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Free read Saxon, Viking and Norman (Men at Arms Series, 85) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ô If there is one thing we can be sure of concerning the Saxons Vikings and Normans who inhabited the medieval world it is that they were a good deal advanced than some writings would have us belieOf Norman armiesThe absorbing and readable text is enriched by numerous illustrations and museum photographs with commentaries plus eight superbly drawn full page colour plates by renowned military artist Gerry Emblet. Introductions to the three armies of 1066 and their 9th and 10th century predecessors Each gets a short historical overview then of the social and military organisation plus finally the arms and armourAn early Osprey from the Men At Arms series If you are deeply interested in this period you are probably better off by buying the specialised Warriors on the Anglo Saxon Thegn and Viking Hersir or the Elite issues on the Vikings and the Normans and the campaign of Hastings or the Essential History of the Conuest These were also published later and so include archeological evidenceThe illustrations are of reasonable uality

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Ok by Terence Wise explores the history organization clothing euipment and weapons of Saxon Viking and Norman peoples covering wide ranging topics such as Anglo Saxon shields Viking raiding ships and the organization. I really enjoyed this uniue perspective of history The Saxons Angles Jutes and Vikings all played vital roles in the history of Europe When Roman control of England collapsed in the fifth century the Saxons from northern Germany Angles from the Danish peninsula and Jutes from Jutland gained supremacy over the land At first these mercenaries came to help defend the land but they remained becoming some of the first colonists for their peoples This was basically an agrarian society with eoldormen thegns and serfs below a central king The spear was their main weapon of choiceAt the time of the Viking invasions for example England had been compartmentalized into sections The north was the Kingdom of the Picts and Scots with Northumbria running through the center of England into Mercia in the south The Welsh seemed to have barricaded themselves into the western uadrant and the five Irish groups divided that island as well The Vikings valued the sword first followed by an axe and finally the spear They discovered a uniue affinity with horses and soon became uite adept at taming these creatures and teaching them to become weapons themselves in the height of battle Additional pains were also taken to protect the soldiers' legs and feet as it was uite common to cut a man down by slicing his legs out from under himThis little book contains a lot of information in a very compact size The color plates and drawings are also very helpful when attempting to visualize the manner in which these people dressed and fought

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Saxon Viking and Norman Men at Arms Series 85If there is one thing we can be sure of concerning the Saxons Vikings and Normans who inhabited the medieval world it is that they were a good deal advanced than some writings would have us believe This fascinating bo. January 1066 things were going well for Earl Harold Godwinson Edward the Confessor King of Saxon England had just passed seemingly leaving the Kingdom to Harold's control By Summer things looked less clear two other claimants to the throne were selling shares as it were in Amphibious Military Expeditions Harald Hardraada a Viking lord in Norway and William of Normandy a Franco Viking Lord from Northern France In the fall Harold would battle both in the space of a few days settling the future of England France Norway and Denmark directly and Sicily Italy Holland and Sweden indirectly Terence Wise a well known author on these topics uses the 40 page Osprey Men At Arms Series format to tell the story and explains the Tactical principals underlying each force their clothing arms and armour and then we get really nice colour plates in the center by GA Embleton a noted Military illustrator to complete the offeringThe Saxons and Vikings are mainly Infantry Armies Even their mounted elements dismounted to fight the Vikings not overly fond of long longship rides with too many livestock The Armies that crashed together at Stamford Bridge were armies of Shield walls and AxesSwords and Spears When Harold faced William's mounted Knightsreally wealthier Men At ArmsMercenaries and supporting Archers there was a shift in European warfare for the next few Centuries Given that the Normans had been Vikings themselves chewing off a piece of France for themselves and settling only a century before it was a fascinating period This is a great little introduction to the era but I am sure many will use its bibliography to study furtherThere are few adult themes and no gore so this is a fine read for any interested Junior Reader over about 10 years For the GamerModellerMilitary Enthusiast a great start to the era If you have a club getting in to AncientsMedieval periods this is the sort of book that can bring a novice or WarHammer player looking to check out Historicals up to speed on the basics for a campaign or two It's also a good guide to the best our information was on the Vikings in 1979 when it came out much work and attention since has enriched this outline A fine introduction to a pivotal period