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Free read Krew elfów ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » Konstruując przewrotne i wzruszające opowieści zebrane w dwóch tomach Ostatnie życzenie i Miecz przeznaczenia Sapkowski gromadził plejadę niezwykłych bohaterów rysował mapę zwaśnionych królestw krzyżujących się namiętności i interesów Prawdziwa walka oKonstruując przewrotne i wzruszające opowieści zebrane w dwóch tomach Ostatnie życzenie i Miecz przeznaczenia Sapkow. This review can be found on Amaranthine ReadsConsidering how well written and uick paced the short story preuel collection The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski was this was ridiculously disappointing and underwhelming We have the same characters as was to be found in The Last Wish and we had their personalities expanded and explored further but we had none of the excitement or fantasy that was found there Blood of Elves is very slow and very closed off We spend far too much time in one place alone and we follow conversations at a snail's pace to the point where what they're saying is no longer important but pointless chit chat It takes over half the book for us to leave Geralt and Ciri who have taken up most of the book doing pretty much nothing in one place The narrator is supposed to be omniscient but it feels like first person narrative with just one or two dips elsewhere to move the rather vague plot alongIt's such a huge disappointment because the inclusion of our own folklore and fairytales in The Last Wish was a very good idea and following Geralt as he went about the countryside tackling monsters and demons which is the job of the Witcher was exciting refreshing and kept the stories moving along In Blood of Elves we meet one monster and little elseIt is mostly full of political intrigue none of which is that interesting nor does it deviate from the generic fantasy trope of races warring with races crossing borders and sacking cities But even then with the generic fantasy tropes we barely even get in to them because the characters are too busy having inane conversations whilst presumably just standing about being targetsThere was however a better set of female characters in this though it was a bit too James Bond esue how they all seemingly dropped their knickers are the mere sight of Geralt of Rivia If one can get past this obvious High Fantasy trope and author projection we see some female characters that are developed beyond their breasts but only justIt's a relatively fun fantasy day out A uick read won't challenge you much and will give you a good dose of non YA fantasy goodness if that's what you're looking for it's why I gravitated toward it but it is by no means anything brilliant or ground breaking I will however finish the series maybe pick up the other short story collection I haven't gotten around to and possibly play the game that was inspired by itIt's worth pointing out that this book is the first of a series despite GoodReads naming it the third This book is the first full length novel and makes up the series of full length books with two anthologies of short stories taking up 1st and 2nd in the seriesBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy

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Interesów Prawdziwa walka o kształt i losy tego świata zaczyna się dopiero teraz w pierwszym tomie sagi o wiedźmini. Did I pick this up expressly because I saw the Netflix show and wanted Why yes yes I am Aka me and like 3898 other people are doing this the reservations at my local library is hilariously long but it actually makes me happy TV show adaptions of books DO inspire people to go read the original source material But I definitely enjoyed this because I'd seen the show I had all the actors in my heads for the characters and could totally imagine the humour and interactions 😂Also this basically picks up where the show left off I assume S1 of the show is taken from The Last Wish which I didn't know to read first So I read this one first Because it says book 1 but apparently really isn't Thx so much for thatAlso this fantasy is old but it made me so happy how inclusive it was It was refreshingly shockingly not gross to women it talked about menstruation for freaking once and pivotal female characters than men Everyone turning to soft dough in the face of Ciri and the need to love and protect her was basically the best thing ever Geralt is PUTTY IN HER HANDS Also Ciri is this feral defiant child who wants to be a Witcher Yennefer and Jaskier chat for a while and Jaskier legit goes Oh I thought you only liked me as much as you like DEATH because he still is an endearing pets Yennefer and Geralt avoid each other because Unresolved Sexual TensionI'm just sitting here softly with mouth agape realising adult fantasy CAN INDEED last a whole book without being monstrous offensive to women Wait brb need to go beat some other fantasy books over the head with this oneThe style was mostly dialogue; like maybe 70% of this book is pure dialogue I would've liked depth to the whole thing the world and the characters particularly And it didn't really have a typical plot arc The ending was like leading up to the next episode instead of rising to a climax and exploding into a finale I feel like we fell into the ending But I assume the climax encompasses the series as a whole Which I INTEND TO FIND OUT I SHALL READ MORE So not my typical favourite style to read But I did enjoy itSo basically if you love the Witcher on Netflix do read this So much extra content and small uiet moments to laugh As well as you learn about the Witchers order I know there's also a game but my TBR just pterodactyl screamed at me I shall go back to my books my reading 😌

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Krew elfówSki gromadził plejadę niezwykłych bohaterów rysował mapę zwaśnionych królestw krzyżujących się namiętności i. Geralt of The Last Wish where art thouDo I need to call the puny human authorities and tell them to issue an AMBER alert Have the obnoxious aliens abducted you again as I suspect they did in book 2 Or is it that the Evil Russians™ are holding you hostage until I surrender my East Siberian Sea dominion That very well could be The Fluffy Siberian Bunnies FSB™ can get bloody shrimping devious like that sometimes Then again I don't think that this is what happened here You know what I think my Little Barnacles I think Geralt decided to bolt Why you ask Seems pretty obvious to me the previous instalment nearly did him in First things first the guy's Monster Slaying uota MS™ dropped dramatically Second things second he was viciously attacked by brutal waves of utter boredom and blah blah blah And third things third he had to endure some major Lovey Dovey Drama Crap LDDC™ I'm telling you my Lovely Arthropods I would have pulled the Now You See Me Now You Don't Stint NYSMNYDS™ too had I been in his place Yes that is indeed my little self very discretely pulling a NYSMNYDS™Okay I know what you Annoying Decapods are going to tell me but gloriously nefarious Sarah we are in such awe of Geralt hasn't gone anywhere Geralt is right here In this book Naïve naïve Little Barnacles I'm afraid you've been had like a bunch of provincial krill It's not Geralt we're dealing with in this instalment It's gErAlT his duplicitous evilly evil twin You have no idea how shrewd and calculating the guy is And bloody shrimping presumptuous too He actually had the nerve to come up with his very own precepts for this book Don't believe me Check this out The Outrageously Outrageous Witcher Commandments According to Garp gErAlT OOWCAtGG™ ☠ Violently butcher monsters you shall refrain fromYes this is kinda sorta awkward when supernatural beast slaying is kinda sorta your calling and day job But what's a guy to do to get PETA off his back See the tiny predicament here The only solution is obviously for you to do the Pest Control Thing PCT™ once in a while per book tops so that your street cred doesn't get thoroughly ruined and stuff Your life will no longer have a meaning but that really is uite an insignificant price to pay in the grand scheme of things is it not See the Libidinously Mustached Duo LMD™ doesn't think it's a big deal either☠ Only a few pages told from your POV your slightly hysterical fans you shall provide withBecause you are of the erroneously wrong opinion that absence makes the black withered heart grow fonder and stuff Well some People of the Forever Right Opinion PofFRO™ happen to think absence makes the pincers get sharper But hey to each their own and all that fish☠ Much needless blah blah blah crap let your fellow cast members gleefully indulge in you shallIn the meantime a well deserved nap most joyfully you will enjoy while thinking muahahahaha and stuff to your smug little self Bored Slightly uninterested readers be damned and all that If they can't appreciate coma inducing goodness kindly brought to them by a bunch of ueenskingsrulerswhatever it's their problem not yours Besides if they think this book is the cure to insomnia they should try and read The Lies of Locke Lamora If they're lucky they'll only end up with an acute case of narcolepsy So ED and stuff It's time for a little Smug gErAlT Muahahahaha ing SGM™ again☠ Deceitfully bring in a disgustingly kidnap worthy little kid to sneakily soften the tougher shrimps out there you shallMake her all sorts of revoltingly cute with huge ass kicking potential and wondrous smartass abilities to weaken your intended victim's reinforced titanium coated exoskeleton Cunningly hint at the possibility that said brat might one day be a greater character than your little self This is far from the truth of course No one is or ever will be greater than your astonishingly fabulous and yet so humble little self This is naught but a diabolically Machiavellian scheme to make sure some crustaceans will continue reading Ciri's your most fascinating adventures Hook line and sinker the bloody shrimping shrimps are bloody shrimping done for Mission accomplished and stuff Told you gErAlT was nothing like Geralt Ha➽ And the moral of this What the Fishing Fish is Fishing Going On with this Series I Demand Both and Explanation and a Formal Apology Crappy Non Review WtFFiFGOwtSIDBaEaaFACNR™ is dear Mr Sapkowski give Geralt back NOW And I don't mean gErAlT I mean bloody shrimping Geralt As in my super hot sexey badass monster slaying boyfriend from The Last Wish Puny humans might get hurt somewhat painfully and also suffer a slightly excruciating fate by the way if you don't comply But hey no pressure and stuff· Book 1 The Last Wish ★★★★★· Book 2 Sword of Destiny ★★★· Book 4 The Time of Contempt ★★Pre review nonsenseGeralt Geralt GeraltWhat to do with you I hope you do realize that I've only ever kicked one boyfriend out of my High Security Harem before Surely you do not want to suffer the same fate Especially since the boyfriend in uestion was Wimpish Happy Dresden WHD™ shudders Pretty sure you'd hate to receive the same treatment as this substandard puny human huh Yep that's what I thought Well you know what If you want to stay safely locked up in the Harem you're going to have to work for it I'm giving you one last bloody shrimping chance so don't screw things up in The Time of Contempt or else➽ Full Not Even A Full Chapter Written From Geralt's POV This is Outrageous This is Unacceptable This Cannot Be This Will Not Do We are Not Amused Crustaceans at the Ready and Stuff Crappy Non Review NEAFCWFGPOVTiOTiUTCBTWNDWaNACatRaSCNR™ to come PS Geralt dear butchering monsters is always a plus Think about that for a minute or two will you