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Oost London 1888; de jonge Fiona Finnegan werkt net als haar vader in de theefabriek van William Burton Haar vader een bevlogen vakbondsman krijgt op zijn werk een onverklaarbaar ongeluk waaraan hij overlijdt Vanaf dat moment wordt Fiona's leven een hel en v. This book has faults The story was pretty far fetched at times but I suppose in kind of an endearing fairy tale way which is funny since a great deal of the book is extremely horrible and depressing and the main character didn't really have any flawsWell I take that back Fiona the main character was in love with Joe That is a fault in my eyes They grew up together were in love and had big plans to get rich together Well through a horrible chain of events they ended up on opposite continents I'm not saying that what happened was really Joe's fault the whole thing was so pathetic I was mad at him at first but really just ended up being sorry for him but I am not a member of Joe's fan club He is alright I just think Fiona is better then him I forgave Donnelly for making Fiona so perfect because really she earned it Bless her heart she really got run through the mill in the storyOkaynow for the two main reasons I loved the book beyond all reason1 Nicholas Soames He is officially one of my favorite characters of all time He DID have his flaws spoiled rich kid but bless his heart he did not live an easy life I fell in love with him and so did Fiona in a friendly way Their close friendship and devotion to each other is one of the main reasons I forgive Fiona for being perfect I cannot say enough that I love this guy From the very second he walked into the story I knew it was getting five stars I felt such an emotional connection to him I have never wanted to be friends with a character so much Ever He melted and then broke my heart2 The book made me feel Just a few words into Page 1 Donnelly put me into the storyshe just makes you feel like you are right there Once I was in she never let up I was a part of that story from beginning to end and that is a gift No matter what problems the plot might have you cannot ignore an author or a story that so fully captures you Her descriptions and words are gorgeous AlsoI cried like a baby at one point obviously I'm not going to tell you why but when you read the book then we'll talk I meanI put the book down for a few minutes and just sobbed A book hasn't done that to me inI don't know how long I felt silly but I couldn't help it The story broke my heartThere was a happy ending though no worries Don't let my crying put you offThis is a great story it is a long onebut I really think it is worth the time It in many ways isn't very originalbut there are plenty of twists you won't see coming It is a strange combination of Gaskell's North and South Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo and heckI'll even through in the musical Rent Ha If that isn't an intriguing combination I don't know what is

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The Tea RoseErliest ze bijna iedereen die haar dierbaar is Ze is onbedoeld getuige van een gesprek tussen Burton en een van zijn mannen en weet dan dat haar eigen leven ook gevaar loopt Ze vlucht naar New York Daar breidt Fiona een bescheiden winkel uit tot een keten va. I had a lot of hope for this after reading Donnelly's A Northen Light which I really liked and after learning that A Tea Rose was set in London at the time of the Jack the Ripper murders a very intriguing setting I thought But I'm sorry to say I was terribly disappointedThe characters are all extremely stale Good hearted and good looking people who have unfortunately been born into the working class There are no flaws to make them human Nothing I could relate with Plus the biggest fault of this book I think is the unbelievability of it Main characters Fiona and Joe lovers separated by a horrible scheme Fiona goes to New York Joe stays in London are dirt poor but somehow in a very short time they both become extraordinarily rich on their own wit and intuition Oh yes it's completely believable that a factory worker and a costermonger in the late nineteenth century could BOTH rise up to the top of society in so short a time Stereotypical characters Predictable illogical plotlines Full of cliches Sorry Donnelly only 1 star this timeFind book reviews at A uick Red Fox

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The Tea Rose characters ´ 9 ë Oost London 1888; de jonge Fiona Finnegan werkt net als haar vader in de theefabriek van William Burton Haar vader een bevlogen vakbondsman krijgt op zijn werk een onverklaarbaar ongeluk waaraan hij overlijdt Vanaf dat moment wordt Fiona's leven een hel en verliest ze bijna iedereen die haar dierbaar is Ze is onbedoeld getuN uiterst succesvolle theesalons Ondertussen zint zij op wraak totdat het moment daar is om terug te gaan naar Londen de geesten uit het verleden het zwijgen op te leggen en de gevaarlijke confrontatie aan te gaan mei de enige man die haar leven kan verwoest. Set in London England during the late 19th Century The Tea Rose tells the tale of Fiona Finnegan Fiona is the spirited ambitious daughter of an Irish dock worker She longs to break free from the sualid lanes and alleys of Whitechapel where she has grown up and now has a job in a tea factory With the love of her life Joe Bristow Fiona dreams of escaping the poverty and opening her own tea shop But one by one her dreams fall apart as her father is killed in a dock accident Joe is seduced by another woman and her mother is viciously murdered – a suspected victim of Jack the Ripper Devastated her life in tatters Fiona flees to New York City where she sets up home with her alcoholic uncle Michael Slowly she builds his small grocery shop into a thriving business and tea house and her new life flourishes After ten years of hard work she establishes herself as the head of her own powerful tea empire But she cannot forget London – or Joe Convinced that her father was murdered by his brutal employer Fiona vows to seek revenge and ruin him once and for all Making her way back to the streets of her impoverished childhood Fiona must start her fight again The Tea Rose is an extremely well researched and well written novel which is packed full of unexpected twists and turns throughout the story I really enjoyed this novel I thought this book was very gripping intriguing and engrossing tale and I found it very hard to put it down for long I couldn't wait to find out what happened next The descriptions of Victorian London were very vivid and I found it very easy to picture how the city looked in the 1880's thanks to these I fell in love with all the main characters They were all so interesting compelling and very well developed especially Fiona She was such a fierce strong intelligent and brave character The secondary characters were wonderful too There were ones you love to love and ones you love to hate and I loved the way the author wove Jack the Ripper into the storyI absolutely enjoyed this book As soon as I finished this novel I brought the seuel The Winter Rose on my Kindle and I'm really looking forward to reading it I will definitely be reading of Jennifer Donnelly books apart from this series too sometime in the near future Four Stars