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SUMMARY é Kiss Her Goodbye ¶ Popular Kindle Epub, Kiss Her Goodbye author Wade Miller There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Kiss Her Goodbye author Wade Miller please download or read online hereResting things in this book readers are very amazed by the contents of the. Ed and his sister Emily hit the road after a few unfortunate encounters involving Emily and a couple of guys who couldn't keep their hands to themselves Emily is pure bombshell except she has the innocent mind of a 12 year old Ed just wants to protect Emily's innocence from the lecherous men in the world Emily just wants to live in a nice place and have friends They move into rundown motel in a small town near Bakersfield where Ed meets the young widow Marge Unfortunately Emily meets a glad handy fellow named Cory who just happens to be Ed's boss It's all Ed can do to keep Cory from getting his mitts on Emily and keep Emily away from sharp objects This was a nice twist on a man on the run from his past story It's soaked with an inevitable sense of doom like a proper good noir

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Book Kiss Her Goodbye author Wade Miller please download or read online her. Ed's sister Emily is mentally retarded and prone to violent frenzyEd tries to keep other people especially men away from EmilyEd is afraid to tell people that Emily is a psychoBut people especially men don't notice Emily's brains because she is a sexy jiggly blonde teenEd is George and Emily is Lennie and the best laid plans of mice and men often go awryI can picture the writing team of Wade and Miller sitting in their San Diego office chuckling at this juicy twist Their storytelling is straightforward but somewhat drab kind of like it was written by two men had to agree on every phrase


Kiss Her GoodbyePopular Kindle Epub Kiss Her Goodbye author Wade Miller There are many inte. First published in 1956 and written by Wade Miller the pseudonym of the writing team of Bob Wade and Bill Miller this is a noir story of a man trapped by circumstances beyond his control but with a twistAs the book opens we meet a twenty eight year old Ed Darnell who's on the road with a very sexy eighteen year old girl named Emily Clearly they're on the run from something but we don't know what At a stop at a gas station Ed's temper flares when the pump jockey pays what Ed deems to be too much attention to Emily He's mad both at the attendant for leering and at Emily for posing in what Ed deems to be a seductive fashionShortly thereafter Ed and Emily check into a ratty motel in a small town named Jimmock not far from Bakersfield California and when the fat slob of a motel owner gives Ed a knowing glance Ed insists that he and Emily are brother and sister The motel guy says it's no skin off his nose and so Ed pulls out the birth certificates to prove it Once in the room he sets up the wooden screen that he always carries with them to divide his twin bed from Emily'sIt turns out that they really are brother and sister and that their parents are both dead Emily sadly is mentally challenged an eighteen year old woman with the body of a sex kitten and the mind of an unsophisticated twelve year old Emily is innocent and out going and the boys are naturally crazy about her But then whenever one of them makes a move on her Emily acts out in a way that puts her and her brother on the run againIt seems like a never ending cycle Ed loves his sister but has no idea how to handle these situations except to hit the road Now in Jimmock he senses a chance for them to put down roots but can this really be possibleThis is not a crime novel in any traditional sense but it is an interesting story and one really feels for the dilemma in which Ed finds himself He has essentially sacrificed his own life so that he can care for his sister but the obstacles in his path seem overwhelming The book has been reprinted by Stark House press in a volume along with another Miller book Kitten With A Whip and fans of this genre might want to seek out this edition