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FREE DOWNLOAD ´ Wargames É David Lightman zit op de middelbare school In de meeste vakken is hij een redelijke leerling maar hij blinkt uit in wiskunde en informatica In zijn vrije tijd schuimt hij stad en land af op zoek naar de laatste snufjes op het gebied van computerspelletjesEen intern onderzoek bij de Amerikaanse strijdkrachten toont aan dat het nucElijks verontrusting wekenMaar het lot van de wereld hangt opeens aan een zijden draadje als David Lightman het computerprogramma van de Amerikaanse nucleaire strijdmacht begint uit te testen Vanuit zijn kamertje kan hij de wereld vernietigen en David denkt nog steeds een spannend computerspel ontdekt te hebben. One long sentence review Self aware very real hacking for that time and a peek into terrifying nostalgia of late cold war era movie is at least that good as novelization one part was really slow but the rest is a ride

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David Lightman zit op de middelbare school In de meeste vakken is hij een redelijke leerling maar hij blinkt uit in wiskunde en informatica In zijn vrije tijd schuimt hij stad en land af op zoek naar de laatste snufjes op het gebied van computerspelletjesEen intern onderzoek bij de Amerikaanse strijdkrachten to. Ladies and gentlemen I don't know if I'm going to have time to finish this review since I have to go and pick up my father and sister around 1330 since it's my mother's birthday and we're going to eat out It may be the last in a long time since I have to help my father write my father a book and a thesis I got away with it this morning because I have to make arrangements with my sisterThis book was going to be dedicated to my cousin since Wargames was one of his favorite films so that popular angers do not fall so that I could write I will give him an alias which he will recognize Galloglass The first thing I want to do is apologize to the fans I was doubting that I notice putting Wargames Since I was oscillating like the Poe pendulum for much of the narrative between the 1 3 stars I finally opted for a middle ground the two stars I must admit not to spoil the effect that days before reading the novelization of the film which I bought in a second hand bookstore by the way with a very very friendly staff I saw the film which I liked So suspense must not be blamed on this film but on the disastrous additions to me that Mr Bischoff has made The first thing I must say is that I met this film thanks to the praise sdedicated by Ernest Cline in his interesting novel which paid a great tribute to the 80's Ready Player One One of the tests that the protagonist has to perform is to act as Lightman in Wargames and from that moment he wanted to see the film at whatever price Regarding A Ready Player One here you have my review it can be said which I liked I would have scored a lot better if I hadn't given it for the political corrections which I noted in my review Just like it happened to Bischoff It was certainly to start reading chapters of Wargames and the author infuriated me at every step Specifically the first three chapters In the first chapter he shows us as Hallorhan makes a decision convinced by the voices of a hippie bride who had to give to marijuana Call me weird but I'm a person who has a lot of phobia of cultural movements which started in the '60s They talked about peace and love but it was the least practiced for for me it was a time of degradation and moral corruption from which we have not yet recovered I don't blame people i'm against the Vietnam War She was very ill carried and many barbarities were committed on the part of both sides I am also critical of the Ira war which has ultimately turned Ira into a failed state and allowed from nowhere to emerge a monster called DAESH in the Ira war I want to denounce the nefarious efforts perpetrated by Elliot Abrams that led to the genocide of Christians and Yazidis who were protected with Saddam Hussein and these dusts are born with these sludge as well as the withdrawal of the war from the Vietnam came out the monster of the Red Khemeres in Cambodia What me off is the left's instrumentalization of both conflicts because what mattered least to them is that they died Vietnamese and Irais in those conflicts It is reprehensible that only the killings of one side will be denounced and that the crimes of the Communists and the Viet Kong should be overlooked You can't help thinking that South Vietnam was abandoned to its fate After America made infinite mistakes How to support decolonization policies Nor was the formula to help France adeuate nor did the proposed third ways help nor did the assassination of President Diem on the orders of the American ambassador benefit from the conflict We can come up with part of the catastrophe by reading Graham's novels Graham Greene's The uiet American and Morris West's The Ambassador We have already been very critical of American foreign policy Now it's the turn very briefly for the society of the 60 70s which for me was a disaster It encouraged crime and significantly eroded moral values and crunched society and generated a culture of suspicion which continues to this day Not to mention it caused uprooting It is the moment when drugs are liberalized and serial criminals like Charles Manson appear which is the fruit of these corrupt times Of those who will not go away until the Reagan era with ualms So I don't think it's a model What me off about the first chapter was the reasoning You can't kill 20 million people for political misadventures Does the author call political disagreements a murderous regime that has killed 6 million people with Lenin 20 million with Stalin 60 million people with Mao Zedong and who has been has imposed a prison system and ruined those countries That political disagreement has led to 100 million deaths in the past century and continues to cause deaths as seen in Venezuela North Korea and Cuba Halorhan makes the right decision but not by the right decision which I am not a fan of capitalism which I also find monstrous and I am on a third path that would be the Chestertonian distributism You have no right to wipe out 20 million people In the second chapter I am angry about the contempt shown by the author for Christianity in the person of the protagonist the self taught child a Whizzkid with the machines David Lightman I didn't like Lightman's contempt for his parents but what me off faith that the author added this scene that wasn't in the book to show that as a wise man Lightman should devote himself to important things as if he were a little Steve Jobs Marc Zuckerberg and Bill Gates which in the end have become sharks and that the religion thing and go to see the pastor is foolish I asked me is why does the author put scenes from his harvest that don't appear in the film Besides to offend people which is what it's meant to be In the end he turns his hero into a kind of individualist who only thinks of him in the style of Thoreau It's certainly the moral prototype That Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris would want The last one was already talking about it in a book Without realizing that when he stops believing in religion not only is all allowed as Dostoyevsky says but it is also when he begins to show symptoms of decadence and falling Lightman doesn't realize what he's got including a computer because his father and mother and vulgar people he despises sacrifices himself so that he may have it This seemed to me to be yet yet yet a further sign of insensitivity on the part of the author The third chapter is not better either since the untold author puts adultery between McKitrik and Miss Pat Healy who may be sketched in the film but we don't know what he's coming for In addition on page 80 the protagonist drops a blasphemy without coming to a fairy tale That's why I chose to put a 2 although we see that when Bischoff adapts to the film the book improves Because the movie is interesting The love story between Lightman and Jennifer Mack The climate of cold war in the law in the law is very well reproduced Falken is a great name for a scientist and I think Joshua will certainly be part of those computers that will put humanity in check like Hal in Michael C Clarke's Odyssey in Space 2001 or the Amy of my friend the writer Jorge Sáez Criado in Memories of the Sunset because there is one thing in common between Joshua and Amy and it is that they are both machines that learn from their mistakes but the difference between Joshua and Amy is that terrifyingly the second ends up outperforming humans and ends up dominating them Jorge shows us what the writers don't dare nor does the author of WarGames show us what would happen if the computer were to revolt the result being a world like Terminator or Matrix In novels we could resort to Fred Saberhagen's Berserker series remember that Terminator is also going to be a premiere in the 1980s It is a fear of my good friend Jorge Sáez Criado that the machines which are increasingly skilled will end up rising against their creator We see the case of Deep Blue or that in a video game contest whoever won has been the machine and it's a very real fear It is interesting to contrast this view with others I think of GK Chesterton and his distributism influenced by Vincent McNabb and against that machinism are also alert people like Wendell Berry excessive energy dependence and the fight against nature would lead to an impoverishment of man's abilities and to be able to do less things In fact millennials have trouble relating to the world they live in This was brilliantly denounced by Hideo Okuda in the short story The Strange Methods of Dr Irabu friends One of Constantin's fears of Virgil Gheorgiu is that man behaved like a machine and lost his humanity We see this in Hour 25 also in spite of HG Wells was denounced by Charles Chaplin in his wonderful Great Dictator In fact it is interesting to see in this novel how McKitrik embodies that scientific and humanist view of the indefinite progress believed in both HG Wells and Isaac Asimov We see that against this socialist communist vision and against this right wing materialism in which I believe that we can put Ayn Rand this was brilliantly answered to my view by Hilaire Belloc who had a bitter controversy with Herbert George Wells and GK Chesterton in his superb GK Chesterton's criticisms did not seem to consist of the machine revolting against its creator even if one of its characters John Turnbull Angus imagined it in The Invisible Man a short case of The innocence of the father Brown yet he bent me to think than GK Chesterton tends to believe that the machine is not infallible because the one who drives it is a human being as he showed us brilliantly in The Error of the Machine a short case of Father Brown's Wisdom in fact that partly consists of the theories of my friend Manuel Alfonseca that one thing is good or bad depending on how we use it that does not mean that he has not fantasized about the possibility that his machines develop feelings like in Operation uatuor also in that line was Philip K Dick and Brian Aldiss However my friend Professor Alfonseca it poses it as just a literary divert For the mitomaniacs of the 80s it is a cult film without doubt that criticizes the futility of war and warns against the fear of the different while also aware of the fleetingness of life In the novel I liked the character of Stephen Falken and although the falcon mask is not removed it is very interesting the confrontation between Berringer and McKitrik being of course on Berringer's side The final third makes the novel not so fiasco although some comments against the Republicans Americans who are not Spanish hurtful This novel is a little like the King of Jesters by Tanja Kinkel in that novel you realize how great the book is Endless Story and the same thing happens here that the fan of the film will realize how good Wargames is in the final third of the novel suffice to say that it is the best thing about the book That said it doesn't prevent the author's huge blunders Although he did one thing well not to end up like the film and add an ending because the cinematic and literary language are different and sometimes they don't get along Pd I think the ending is a little optimistic it's likely that the computer would have reacted as in Doraemon's film at Atlantis Castle of Evil but I like happy endings

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WargamesOnt aan dat het nucleaire verdedigingsapparaat belangrijke gebreken vertoont Technisch is alles in orde maar de menselijke factor levert problemen op Om het risico van menselijk falen te vermideren besluit het ministerie van Defensie de lancering van atoomwapens over te laten aan ComputersTwee gegevens die nauw. The novelisation of the 1983 movie starring Matthew Broderick A young computer hacker accidentally dials into NORAD's defence AI Joshua and sets in motion a series of war games which bring the world to the brink of nuclear warUp front I'll point out that I've loved the movie of this story since I was a kid not to mention having a huge crush on Ally Sheedy and in all honesty that probably impacted my enjoyment of this book in a way that wouldn't apply to someone who's never seen it The short version is however that I really enjoyed this novelisationIn the early 1980s there were three things that would've been on the mind of almost any teenage boy; computer games girls and the very real danger of nuclear war This story taps into all of those things by showing us a computer hacker who inadvertently sets a war game in motion that could lead to nuclear annihilation following his desperate attempts to avert disaster whilst simultaneously developing a relationship with a cute girl from his high school class It all sounds somewhat improbable but the truth is that NORAD genuinely has been hacked in the past and for a long time mutually assured destruction was a real possibility in the tensions of the Cold War In fact I suspect that a great many people too young to remember the Cold War will find this the hardest part of the story to credit but like a great many thrillers with similar themes it is the insanity of the geopolitical situation that gives this book a great deal of tensionAside from the tense Cold War atmosphere I have to admit to really enjoying the very 80s love story threaded throughout being both a sucker for a bit of romance and for the aforementioned Ally Sheedy All this adds up to the fact that like the movie I really enjoyed this little slice of 80s classic More reviews here