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Out lights in the sky chaos erupts Soon the four friends are plunged into a horrifying struggle with a creature from another world where their only chance of survival is locked in their shared past and in the Dreamcatcherback cov. For all those people who call this a shitweasle of a novel I would like like point out that it does exactly what it sets out to do Maybe the usual King fan comes to the chopping block expecting nothing but detailed flawed characters and some rather heartwrenching stuff before a paranormal beastie chomps downBut I would like to posit that SK IS a fan of Science Fiction Sure a few of his SF tales like Lawnmower Man and Tommyknockers might not get the love that they deserve but remember he also wrote that little epic called the Dark Tower So let's break this down a bit We literally get to the heart of the novel through our guts at the beginning Shitweasels and all playing on all the paranoid fantasies of um SO MANY PEOPLE by bringing in anal probing aliens With a particularly gross twist thank you very much Mr King And then we get into the whole telepathy thing the Aliens type setup and even a Theodore Sturgeon More Than Human homage with a very special special person holding this group of old friends togetherFor the longest time I got the idea that it was kinda a Tommyknockers part 2 but then I laughed aloud when we got a massive direct reference to the boys and girl from IT including Pennywise and then I started seeing a lot combined references to all his other novels As per usual but nicely solid and world buildy In the end I'm frankly rather amazed at what King pulls off here Massive military action chases alien invasions and spore people and shitweasles and we even get a Battle For Your Mind Dreamcatcher indeed What is this book A traditional horror as per usual Nope This is a great mashup that builds on the full Crimson King mythology thank you very much Pretty hardcore too So why does it get a lot of hateParts are juvenile and crass and other parts are free range weird But I like both on ocassion so this is something I can snuggle up to ahem or stay on the pot with

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DreamcatcherONCE UPON A TIME IN THE HAUNTED CITY OF DERRY FOUR BOYS STOOD TOGETHER AND DID A BRAVE THING IT WAS SOMETHING THAT CHANGED THEM IN WAYS THEY COULD NEVER BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND Twenty five years after saving a Down's syndrome kid fro. Dreamcatcher Stephen KingDreamcatcher 2001 is a novel by American writer Stephen King featuring elements of body horror suspense and alien invasion The book written in cursive helped the author recuperate from a 1999 car accident and was completed in half a year Set near the fictional town of Derry Maine Dreamcatcher is the story of four lifelong friends Gary Jonesy Jones Pete Moore Joe Beaver Clarendon and Henry Devlin As young teenagers the four saved Douglas Duddits Cavell an older boy with Down syndrome from a group of sadistic bullies From their new friendship with Duddits Jonesy Beaver Henry and Pete began to share the boy's unusual powers including telepathy shared dreaming and seeing the line a psychic trace left by the movement of human beingsJonesy Beaver Henry and Pete reunite for their annual hunting trip at the Hole in the Wall an isolated lodge in the Jefferson Tract There they become caught between an alien invasion and an insane US Army Colonel Abraham Kurtz Jonesy and Beaver who remain at the cabin while Henry and Pete go out for supplies encounter Richard McCarthy a disoriented and delirious stranger wandering near the lodge during a blizzard talking about lights in the sky The victim of an alien abduction McCarthy grows sicker and dies while sitting on the toilet An extraterrestrial parasite eats its way out of his body and attacks the two men killing Beaver Jonesy inhales the spores of the strange reddish fungus that the stranger and his parasite have spread around the cabin and an alien entity Mr Gray takes over his mindتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دوم ماه ژانویه سال 2010 میلادیعنوان شکارچی رویا؛ نویسنده استیون کینگ؛ مترجم پرویز کریمی ناصری؛ تهران، روشنگران، 1388؛ در 639 ص؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی سده 21 مروزی، روزگاری در شهر «دری»، که اشباح در آن، رفت و آمد می‌کردند، چهار پسر بچه، دست به عملی شجاعانه زدند، و شانه به شانه‌ ی یکدیگر، پسرک عقب مانده‌ ای را، از چنگال مشتی قلدر ضعیف‌ کش، نجات دادند کاری که آنها کردند بی آنکه خود بدانند، آنان را دگرگون کرد؛ داستان مبارزه ای هولناک با موجوداتی از جهان دیگر است ؛ نقل از متن «همین لرزش مرا استوار نگه میدارد باید بدانم آنچه ناپدید میشود، همیشگی است، و نزدیک، به روی خواب، چشم گشودم، به کندی، با رفتن به جاییکه باید بروم، میآموزم»؛ پایان نقل ا شربیانی

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SUMMARY ↠ Dreamcatcher â ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE HAUNTED CITY OF DERRY FOUR BOYS STOOD TOGETHER AND DID A BRAVE THING IT WAS SOMETHING THAT CHANGED THEM IN WAYS THEY COULD NEVER BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND Twenty five years after saving a Down's syndrome kid from bullies Beav Henry Pete and Jonesy now men with separate lives and separate problems reunite in the woM bullies Beav Henry Pete and Jonesy now men with separate lives and separate problems reunite in the woods of Maine for their annual hunting trip But when a stranger stumbles into their camp disoriented and mumbling something ab. I have read this a few times now and I think that the older I get the I see and get out of this book While it's definitely true that King is repeating some themes and tropes from his previous books I think that the relationships and the connections depicted here are some of the most touching at least in my mind I love the way that King can bring forth such strong emotions in me There were times when I literally had to set this book down because I couldn't see for crying and those are some of the most mundane sections of the book The introduction of Duddits both hurt and restored my faith in humanity The cruelty in that scene and the way that it was stood up against both brought me to tears In fact just about every scene containing Duddits brought me to tears this time around Because he's just so innocent and it hurts me to see him hurt even if that hurting is just missing someone I think that this has a lot to do with the changes in my own life and how I see certain unfairnesses now and want to protect against them I'm just a big ol' softy these days Anyway I think my previous review of this book is likely to be much better than this one I covered a lot of the ground that I would want to talk about already over there But some things stuck out at me this time around such as the concept of rape what constitutes rape and especially of how men deal with rape It's interesting to me how public opinion of this has shifted in recent years It used to be that the concept of male rape was inconceivable Men couldn't be raped End of story But here we have two different men use the term rape to describe the violation of their minds and both times it's just kind of glossed over and the method of dealing with it is to ignore it and pretend that it didn't happen Which is of course supremely unhealthy and terrible advice The first time it's mentioned out loud to another man who tells him to let it go as though a violation of that kind is something that one should not even acknowledge had happened as if it's an invalid feeling to have about such an event The second time it's the victim himself who internally feels that there were times when he thought he might be the only man on earth who truly understood what it was to be raped And that some things were better forgottenThis one is both understandable and incredibly condescending at the same time to me What he'd gone through is absolutely rape even though there was no sex involved His body and his mind had been violated in the most intimate and horrific way and he could not stop it from happening The part that bothers me though is the assumption that he's the only one to understand what it feels like Because while I know that there were no other cases exactly like his he was in fact NOT the only one to have been violated in that way and he KNOWS he was not He witnessed and was present for all of the other cases that happened in the book as well But this assumption that he's the only one diminishes the violation of others In a way all telepathy is a violation right It's an invasion of our right to privacy So technically everyone who had their minds read in this book was violated raped if you will Yet this one character feels like he's the only one I can understand because in the context of this book he was special but he was far from the only one and I think were he to see the broader implications of what happened and what could have happened not just in the life or death sense he would have a better understanding and a bit empathy for others and it might help him deal with it better But that's just me and my bleeding heart going off again Anyway that's one nitpick I have about this book Another is that it does drag a bit in the back half and the chase goes on for a bit too long before the final resolution “Prepare to engage enemy bogey’s airspeed not sufficient for intercept Suggest we get out and walk” – Air Force PilotOther than that I think that there's a lot to like about this book I would suggest having something of a strong stomach though It can get a little suicky