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READ & DOWNLOAD Wolf Hall 107 Ì Tudor England Henry VIII is on the throne but has no heir Cardinal Wolsey is charged with securing his divorce Into this atmosphere of distrust comes Thomas Cromwell a man as ruthlessly ambitious in his wider politics as he is for himself His reforming agenda is carried out in the grip of a self interested parliament and a king wTudor England Henry VIII is on the throne but has no heir Cardinal Wolsey is charged with securing his divorce Into this atmospher. Have you ever been with a group of people when someone tells a joke and the rest of the group thinks it's hilarious but you just don't get it Wolf Hall was that way for me So many people think it's brilliant while I couldn't maintain enough interest to finish itI love historical fiction especially from this time period so I expected to really like this one I thought that telling the story of Henry VIII from the viewpoint of Cromwell was an interesting twist and I looked forward to learning about him So what was the problemWell for starters the writing style took turns irritating and confusing me uotation marks are apparently optional making it hard to figure out that you're reading dialogue until you get to the he said Speaking of which the author relies heavily on the pronoun he and since there were freuently at least 2 men in each scene this reader was often unsure which he was the right he As the men in scene multiplied so did the confusion It took so much effort to figure out who was who and who said what and what was going on that it stopped being entertaining or thought provoking and just became workAnd did I mention the colon The poor lonesome and oft ignored colon finally has his time in the spotlight in this novel Upgraded from lonely punctuation understudy the colon has a lead role here The author uses colons so freuently and somewhat oddly that I would recommend a complete colonectomy Here's an example from one paragraph Aargh A colon It must be contagiousBut by the time he reaches Dover the big gash on his scalp has closed and the tender parts inside he trusts have mended themselves kidneys lungs and heart Morgan Williams will have done an inventory of him before he left teeth miraculously still in his head and two eyes miraculously seeing Two arms two legs what do you wantOverall the book felt like it was trying too hard to be literary Some of the prose was lovely but there were enough little stylistic choices that annoyed me to put me off After reading numerous reviews even from people who loved the book that said that most of the characters remained distant throughout and that they didn't learn anything about Cromwell after reading 500 pages that was enough for me Sadly life's too short and my TBR pile's too big I had to abandon this one

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E of distrust comes Thomas Cromwell a man as ruthlessly ambitious in his wider politics as he is for himself His reforming agenda. For the first 100 pages I was like a Monkees song you know the one Cue cute organguitar introI thought great historical novels about the 16th century were only true in fairy talesMeant for someone else but not for meMmm historical novelists were out to get meThat's the way it seemedDisappointment haunted all my dreams Then I read Wolf Hall Now I'm a believerNot a trace of doubt in my mindOoh I'm in loveOoh Hilary Mantel I couldn’t leave you if I triedBut then some strange things began to percolate through to my sluggish oily consciousness beetling my brows and causing pushed out bottom lip expressions to become prominent The style is great all that detail every surface covered you never see the props manager or the mike boom the brocades and all the grey velvet actually seem real what budget did this novel get butButI noticed that although we crawl along with Thomas Cromwell inch by inch hour by hour Hilary Mantel never never never mentions how her hero actually feels about anything never mentions his thoughts his worries his concerns his interior It’s all surface What he said his gestures the way he looked what he knew what he ate how he knew how to cook it who he yelled at who he was kind to children and animals aah this is what we get ; what he thought he was up to or could or couldn’t achieve his fears who he hated all that has to be inferred; this is the poster novel for show don’t tell; this shows everything almost and tells nothingThat that is a deliberately chosen techniue is clear; and you must appreciate if you cannot celebrate or accept if you cannot appreciate But if you can’t get on board with it this novel is going to drive you into the arms of a therapistAT THE THERAPIST’SDr Rayner So what’s been happening this weekReader of Wolf Hall Well it’s er er ThomasDr Rayner professionally covering up his increasing irritation Ah Thomas AgainROWH He he just never tells me anything I have to guess all the time Dr Rayner Ah ha um YesROWH I feel so close to him and yetDr Rayner And yet so distantROWH Ah you know you knowDr Rayner’s eyes dart about as if seeking a sympathetic face But there is noneThere’s There’s a brilliant JG Ballard short story called The Garden of Time A guy potters around in his beautiful garden and in the mid distance he can see an enormous hostile army approaching across the landscape It seems to be in slow motion Every day it’s a little nearer Neither he nor his wife has any thoughts of moving away They look after the exuisite flowers they repot plants they discuss borders It’s a great metaphor Wolf Hall is in slow motion There’s the painfully attenuated downfall of Cardinal Wolsey Then there’s the even excruciatingly drawn out overarching issue of the Great Matter of the King’s Divorce or Annulment whatever Off with the Katherine and on with the Anne So here’s a funny thing After the great Cardinal Wolsey and he is a great character I loved him after he’s dead and gone none of this is plot spoiler this is history – it’s uite a trick to write a long story which everyone knows and still have them ueuing round the block I was scratching my head and thinking that although I’d been hearing so much of and about Cardinal Wolsey he is the Penn to Thomas Cromwell’s Teller in the months days hours minutes seconds of his huge demise I still couldn’t figure out exactly why why why King Henry turned on him in such fury A uick Wikipedia gave me this Wolsey had failed to get the King’s marriage annulled and was dismissed from public office in 1529 Wolsey then began a secret plot to have Anne Boleyn forced into exile and began communicating with the Pope to that end When this was discovered Henry ordered Wolsey's arrestWhoah Unless I fell asleep during the crucial bit that is not in the book Don’t you think it should be Might help explain things a bit better How strange of HilarySo if Hilary Mantel wrote a novel about the Kennedy assassination you would have got lots of detailed scenes of life at the court of the Kennedys the domestic problems of the Oswalds their life in Russia what the crowds were saying on the Dealey Plaza but when the motorcade appeared she would cut immediately to the autopsy and the comments of the surgeons and their family situations We would get a few scenes with Jack Ruby and his pals but next thing you know he’d be under arrest Huh what happenedIt’s like being on the inside but the outside of the insideWhat are we taught about drama Exposition complication resolution comedy; exposition conflict catastrophe tragedy What does Hilary do Throws the rules away Hilary and this goes double for A Place of Greater Safety her vast novel about the French Revolution goes for exposition complication exposition and exposition complication Where’s the conflict Off stage Is this a problem It is going to be for some people uentin Tarantino fans players of Thrill Kill and Mortal Kombat you know impatient typesNOT ZOMBIES OR PUPPETS But historical novelists especially those like Hilary who embroider their worlds so lavishly and set the right birds in each tree at the right angle and the weeds underfoot and the stench of the straw in the barn and the wounds of a knife fight as well as each bauble buckle bead biggins and bodice I think do us a grand service re plugging us back into the people who we were making it possible to think that life did indeed go on in almost recognisable forms 500 years ago It’s like claiming these lives back scraping off the encrustings of ignorance and they don’t look like zombies or puppets Some literature fans tend to get their sneery faces on and call historical fiction middlebrow They do Although I know what they mean there are brows brows class there are three main classes and they each have a brow it’s straightforward enough What are Darconville’s Cat Wittgenstein’s Mistress The Pale King Invisible Cities Ulysses Mrs Dalloway and Life A User’s Guide Highbrow – a clue is in the fact that none of them can tell a story worth a damn but the things they do with language constitute a legal high So then lowbrow must be the mindless genre churn you get in the lovely world of – er Romance for instance – they have titles like Come Away with Me This Man Dark Soul Beautiful Disaster Probably that sounds insulting to Romance fans but hey come on you know this stuff is popcorn and not haute cuisine right You ain’t kidding yourselves are you And there’s all kinds of interesting authors who rescued formerly lowbrow genres and made them into middlebrow literature – Hammett and Chandler for detective stories McMurtry for Westerns Ballard and a zillion others for science fiction which was originally considered to be as wretched as the other low genres but I am wandering from the subject which is – everything that’s not high or low is in the middle that’s in the Bible Habbakuk 104 Therefore Hilary Mantel is middlebrowOkay so what we can’t dine on foi gras all the livelong day but if this is middle it’s somewhere near the top of the middle bangin’ on the ceiling and eventually who cares about these distinctionsThe Great Matter of the King’s Divorce a historical noteYeah you can think that this was some egotistical tyrannical English king thinking with his royal member and stamping on the floor until he got what he wanted even if that meant excommunication and the sundering of the Church but actually he wanted an heir – a son – because of the succession because if the succession wasn’t clear and undisputed there would be a certain return of the fratricidal civil war which had gone on for 50 years prior to Henry’s father’s victory – so it wasn’t in fact a trivial matterTwo great uotesCromwell is faced with a recalcitrant noble who’s making a terrible fuss about his ancient rights and privileges How can he explain it to him The world isn’t run from where he thinks Not from his border fortresses not even from Whitehall The world is run from Antwerp from Florence from places he has never imagined; from Lisbon from where the ships with sails of silk drift west and are burned up in the sun Not from castle walls but from counting houses not by the call of the bugle but by the click of the abacus not by the grate and click of the mechanism of the gun but by the scrape of the pen on the page of the promissory note that pays for the gun and the gunsmith and the powder and shotand When have I ever forced anyone to do anything he starts to say but Richard cuts in ‘No you don’t I agree it’s just that you are practised at persuading and sometimes it’s uite difficult sir to distinguish being persuaded by you from being knocked down in the street and stamped on’This novel took me so many hours to read but you know I don’t want them back Hilary Mantel can keep them

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Wolf HallIs carried out in the grip of a self interested parliament and a king who fluctuates between romantic passions and murderous rages. I treat this novel as a ualified failure of an experiment ualified since I am open to the possibility that the failure was mine and I sincerely wish that Mantel does not win the Booker this year I just cannot bring myself to spend any time with her lifeless narratorMore than anything else Wolf Hall seemed to me to be a literary experiment on how closely a woman can get into a man's mind and as far as I am concerned a ualified failure I could never truly feel that the narration was being executed by a male voice it was as if a woman narrator residing inside a captive male character was telling the story and every time a ‘he’ or 'his' comes along it resulted in a string of confused stumblings over adjectives before I remembered again many times that it is of himself that the narrator is talking about Eventually I came to understand the reason for this jarring feeling it was not because I was not reading thoroughly enough it was because I couldn't think of the narrator as a ‘he’ it just didn't cut it especially when heshe informed me with wonder of how men embrace other menI wish Mary Boleyn had been the narrator she was the only 'real' person in this narrative peopled by artificial characters only she had an authentic voice to me and I can't help but feel that she was the character that Mantel most identified with the novel came alive and took such vibrancy every time Mary entered the narrator's field of vision like a deprived woman lighting up at the sight of a beautiful mirror to finally examine herselfAs I said I am open to the fact that my bad experience was due to a failure of imagination on my part so I hope fans of this book will take pity on my deprived pleasure and be gentle in their recriminationsCome to think of it I really cannot think of any book I have read in which a novelist tries to get so intimate with the mind of a narrator of the opposite sex So maybe my problem was not a failure of imagination but a poverty of literary experience as I haven't encountered such an effort before; maybe I need to read some HardyI also believe that if there were less 'Thomas's in the story I could have still come out the better in this expedition So there