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Brief Interviews with Hideous Men'The Depressed Person' a dazzling and blackly humorous portrayal of a woman's mental state; 'Adult World' which reveals a woman's agonised consideration of her confusing sexual relationship with her husband; and 'Brief Interviews with Hideous Men' a dark hilarious series of portraits of men whose fear of women renders them grotesue Wallace's stories present a world where the bizarre and the banal are interwo. A Brief Word on the Famous Interview #20I'm here to air my total ambivalence after having read the final interview second to last story in the collection and not knowing what at all to make of the story Yes it is very well written and DFW had certainly mastered the interview style by this point in the book The way that the Hideous Men speak in each of the interviews is uite natural and sounds true from the stories that I've heard many guys tell wrt women sexual encounters etc And it is also the point of these stories given that they're Hideous Men to give voice to misogynistic men and men who struggle severely with relationships with other women but the last story just did not go down well with me given what the story seems to imply Without spoiling the story there's a woman character that the interviewee tells the story about in which she tells the man a story But the way she deals with what happens to her seems to make okay a very serious and problematic occurrence in society Now I know; I imagine that DFW had much different intentions when he wrote the story but the implication it makes seems inevitable to me and kind of problematic to be honest All that aside the story hit me in this very visceral way; it is fucking powerful I've always been of the opinion that moral outrage in a story is a good thing as it incites dialogue among its readers So I guess I'm trying to say very long windedly that I'm giving the story the highest compliment I could give it It treads some dangerous ground while wresting a great deal of emotionality from the situation and develops three different complex characters through a single man's monologue That's some writing skill that isIt was a good thing that the story left such an impression because there are some stinkers towards the end of the book I am the first to admit that DFW is not perfect and there are a couple obvious examples of that throughout this collection But overall I'm so happy to have sifted through of the DFW ouvre It's worth it if you ever do get the chanceA Brief Conversation with a Friendly Barista‘Next Next’‘Yeah sorry Can you just do a water with ice’‘Sure man no probs So nothing else then’‘Well yeah I think that um C—— are you getting anything’‘’‘So yeah then just one of those teas No yeah the purple one’‘This’‘Yeah great then’‘Okay two fifteen then’‘Great Lemme get my um’‘No rush my friend’‘Yeah thanks’‘Hey whatchya reading there’‘Oh It’s this guy David Foster Wallace He’s a—’‘Oh yeah I’ve heard of him I’ve heard his college thing I think’‘Yeah yeah The Kenyon Commencement Speech’‘Sure’‘Well yeah anyway this here is a collection of short stories’‘Whatdya call it’‘Ha um It’s called Brief Interviews with Hideous Men’‘Right on Killer title’‘Yeah definitely It’s a good one’‘Well here’s your tea man’‘Oh great It’s for her but cool man thanks’‘Hey hold up’‘’‘So like what goes on in it’‘The book’‘Sure What else’‘Okay yeah Um well it’s like a series of short stories and everything but also there are these interview things throughout it and they’re supposed to be all from the perspective of guys and they all have some problem in relationships and everything Some’ve ‘em are pretty misogynistic too But yeah it’s got a couple of my favorite stories in it’‘Right on man Lemme take a look’‘Oh yeah of course Here’‘Right on Great cover’‘Yeah I like how the face is covered up by the bag It’s kind of like how well I should say that in the interviews all the names are gone and the dialogue is written so that there’s no person tags or whatever to them But so anyway you don’t get any of the people’s names or the uestions in the interview either It’s just the words’‘Right on man’‘Yeah it’s pretty great I mean I can see how it could be a very just guy type of book given that all the perspectives are all men and they’re all like you know pretty masculine and occasionally degrading to women and I could get how that might not make for the most sympathetic characters if you know what I mean and not to generalize too much about women or anything’‘Sure man but I’m not sure if you have to sympathize with the character to appreciate a good book’‘Ah Definitely You got me on that one’‘For sure dude Lolita and everything’‘Ah great book One of my first loves’‘No pun intended eh’‘Ha Sure man if you say so’‘No yeah speaking of here’s a Nabokov comparison on the back Check it’‘Right you are there It’s great I mean backcover blurbs are always pretty over the top and ridiculous But sometimes they’re cool I mean I’m not sure Nabokov is who DFW resembles most but I guess I see what the person is saying’‘Sure man I feel you But it’s like their only way to get the word out I mean a lot of them depend on that kind of stuff’‘Oh the authors Oh sure No I mean and especially for unknown writers it’s way important definitely But I think that’s a bit different than still calling out the bullshit of what it is I don’t know’‘Yeah Hey so what are the good stories’‘Oh man I mean there’s this one called the depressed person in it Goddamn’‘Oh yeah’‘Yeah I mean maybe it’s a bit of a downer but if you’re the type of person who has ever been through any kind of depression or anything I mean every line will just make you clutch your heart’‘Oh yeah Ha I suppose by you saying that it is an admission of having been through depression then’‘Oh yeah I guess it is I mean it’s still a good story on its own merits’‘For sure man No no offense or nothing I’ve been through it all too So no worries’‘Sure’‘Huh looks like there’s some good sized footnotes in here’‘Oh ‘course’‘Yeah’‘Definitely That’s the DFW trademark I mean I don’t think there could be anyone who could ever use footnotes in fiction again without being pinned directly to Mr Wallace’‘Is that right’‘It’s his trademark’‘For sure Well that’s cool’‘Certs And somewhat frustrating too’‘Whatdya mean’
‘Well Few reasons First as a reader I mean there’s a couple of those damn things that just drag on and on and they pull you out in mid sentence and it’s kind of irritating especially for someone like me who reads real slow and has a hard time with following the complex stuff So it’ll take you that much time to just understand what all is happening Don’t get me wrong it’s worth it because he has so much to say that’s brilliant but still’‘No yeah bro I got you’‘’‘You said a few reasons’‘Oh yeah And the other is as a writer’‘How’s that’‘Oh well Next time you sit down to write Well I’m not sure if you do write If you don’t you definitely should It’s great’‘Ha if you insist bro’‘No Okay anyway You think to yourself hey I’ll just try out a footnote to see what it’s like and them bam you want to use it every time you sit down to write It captures like that part of your mind that sidetracks or argues against itself and gets away from the original point’‘How’s that’‘Well it’s so easy when you write to let your mind wander or just lock into a groove of a style and just go with it but there has to be an outlet for the alternate voice in your head vying for attention’‘Huh okay man I mean I don’t write so I guess I’ll just take your word there’‘No sure I get it It kind of sounds like a bunch of abstract nonsense but trust me man If you ever dive into it you’ll see what I mean’‘And how does the life as a writer treat you’‘Oh goodness I mean I wouldn’t dare fashion myself with the label of a writer I mean I do try to write but it’s not like I’m an actual writer in any real capacity’‘For sure dude you’ve got it Be writing Don’t be a writer’‘Hey William Faulkner’‘You got it’‘Right on dudeWell you know your shit’‘Not really My girlfriend is way into this shit So I get an earful whenever we’re out or whatever’‘Ah damn What a great girlfriend’‘Yeah man She’s alright’‘Well then maybe she can sympathize with the footnote addiction Because like I said you start and then it’s so difficult to stop and all the while I feel guilty because I’m ripping from someone else’‘All great artists steal’‘Right again But I mean you’ve got to conceal who you steal from and you have to steal from a wide variety of people I mean if an entire work of writing is copping just one author people’ll notice’‘’‘Seriously man Writing is a huge anxiety ridden mess’‘Why do it then’‘Well my life is a huge anxiety ridden mess so might as well try to become famous with it and regarded as brilliant or whatever’‘Ha Good one bro Good one’‘Yeah man Well shit looks like my date is pissed that I’m spending the whole time chatting up literature I better go’‘Ah don’t worry about it bro It makes you look cool like you are good in conversation and she’s just lucky to have such a socially stable person deigning to date her’‘Really’‘Ah probably not bro But it doesn’t hurt to think that right’‘Ha Right you are my friend Hey I’m S—— by the way’‘Good to meet you S—— I’m J——’‘J—— Good talk’‘You too bro I’ve gotta get to some other customers’‘Sure man You do that’‘Who was that’‘Dunno Someone I just met’‘Oh really What did you talk about’‘My book’‘Oh so that’s why you brought it with you on our date to start up conversations with other people’‘Oh I guess I never thought about it’‘’‘Sorry’‘Whatever Let’s go somewhere else This place is weird’

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In his startling and singular new short story collection David Foster Wallace nudges at the boundaries of fiction with inimitable wit and seductive intelligence Venturing inside minds and landscapes that are at once recognisable and utterly strange these stories reaffirm Wallace's reputation as one of his generation's pre eminent talents expanding our ides and pleasures fiction can affordAmong the stories are. Usually when some undergraduate English major brings up DFW to me at a keg party I tend auto file them under douchebag Because let's be honest people Infinite Jest was profoundly not good But everything that's irritating about Wallace's thoroughly self aware postmodern writing style is somehow much stomachable in smaller bites Brief Interviews has its highs and lows the uality is extremely variant between the pieces but when it's on it is ON In fact Brief Interviews holds moments where Wallace is actually transcendant If you're looking to buy or borrow this book take my advice do not read the whole thing First read the interviews They're the clear highlights with the last one being in my opinion one of the best pieces of short fiction written in the last couple of decades If you're feeling it at that point then dive in to the other ones Octet is a particularly strong as is Suicide as a Sort of Present A good percentage of the stories use painfully self aware tricks to challenge the modern concepts of narration character structure etc tricks that are now being replicated unendingly in sopho fiction writing seminars across the world I'm sure It's not particularly clever and for the most part detracts from the writing But in the Interviews Wallace manages the dialectic narration style or less beautifully somehow capturing both the worst and best traits of his characters These men are hideous; even worse they are hideously realistic and I often found my pity or empathy overwelming my initial stomach churning disgust These portraits are intimate and familiar; it's like listening in on a conversation of an ex boyfriend The last interview is off the charts good mostly because it manages to be both grotesue and uite funny This is the DFW that people obsess over tossing around references satirizing modern society soaking dialogue in irony That story alone is worth the price of the book If you end up loving this book power to you DFW has definitely done things to earn his widespread critical acclaim Just don't name drop him to pick up girls at parties because that makes you an asshole

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Brief Interviews with Hideous Men characters ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ½ In his startling and singular new short story collection David Foster Wallace nudges at the boundaries of fiction with inimitable wit and seductive intelligence Venturing inside minds and landscapes that are at once recognisable and utteVen and where hideous men appear in many different guises Thought provoking and playful this collection confirms David Foster Wallace as one of the most imaginative young writers around Wallace delights in leftfield observation mining the ironic the surprising and the illuminating from every situation His new collection will delight his growing number of fans and provide a perfect introduction for new readers. 45 stars rounded up to a fanboyish five Brief Interviews is the strongest short story collection from the affectionately acronymously monikered DFW in this reviewer’s eyes— Girl With Curious Hair falling too far into a sort of rat escaping the fictional labyrinth obliueness and Oblivion supersized with unstoppable novella length formal flops Both flaws are in evidence here but are steeped in so much hip shaking wonderment it’s heartless not too turn a blind eye ‘Forever Overhead’ and ‘The Depressed Person’ and ‘Octet’ and the title stories are the formidable insulation of the book caulked with little vignettes and cool experiments giving the collection a clear minded unity purpose manifesto even Unlike the other collections Brief Interviews feels touched with the same form owning irrepressible one man Goliathian intellectual megalomania at play in Infinite Jest and A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again The mostly appalling ‘Tri Stan’ and ‘On His Deathbed’ can be excused because they belong to the broader purpose of allowing the one of a kind mind of DFW to expand to its fattest happiest horizons on the page for us all to see Not that I’m pandering to the mythopoeia or anything But this is a seriously significant work Got it PS The UK Abacus DFW editions are useless Miniscule fonts and hideous covers will not help win a legion of British supporters—look at poor Paul Bryant