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SUMMARY Marked By Elisabeth Naughton 107 ↠ THERON — Dark haired duty bound and deceptively deadly He's the leader of the Eternal Guardians an elite group of warriors that defend the mortal realmFrom the moment he walked into the club Casey knew this guy was different Men like that just didn't exist in real life—silky shoulder length hair chest iDidn't exist in real life silky shoulder length hair chest impossibly broad and a predatory manner that just screamed dark and dangerous He was looking for something HerShe was the one She had the mark Casey had to die so his kind could live an. I got this as a free download from com for my KindleIt was way overpriced

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THERON Dark haired duty bound and deceptively deadly He's the leader of the Eternal Guardians an elite group of warriors that defend the mortal realmFrom the moment he walked into the club Casey knew this guy was different Men like that just. 35 starsThis is the first book I have read by this author I decided to try this series becausethe love of my life and hero was Greek I adore reading anything with a Greek heroDescendants from Greek mythology heroes set in modern day times with a touch of paranormal romance and mythshow could I resistWell I am happy to announce that I enjoyed Marked the 1st book in the seriesKnown as Argonauts an elite group of warriors sworn to defend their immortal realm Argolea and its people from creatures of the Underworld known as daemons who were created by a very vindictive and evil ex warrior named Atalanta These are heroes to die foralpha male dark and dangerous and absolutely gorgeous and so sexy Theron is the leader of the Argonauts Descendant from Hercules he’s been sent to the human realm on a mission for his king His mission is to bring a human named Casey back to the realm – the king needs her to save his dying daughter Isadora who is due to been crowned ueen of the Argolea realmBut fate has something totally unexpected waiting for Theron Yes he recognizes Casey to be his soul mate I really liked her There’s a huge amount of world building in this book setting the foundation for the seriesI enjoyed the characters and loved seeing some of the known mythological characters such as Hades Persephone Orpheusalso the connection between the Argonauts is really goodEasy reading and I am looking forward to the next book

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Marked By Elisabeth NaughtD it was Theron's duty to bring her in But even he wasn't strong enough to resist the pull in her fathomless eyes to tear himself away from the heat of her bodyAs war with the immortal realm nears someone will have to make the ultimate sacrific. I could not finish this book It's not that I don't mind the slightly trashy novel once in a while but this one took the cake The characters were enough to make me want to scream In fact it was so bad that at one point after I left my Kindle my Kindle moved from that story to another so when I picked it up I was now on a cook book Yes friends it was so bad my Kindle tried to save me I should have listened to itThe storyline was boring I've only made it roughly 30% through and it feels like a lifetime I like none of the characters Theron is a bully I get that he's not in love with his fiance Isadora but he has no ualms about getting it on with Casey Yeah there's a man I can get behind a cheater Not only that but he uses mind control to order her to do anything I want including sex Strike two Theron Around these parts we call that rape Why is that even seen as romantic He basically gave her the magical euivalent of a roofie She had no free will and he wiped her mind clean Strike three you're outAnd Casey wasn't much better While I can respect her for working two jobs to keep herself afloat that was the only good thing about her She struck me as pretty spineless from the start She meets Theron by bumping into him at her second job as a waitress at a strip club and then can't stop thinking about him even though he's obviously with someone else When she comes across him injured she takes his word for it and takes her to her home and not the hospital despite the fact he's bleeding heavily And when Nick shows up at her house at three in the morning she thinks it's only slightly creepy and not a full out I should call the cops moment Pretty much Casey got three strikes before her magical mind rape What caused me to give up on her and the book was her slipping erotica into the book pile of an elderly customer at her bookstore who told her she didn't want any books with sex in them I'm sorry but that's a dick move and Casey went from being just a normal spineless brainless heroine in a romance novel to being a dick like Theron If a customer says No sex books please you don't put erotica in there without telling them And make them pay for itSo that's all I could handle Little Miss Smug can join her rapist boyfriend in bliss I will not be getting any other books by this author if this is what she thinks counts as a good heroine and a strong hero