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Se Deg Ikke TilbakeO chegam os inspectores Sejer e o jovem agente Karlsen e juntos comprometem se a descobrir toda a verdade Porém os obstáculos vão ser mais ue muitos e alguns habitantes parecem não uerer colaborar com a justiça preferindo omitir factos ue podem ser determinantes para chegar aos verdadeiros culpados Depois de muitos interrogatórios de muitas pi. I bought this book on sale for the Kindle back when it seemed like Norwegian crime fiction was a thing Is it still a thing I don't know but it was a thing right Anyway I thought it was a thing and so I bought this and in retrospect a silly number of other Karin Fossum books when they were on sale and I remember thinking Boy I hope these don't suck as I clicked through and kept buying Click Click ClickI'm reading 52 books in 52 weeks for 2013 and I've weighted my reading list toward crime fiction and so I thought this would be a good one to work in early on because if I liked Karin Fossum's books I'd have something to look forward to when the next one came up on the list a month or so later Alternately if I didn't like I'd have time to swap out the other books for something I would likeFortunately I uite liked Don't Look Back In fact I can probably say I loved it I mean was I eager to dive back into the book whenever I had a free moment I was Did I feel affection toward the main characters I did Did I get that delicious aching tension that happens approximately two thirds of the way through a book you're really enjoying where you're torn between ripping through the remaining pages because you really want to know what will happen and lingering on each page so you can stay in the world of the book I got that So yeah let's say I loved Don't Look Back and give me another month or three to figure out if I'm not just flush with the pleasure of reading a very good book or notThe review Did you want the review I guess that's what we do here right Give you the synopsis the opinion the telling detail the almost too apt closing lineWell even if so I'm going to skip the synopsis and you'll thank me for it later Let's just say a police detective and his partner are investigating a crime in a small Norwegian town Everyone in the town knows one another has opinions about one another in their own semi taciturn way As the pair investigate the omniscient narrator moves easily from the inside of one person's head to the next with a stylistic confidence I found exciting Fossum has than one chapter start inside the head of a villager and then as soon as the policemen are on the scene she leaps right inside their POV But once in their heads Fossum hangs about not to plant clues for the reader but to illuminate the delicate processes of grief loss and shock In a way the book is about the reverberations left in the wake of death A glib elevator pitch for Don't Look Back might be it's like if Ross MacDonald had written a novelization of the Twin Peaks pilot Even if that allows you to guess at the contours of the plot and perhaps a certain amount of the theme it doesn't give Fossum her due Her work seduces you with its understated empathy for every character in the book Even as much as I came to enjoy the interplay between kindly Inspector Sejer and his young assistant Skarre you feel Fossum has no affection for them than she does for all the other characters That seems to me to be a rarity in the field of mystery fiction where the investigator has an MVP status among the writer or if it becomes a series the readers or both Although such maturity and poise is to be appreciated in its own right it actually helps heighten the themes of Don't Look Back because no character is too slight no death goes unfelteven as its aftershocks are impossible to predict Don't Look Back is an enjoyable touching thoughtful read I can't wait to get to the next

Summary Se Deg Ikke Tilbake!

Free download ¿ Se Deg Ikke Tilbake! ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Ragnhild Elise uma menina de seis anos desaparece misteriosamente na pacata aldeia de Granittvei uase em simultaneo uma adolescente é encontrada morta num lago nauela mesma localidade Granittvei ue até então sempre fora um local tranuilo e acolStas falsas de informação ue simplesmente não combinaa ansiedade e a frustação començam a perturbar a mente de Sejer mas eis ue do nada surge uma pista demasiado importante para ser ignorada e ue poderá ser a ponta ue faltava para unir os fios desencontrados Um thriller inteligente e pleno de suspense ue se intensifica ao virar de cada págin. I've read good things about Karin Fossum's novels I'm happy to say I concur with the many positives I came to expectThe characters are a diverse group but each one comes to life in a realistic way The story's momentum is steady and forward moving; the suspense likewise All in all a great reading experience

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Ragnhild Elise uma menina de seis anos desaparece misteriosamente na pacata aldeia de Granittvei uase em simultaneo uma adolescente é encontrada morta num lago nauela mesma localidade Granittvei ue até então sempre fora um local tranuilo e acolhedor deixa bruscamente de o ser e um clima de suspeitação e medo paira sobre toda a comunidade De Osl. I plan on giving all of my Karin Fossum reviews the same statement because I don't even want the hint of a spoiler on this woman's fantastic work Fossum's writing gave me my love of Scandanavian mystery writers and I seek those writings out Hands downthough Fossum's work is the best nordic noir I have come across so far