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And he wrote over 70 short stories all of which are popular today than when he originally wrote them. The most notorious ill fortune must in the end yield to the untiring courage of philosophy as the most stubborn city to the ceaseless vigilance of an enemyAs the epigraph to my humble review shows even the worst of Poe's tales have a felicitous turn of phrase Incidentally said epigraph is an example of the author's facility for simile another one is to be found in The Tell Tale Heart where the narrator makes a clever comparison between the old man's heart and the beating of a drum in times of warBut the stylish prose of Mr Edgar Poe is not enough to redeem this lackluster story about a man who uite literally loses his breath But although Poe's humor is far from good the names of the characters in Loss of Breath are hilarious The protagonist is called Lackobreath while his nemesis goes by the name of WindenoughTo be fair Loss of Breath does have some ingenious parts For instance Lackobreath learns an entire play by heart when he realizes that he can only speak in a guttural voice Being naturally uick I committed to memory the entire tragedy of 'Metamora' I had the good fortune to recollect that in the accentuation of this drama or at least of such portion of it as is allotted to the hero the tones of voice in which I found myself deficient were altogether unnecessary and the deep guttural was expected to reign monotonously throughoutThe whole the situation is utterly absurd of course However it reminded of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World In Huxley's novel there's a savage whose only acuaintance with English happened through Shakespeare Therefore he can only speak in a sort of shakespearean language All in all Loss of Breath is definitely not one of Poe's best works Nevertheless I am a big fan of his and therefore feel compelled to read all that he wrote

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Loss of BreathCC Web Press brings you from our short story series Loss of Breath by classic RomanticGothic author. This is another Poe story originally submitted to the Philadelphia Saturday Morning Courier in 1831 and supposedly destined for that never to be published collection of pastiches homages and parodies known as Tales of the Folio Club It is a style parody of the short horror fiction published in England’s Blackwood’s Magazine which typically involved breakneck escapes from unusual predicaments Five years later Poe would write a better parody of this sort the companion pieces “The Psyche Zenobia” and “The Scythe of Time” later published as “A Predicament” and “How to Write a Blackwood Article” and ten years later he would transmute the Blackwood approach into a work of genius “The Pit and the Pendulum’But “A Loss of Breath” or “A Decided Loss” as it was originally titled is considerably removed from any touch of Poe’s genius It is labored overly long and desperately unfunny and should be avoided by all readers except those fascinated with everything PoeInstead of boring you with excerpts showing you how bad this is I will instead show you a passage toward the beginning that I actually liked Poe was always a precise observer and a precise thinker and here we see the narrator having literally ”lost his breath” arguing with his wife discovering that he can produce some vocal sounds without any breath at all The phrases “I am out of breath” “I have lost my breath” etc are often enough repeated in common conversation; but it had never occurred to me that the terrible accident of which I speak could bona fide and actually happen Imagine — that is if you have a fanciful turn — imagine I say my wonder — my consternation — my despair Although I could not at first precisely ascertain to what degree the occurence had affected me I determined at all events to conceal the matter from my wife until further experience should discover to me the extent of this my unheard of calamity I am serious in asserting that my breath was entirely gone I could not have stirred with it a feather if my life had been at issue or sullied even the delicacy of a mirror Hard fate — yet there was some alleviation to the first overwhelming paroxysm of my sorrow I found upon trial that the powers of utterance which upon my inability to proceed in the conversation with my wife I then concluded to be totally destroyed were in fact only partially impeded and I discovered that had I at that interesting crisis dropped my voice to a singularly deep guttural I might still have continued to her the communication of my sentiments; this pitch of voice the guttural depending I find not upon the current of the breath but upon a certain spasmodic action of the muscles of the throat

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Loss of Breath Read & download » 102 È CC Web Press brings you from our short story series Loss of Breath by classic RomanticGothic author Edgar Allan Poe Poe is considered by many to be the father of the Romantic Gothic Literary movement and he wrote over 70 short stories all of which are popular today than when he originally wrote themEdgar Allan Poe Poe is considered by many to be the father of the Romantic Gothic Literary movement. I am reading the compiled Edgar Allan Poe but want to post individual reviews of things that really stand out to me This was one of my favorites of the ones that I read so far It is just a little short story but this was the first one that had that truly poe flair I was looking for I only read these stories after 11 pm so it was a great deal of fun to curl up in a blanket with the wind howling outside and read this