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MiddlemarchMiddlemarch by George Eliot is part of the Barnes Noble Classics series which offers uality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader including new scholarship thoughtful design and pages of carefully crafted extras Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes Noble Classics New introductions commissioned from today's top writers and scholars Biographies of the authors Chronologies of contemporary historical biographical and cultural events Footnotes and endnotes Selective discussions of imitations parodies poems books plays paintings operas statuary and films inspired by the work Comments by other famous authors Study uestions to challenge the reader's viewpoints and expectations Bibliographies for further reading Indices Glossaries when appropriateAll editions are beautifully designed and are printed to superior specifications; some include illustrations. Oh the slow burn of geniusI always tread lightly when it comes to using the word genius but there is no way around it hereIt took me a good 200 pages to fully get into the novel and its ornate 19th century turn of phrase but very uickly I was so completely spellbound by its intelligence and wisdom that I couldn't put it downGeorge Eliot's astonishing authorial voice is something to behold It takes the misadventures of a handful of characters and peels their layers one by one with so much subtlety that you often have to reread a sentence several times to fully grasp the keenness of its observationsThe entire novel feels like a giant lens zooming in and out of human follies with such gusto and empathy that you cannot help but feel privileged to witness the inner workings of people's thoughts and reactions Not only does Middlemarch make you ponder many aspects of our motivations desires aspirations limitations ideals dreams behavior and inclinations but it keeps you on the edge of your seat like a ferocious psychological thrillerThe end will leave you teetering on the brink revisiting all of your personal deep seated assumptions about people what is a successful life what is a good marriage how you measure goodness and your impact on others' livesA work of vertiginous beauty

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review Middlemarch 109 Ê Middlemarch by George Eliot is part of the Barnes Noble Classics series which offers uality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader including new scholarship thoughtful design and pages of carefully crafted extras Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes Noble Classics New introductions commissioned from tOf historical interest Barnes Noble Classics pulls together a constellation of influences biographical historical and literary to enrich each reader's understanding of these enduring works Often called the greatest nineteenth century British novelist George Eliot the pen name of Mary Ann Evans created in Middlemarch a vast panorama of life in a provincial Midlands town At the story's center stands the intellectual and idealistic Dorothea Brooke a character who in many ways resembles Eliot herself But the very ualities that set Dorothea apart from the materialistic mean spirited society around her also lead her into a disastrous marriage with a man she mistakes for her soul mate In a parallel story young doctor Tertius Lydgate who is eually idealistic falls in love with the pretty but vain and superficial Rosamund Vincy whom he marries to his ruinEliot surrounds her main figures with a g. Page 97Ugh I'm trying guys I really am But right now I'm about 100 pages into this book and the thought of getting through the next 700 is making me want to throw myself under a train And I almost never leave a book unread so this is serious However since it's on The List I feel I should at least try to give it another chance But it's not going to be easyHere in simplified list form are the reasons I really really want to abandon this book It's everything I hate about Austen boring dialogue and background information endless nattering on about who's marrying whom with none of the dry wit that makes her stories enjoyable Dorothea is an insufferable stuck up know it all and I hate her Also her sister calls her Dodo in a horribly misguided attempt at affection and every time I have to read it it's like a cheese grater to the forehead She's nineteen years old and is marrying a forty seven year old II just can't I know it's going to end badly which makes it slightly better but come on Eliot Simply put I don't care I don't care about these characters I don't care about their boring lives I don't care who marries whom and who is happy or not happy and I really don't care about Dorothea's stupid cottage designs I get the sense that none of the things I listed are going to change I'm strongly sensing that the next 700 pages of this book are going to be the same exact stuff about marriage and unhappiness and Dodo and blah blah blaaaaahhhhh Unless something really interesting is going to happen I don't think I can keep going At this point it would take a zombie uprising at Middlemarch to make me invested in these characters and their lack of struggle Page 190Okay I need to get to Part 5 before I can reasonably stop reading Hopefully something resembling a plot will happen soon Page 300Nope Nothin' yetPage 370OH MY GOD I DON'T CARE I DON'T CARE SHUT UP SHUT UP WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME ALL OF THIS GEORGE ELIOT WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYPage 409Okay I tried No one can say I didn't give this book a fair chance But I'm halfway through and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED I just read 400 pages of some boring people going about their boring everyday business and I'm DONE Maybe I'm just not sophisticated enough to understand this book's genius Maybe I can only be happy with a book if the characters are likeable and doing interesting things besides sitting around and thinking about how fucking miserable they all are Maybe it's just my fault for having a bad attitude about this book from the beginning Who knows But what I know for sure is this I got to my designated halfway point on the flight back from vacation and when we landed I made sure to leave Middlemarch on the plane Hopefully it's adopted by someone who will love it than I did ADDENDUM I just consulted The List to check this book off and I decided to see if there were any other George Eliot books on it Including Middlemarch there are five Eliot books I'm supposed to read before I die FIVE Goddamn it

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Allery of characters drawn from every social class from laborers and shopkeepers to the rising middle class to members of the wealthy landed gentry Together they form an extraordinarily rich and precisely detailed portrait of English provincial life in the 1830s But Dorothea's and Lydgate's struggles to retain their moral integrity in the midst of temptation and tragedy remind us that their world is very much like our own Strikingly modern in its painful ironies and psychological insight Middlemarch was pivotal in the shaping of twentieth century literary realismLynne Sharon Schwartz is the author of fourteen books of fiction non fiction and poetry including the novels Disturbances in the Field Leaving Brooklyn and In the Family Way and the memoir Ruined by Reading Her poetry collection In Solitary and her translation of A Place to Live Selected Essays of Natalia Ginzburg appeared in 200. 853 Middlemarch A Study of Provincial Life George EliotMiddlemarch A Study of Provincial Life is a novel by the English author George Eliot first published in eight installments volumes during 1871–72 The novel is set in the fictitious Midlands town of Middlemarch during 1829–32 and it comprises several distinct though intersecting stories and a large cast of characters Significant themes include the status of women the nature of marriage idealism self interest religion hypocrisy political reform and educationمیدل مارچ جورج الیوت دنیای نو ادبیات؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دوم ماه نوامبر سال 1992 میلادیعنوان میدل مارچ در دو جلد؛ نویسنده جورج الیوت؛ مترجم مینا سرابی، تهران، نشر دنیای نو، 1369؛ در دو جلد؛ جلد 1 در 626 ص؛ جلد 2 در 601 ص شابک دوره دو جلدی؛ 9646564178؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، بدیهه، چاپ سوم 1379؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، نشر دنیای نو؛ چاپ چهارم 1383؛ چاپ پنجم 1387؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان بریتانیایی سده 19 ممیدل مارچ دو جلد است در 1229 صفحه، و در مجموع هشت کتاب، که در هر مجلد چهار کتاب آرمیده است، کتاب اول دوشیزه بروک؛ کتاب دوم پیر و جوان؛ کتاب سوم در انتظار مرگ؛ کتاب چهارم سه مسئله عشق؛ کتاب پنجم نفوذ مرده؛ کتاب ششم همسر و بیوه زن؛ کتاب هفتم دو وسوسه؛ کتاب هشتم طلوع و غروب؛ا شربیانی