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Bedeviled Angel Works Like Magick #2 Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ An enchanting new novel from a national bestselling sensation At the Works Like Magick employment Agency in Salem Massachusetts matching clients in need with magical temps is a piece of cake especially since sexy Chance Gordricson also happeAn enchanting new novel from a national bestselling sensation At the Works Like Magick employment Agency in Salem Massachusetts matching clients i. Review by Laurie Bratt for Romance Novel NewsAfter dying eight years ago Chance Godricson a lovesick guardian angel is chastised by his superiors for neglecting his caseload He chooses to focus only on ueisha Saint Denis a woman he sacrificed himself for in a tragic building collapseThe newest arrivals in this afterlife called Everlasting are a wealthy couple that had contracted ueisha as a surrogate mother for their six year old twin daughters He knows that ueisha is named legal guardian in their will and fears that news of the couple’s accident may further validate her agoraphobiaBest friend Angus knows Chance is walking a fine line and if he does not make some serious improvements Chance may lose his guardian angel position and be banishedAware of the potential judgment of Everlasting’s archangel Tribunal Angus pushes Chance into the earthen realm where he secretly lands in ueisha’s closetueisha fearing public places spends her days locked in the 23 room seaside home she inherited from her aunt however she has begun therapy to work through her phobiaueisha’s friend Vivica a witch and expert in assisting paranormals senses Chance and Angus She uickly hatches a plan to have Chance hired as ueisha’s cook thus allowing him direct access to his charge With Chance in place at the home he is allowed to help ueisha prepare for the arrival of the orphaned twin girlsWhile earthbound Chance struggles against his desire and feelings for ueisha He discovers that if he is impure in thoughts or actions he loses wing feathers Chance ponders the risks of being intimate with ueisha knowing if all of his feathers are lost he will die and lose his guardian angel statusAnnette Blair successfully creates a convincing world where the paranormal exist among everyday humans Chance is an immediately likeable love interest for the relationship cautious ueisha The story is driven by the dynamics and interactions between the two and convincingly takes the reader on their personal journeyBlair reveals the depth of her characters their experiences and how the twins play into their lives It is hard not to be carried away by the humor emotion love sex and mischief that surround Chance and ueisha “Bedeviled Angel” is the second book in Blair’s “Works Like Magick” paranormal series

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N need with magical temps is a piece of cake especially since sexy Chance Gordricson also happens to be heaven sent He's Kenya Saint Denis's guard. I really like Annette Blair most of her other books however am giving up on this series just too cheesy dull for me

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Bedeviled Angel Works Like Magick #2Ian angel And when he's hired to keep an eye on her and the two surrogate children she's become saddled with he just might fall prey to temptation. I had honestly expected the second book in this series to be about Jayden and Vivica After all he’s the second dragon brother to rock up in Naked Dragon Instead it is about a character that I didn’t even know was likely to show up And I wasn’t in the slightest bit disappointed After all ueisha and Chance turn out to be a lovely couple and you just can’t but fall for them Over and over and over againThere is nothing like a flawed heroine to make you fall in love And normally these flaws seem to come in the shape of some tragic past that makes the characters prickly and somewhat difficult Untrusting Something like that ueisha has had a tragic past and there’s a fair bit of mystery that gets unravelled throughout this story But what I really loved is that her flaw is so unlike that of any other character so far – she’s an agoraphobe Dealing with a mental illness amongst the rest of the storyline was a brilliant way to create a new character I feel like I need stories with mental health being the flaw rather than trust or some form of aggressive responseAmongst a fallen angel and an agoraphobe with some skeletons in the closet Blair managed to throw in two gorgeous little girls The fact that one carries the same name as me of course just made them all the loveable Amongst some serious seductive moments throughout this story there are these gorgeous sparks of humour and fun that the twins bring to life It also makes a fun ready made family story that doesn’t have all the messiness of pregnancy hormones and new bornsBedeviled Angel is a sweet and easy read It’s one that has this constant threat of destruction to the happiness of everyone hanging over their heads A threat implicit in the removal of the twins to a new guardian the loss of Chance when he gets his wings back everything in this story every happiness is under threat Which of course just makes you rip through it all the uicker Just so you can be sure that there is actually a happily ever after at the end