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The Outfit characters Å 7 Í The never before told story of the great Chicago crime family called The OutfitIt is a common misperception that all the true life organized crime stories have been written Yet perhaps the most compelling gangster tale is one that has been until now too well hidden This is the story of the Outfit the secretive organized crime cSes Tony 'Joe Batters' Accardo the real Godfather Murray 'The Camel' or 'Curly' Humphreys one of the greatest political fixers and union organizers this country has ever known Paul 'The Waiter' Ricca and Johnny Rosselli the liaison between the shadowy world and the outside world Their invisibility was their strength and what kept their leader from ever spending a single night in jail The Outfit bosses were the epitome of style and grace moving effortlessly among national political figures and Hollywood studio heads. This book is a revelation to me I feel that I just woke up after reading this How naïve to not consider the ramifications of the dark side making so much happen in our American history The Volstead act brought these men together but it was just the beginning The underworld meshes with the upper world seamlessly Together they elect presidents governors corrupt judges bribe police and politicians and generally make things happen their way The author puts it very well Without doubt the best organized crime in the United States is a coalition of upperworld businessmen pliant politicians and corrupt law enforcement officers Corruption is as American as cherry pie; spoke former Senate staff member Nathan Miller This is one of the best books I have read in a long time Kudos to Gus Russo

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Until their world started to crumble in the 1970sWith extensive research including recently released FBI files the Chicago Crime files of entertainer Steve Allen first ever access to the voluminous working papers of the Kefauver Committee original interviews with the members of the Fourth Estate who pursued the Outfit for forty years and exclusive access to the journals of Humphrey's widow veteran journalist Gus Russo uncovers sixty years of corruption and influence and examines the shadow history of the United Stat. Excellent book well researched Having grown up in the Chicago suburbs where many of the latter day mafioso lived I was surprised at only two things 1 The emphasis the author placed on Curley Humphries and 2 the depth of the corruption of the politicians going back to Capone days and continuing on to modern day Everyone in Chicago knows the big names Accardo Giancana Aiuppa but I had never even heard of Curley Humphries yet this author almost makes it sound like he ran the show The reason for his power was that he was the fixer the guy who figured out how to get the police and politicians to look the other way And that was huge Chicago police were told by Mayors and other politicians to leave the boys alone In turn they received pay offs and favors from the men at the top of the Chicago MobWe all have heard the stories about how the Chicago mob made sure JFK got elected but I had never heard that the same was true about Harry S Truman But it was The syndicate's reach was far deeper than anything I had ever imagined They controlled Vegas horse racing dog racing every union imaginable Hollywood you name it The Chicago bosses called the shots in New York St Louis Los Angeles New Orleans Detroit Miami and on and on and onBoth Capone and Accardo wanted to diversify their business with an eye on eventually becoming legit And to some degree they succeeded via their investments in casinos hotels restaurants etc But the same government that used them to rig elections and asked them for help in assassinating Castro turned on them when it was politically advantageous Life couldn't have been a bowl of cherries with the Feds listening in on every conversation The most interesting parts of the book for me were the Epilogue and the Afterword In these chapters the author gives a chronological summary of events and deaths and then draws a really interesting parallel conclusion Organized crime power has shifted from the Outfit to Corporate America and Washington DC The monetary impact of white collar crime surpassed all forms of street crime by a factor of ten More important the American system of justice consistently gives the flagrant white collar offenders virtual carte blanche while plastering the nation's front pages with tales of arrests of bank robbers gambling bosses bookies and labor racketeers This feat of prestidigitation served the purpose of engaging the reader with tales of Capone and Accardo while distracting them from the far bigger story of massive routinely sanctioned white collar crime Keeping the lens pointed at the underworld allowed the upperworld to get away with whatever they wanted The same continues today What we see on the news is what the upperworld wants us to see Washington DC today embodies the payola racket started by Capone in Chicago and fine tuned into an amazingly efficient machine by Accardo A sad state of affairs but a really interesting story to read Note The author's conclusion that the Chicago mob had nothing to do with JFK's assassination is not one agreed upon by other authors of books about the Syndicate andor the Kennedy's We each will need to decide which story we believe

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The OutfitThe never before told story of the great Chicago crime family called The OutfitIt is a common misperception that all the true life organized crime stories have been written Yet perhaps the most compelling gangster tale is one that has been until now too well hidden This is the story of the Outfit the secretive organized crime cartel that began its reign in prohibition era Chicago before becoming the real puppet master of Hollywood Las Vegas and Washington DC The Outfit recounts the adventures and exploits of its bos. This is a fascinating history of the mob in Chicago by Gus Russo It covers the pre Capone Capone and post Capone eras I learned so much about the city of Chicago the term underworld comes literally from the fact that Chicago was built vertically with the bourgeoisie on the upper half and the riffraff of society in the underworld It is a terrifying look at the rise of organized crime and the battles that determined the fate of the Irish mob effectively crushed and eliminated by the Italians and how the influence spread to New York and Las Vegas Well written and highly entertaining