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DOWNLOAD Ã How Bad Are Bananas? Î From a text message to a war from a Valentine's rose to a flight or even having a child How Bad are Bananas gives us the carbon answers we need and provides plenty of revelations By talking through a hundred or so items Mike Berners Lee sets out to give us a carbon instinct for the footprint of literally anything weLobal deforestation data centres rice production the World Cup volcanoes Be warned some of the things you thought you knew about green living may be about to be turned on their head Never preachy but packed full of information and always entertaini. The short version A great reference with a great title The book itself is laid out in a logical manner going in orders of magnitudes of carbon emissions euivalent under 10 grams to 1 million tons and beyond The author combines both top down and bottom up approaches in calculating his footprints which is no easy task given the interconnectedness of everything we produce and consume nowadaysSome interesting tidbits from the book How bad really are bananas They are a very low carbon food they are grown without greenhouses shipped with minimal packaging via large cargo ships the most efficient form of long distance transportation Keep eating them Bottled water has 1000x the carbon footprint as the stuff coming out of the faucet Avoid anywhere you have decent tap water Plastic bags are nasty for a bunch of reasons but are not a big carbon concern Meat especially from ruminants like cows and sheep and dairy have huge footprints due to the generation of methane The book isn’t perfect On occasion his methodology is hard to understand References are provided in the back but they are not always adeuately explained I’m still trying to figure out what a “climate change related death” is and how it is calculated In addition the book is from the UK so sometimes it’s a little difficult relating his experiences to the ones in North America even though he converts everything to pounds and has included a lot of Canadian and American contentBut those are minor uibbles The content is informative and presented in an appealing and accessible way Above all it is his approach and his writing that really sold me on the book In the first few pages the author stresses the need to look at the big picture to pick the right battles for reducing carbon emissions to not succumb to misdirection and obfuscation and to hone in on areas of your personal life that work for you to produce the most bang for your buck He frankly admits to the fuzziness of the numbers and that there is a lot of room for improvement But his real goal is to produce a resource with ballpark figures so that people can wrap their heads around this really complex issue I found this aspect really refreshing as I went through the book; it’s evident that he is a subject matter expert and has poured a lot of energy into this but he never comes across as being boisterous and authoritative He even provides an email address for improvements and suggestionsI don’t buy too many books nowadays but I’m glad I got this one it’s a keeper It’s for anyone who thinks to uote the author “climate change is a big deal it’s caused by humans and we can do something about it” and is interested in some carbon awareness Highly recommended

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From a text message to a war from a Valentine's rose to a flight or even having a child How Bad are Bananas gives us the carbon answers we need and provides plenty of revelations By talking through a hundred or so items Mike Berners Lee sets out to. My brother in law is obsessed with food miles Obsessed He flat out won’t buy anything not grown in the UK And yet his last holiday involved flying to Africa And he eats a lot of meat And he wants to have a childSee the contradictionTrying to do the best for the environment is such a tricky thing I consider myself a good environmentalist And yet I’m sitting here on an internetcloud connected computer writing this book review which isn’t great in terms of energy use Short of going off grid and living in a tree no one can live a carbon neutral lifestyle So you need to pick your battles wisely and figure out what’s really bad for the planet and what you can and should cut outThat’s where How Bad Are Bananas becomes really helpful Mike ‘I didn’t invent the internet that was my brother’ Berners Lee sifts through a myriad of data to rate everyday activities in terms of just how carbon centric they are The resulting book is a bit heavy going in places but Berners Lee is an affable narrator making it an entertaining yet thinky readAnd guess what As long as you buy foreign grown food that arrives by boat the carbon footprint is negligible Ha HAHowever I do really need to cut down on my cheese intake Oh cheese You were my favourite

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How Bad Are BananasGive us a carbon instinct for the footprint of literally anything we do buy and think about He helps us pick our battles by laying out the orders of magnitude The book ranges from the everyday foods books plastic bags bikes flights baths and the g. This is a good reference book for rough ballpark ideas of how big your carbon footprint is actually an estimate of the total climate change impact of your lifestyle with various assumptions to get figures to work with and to compare various actions eg travelling by train vs by car by sea vs by air recycling vs landfill The author readily admits that it's a lot of guesstimation it's just meant to give you a rough idea and it's uite good at putting things into perspective by comparison I wouldn't advise you read it cover to cover just dip in to find what you're interested inNote the Kindle edition has some issues with typos and layout at times but is mostly goodAlso if you like me are unable to eat bananas and you really wish you could you may want to just avoid this book as it will annoy you by singing the praises of bananas constantly Also I don't want to think about the carbon footprints of my various medications just think about all the packaging the manufacturing the transport ugh or of my cholecystectomy Even the incineration of my gallbladder will have added to my carbon footprint Though it is probably better the one time operation than a lifelong need for buscopan with all the manufacturing and so on reuired there plus the late nights spent awake with biliary colic and therefore using electricityNow I'm overthinking it