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De Zoektocht Free read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Esther remembers her own experience of the Holocaust as a Jewish girl living in Amsterdam and recounts to her grandson Daniel and his friend Jeroen how she escaped from the Nazis and survived by going into hiding in the countryside Her parents were not so lucky Esther knows they were Appened to them during the last months of their lives After tracking down an old friend who now lives in Israel Esther finally learns the shocking story of how her parents met their fates at Auschwi. The Holocaust is not a topic that would seem to lend itself well to graphic novel format but this book and it's preuel A Family Secret are both very successful at making the story of Holocaust victims accessible to middle and high school students The author certainly doesn't gloss over the atrocities but they they are portrayed without excessive sensationalism Based on the fact that these books have been sponsored by the Anne Frank House I believe the historical details are accurate The stories are told partly as flashbacks and I found the plots interesting and moving The illustrations and graphic format bring the events and people to life in an effective way very different than just reading text or even a photographic essay about life at that time Sometimes all the characters and different time settings got a bit confusing but the author provides a helpful guide at the beginning of each book

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Esther remembers her own experience of the Holocaust as a Jewish girl living in Amsterdam and recounts to her grandson Daniel and his friend Jeroen how she escaped from the Nazis and survived by goi. Story 4 starsArt 4 starsThe story of the holocaust told from the perspective of a Jewish grandmother looking back on when she was a young girl who narrowly escaped a concentration camp twice first in Germany then in the Netherlands Her parents and neighbors were not as fortunate as she was and only one neighbor survived Auschwitz He tells her of her parents' struggles after she was separated from them and how they died This is shelved in the YA section of my library but is not nearly as gentle as A Family Secret another graphic novel from this creator also focused on WWII Care is taken to avoid blatantly gruesome images but some of the content is still rather disturbing I am just as stricken if not so by the rendering of Nazis wearing gas masks while pouring cyanide through the roof of the showers than I was by seeing the actual sufferers choking on the gas which I have seen in other Holocaust literature But this is important history to remember and we can only soften the brutal truth so much

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De ZoektochtNg into hiding in the countryside Her parents were not so lucky Esther knows they were sent to a concentration camp and died there and with Daniel’s help she embarks on a search to discover what h. Esther always wondered about happened to her parents after they were picked up by the Nazis and she never saw or heard from them again She assumed they had perished in the Holocaust just as 6 million other Jews had Now so many years later she wants to visit her son in Amsterdam and attend her grandson's Bar Mitzvah but she also wants to see her long time friend HelenaAfter the Bar Mitzvah Esther her son and grandson Daniel begin their trip into her past As they travel Esther begins to tels Daniel about her experiences as a Jew in Hitler's Europe When Hitler rose to power in Germany in the 1930s life became very difficult and dangerous for all the German Jews living there But after Kristalnacht young Esther's parents decided to leave and move to the Netherlands There Esther became friends with Helena a Christian girl her age They both had crushes on Bob Canter a handsome boy who lived in their apartment building Things went well for Esther and her parents until the Nazis invaded HollandEsther and Helena remained friends but life became harder and harder once again After her parents were picked up in a raid one night by the Gestapo in Amsterdam young Esther is warned by Helena's father to get away She went to a friend of her father's who helped her find a place to hide There she met other Jews also being hidden and is taught farm chores by the farmer's son Barend One day the Nazis came but Esther managed to get away As she run she hears shots being fired but didn't know if anyone was hit Barend is the first perosn Esther and her son and grandson visit and her fills her in on what happened after she escapedAfter wandering around the forest for a while Esther found people who welcomed her and she remained there until the end of the war Returning to Amsterdam to look for her parents she ran into Bob Canter her old crush now a concentration camp survivor Bob tells her that her parents both died in the Holocaust Eventually Esther migrated to the United States and lost touch with Bob Esther's grandson looks Bob up and finds him living in Israel A few days later they are on their way to visit Bob who fills in all the blanks about her terrible parent's fate a story well worth readingFeeling like she has now really lost her parents and her past Esther leaves Bob's in absolute despair When she finally gets to meet Helena there is disturbing information but there is also a pleasant surprise waiting for her thanks to the action of a true best friendThe Search is a sensitive yet dynamic and informative graphic novel Heuvel doesn't hold back on the plight of Esther to survive or atrocities Bob describes which were inflicted on the Jews in concentration camps by the Nazis but he does temper it by framing the story in the present and including the sons and grandsons of Esther and Helena And even though the story jumps back and forth between past and present it is not confusing in the leastThe other nice thing is that each character is distinct from the others so there is no confusing who is who which can often happen in graphic novels In part it is because they are also drawn distinctively and a large color palette is usedThe Search page 15In fact the illustrations help tell and carry the story along as they should since space is limited in graphic novels This is a form that also appeals to young readers making it a great way to introduce the Holocaust in either the classroom or for home schooling purposesThe Search was originally written in Dutch but I think that the translation done by Lorraine T Miller is uite well done since the story doesn't feel forced nor does any of the continuity feel lost giving the whole story a nature feeling and flow that lets the story unfold without jarring the readerThere is a companion book to The Search called A Family Secret which is about Esther's friend Helena and which I will be reviewing soon so watch this spaceThis book is recommended for readers age 11This book was purchased for my personal libraryThis review was originally posted at The Children's War