop as the novels progress though in fact the internal chronology of the books is uite bizarre due to the fact that O’Brian had no idea at the outset that twenty novels would be written sueezed into a period of fifteen historic years which had mostly been used up by the sixth book See There is a final 21st novel The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey published in the US under the title 21 This work was incomplete when O’Brian passed away in 2000The series is set in almost all the seas of the world the Southern Ocean the Mediterranean the South Pacific the Indian Ocean the Atlantic the waters around the China Sea; and on land too in all these areas with adventures involving exploration espionage interaction with political as well as naval power The ups and downs of the main character's careers their love lives their wins and losses in the game of life all told brilliantly in the evolving history of the early nineteenth centuryO’Brian is a master of character whose writing has actually been compared uite often to Jane Austen’s Thus his historical novels are felt by many including me to transcend the genre and in so doing approach the altar of classic literatureTechnical interlude O’Brian schooled himself in the most detailed knowledge of the ships of this age not only of Great Britain’s but of many other nations; and in the arcane terms and methods which were used in sailing them This is why each of the books has the illustration depicted above spread over two pages right up front The reader needs this diagram to understand even partially something like the followingAs the wind came round on to the beam they set staysails and the fore and aft mainsail Now with the studdingsails in the chase or the ghost of the chase a pale blur showing now and then on the lifting swell could be seen from the uarter deck A book A Sea of Words was published many years after the series started appearing It contains a wealth of additional information about the ships about sailing terms and about many of the lands political groups animals birds and plants mentioned in the series This is only a mention not an endorsement I have looked at it briefly but never tried using it while reading the novelsThis book introduces the two main characters in the series Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin who become acuainted by chance when they both attend the chamber music concert at the Governor’s HouseJack Aubrey is an officer of the Royal Navy who has just been given his first command as Captain of His Majesty’s Sloop Sophie Maturin is an Irish physician whose background and activities beyond medicine are revealed piece by piece through the first few booksAubrey needs a ship’s surgeon and Maturin is his man Thus begins the saga I'm not bothering to offer any plot summary here I don't really like them If you want one see view spoilerThe Sophie is a fictional counterpart of an actual ship in the Royal Navy Speedy Not only that but some of Jack Aubrey’s exploits in the first few books of the series are similar to naval actions which a couple of the captains of Speedy achieved in her years around 1800 See hide spoiler