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Download Ó Impératrice Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Now available with PS Empress is the hugely popular historical novel of one of China’s most controversial historical figures its first female emperor Empress Wu who emerged in the Tang Dynasty and ushered in a golden age Writing withF Alexander and Alestria plumbs the psychological and philosophical depths of what it means to be a striving mortal in a tumultuous power hungry world. There's a story behind my reading this book I am by habit a reader of 'genre fiction' which means stories about Spaceman Gort and the Flying Death Pygmies of Planet Bimbotron and things like that At the Barnes and Noble I typically shop for books at the Spaceman Gort section is crammed far into the back covered in cobwebs and filled with a droning voice that tells you how ashamed you should be for reading this drivel Perhaps I exaggerateOn the way to Spaceman Gort and the lovely ladies of Planet Bimbotron you have to cross a gauntlet of pretentiousness known as the Literature Section filled with proper works of Lih trah chuh On one trip through this minefield of horrors I happened to notice a book by Anne Rice I think it was Interview with a Vampire In the Literature section So apparently if you want to read Heinlein books you have to trudge to the Genre Ghetto but if you want to read about bisexual mulatto vampires sucking each other blood you perv on Bourbon Street the Literature section is for you So I was naturally perturbed and I started wondering what was so gosh darn special about these silly lihtrahchuh books anyway How could they compete with Heinlein Norton Clarke Lee Asimov So I decided I would try for once to actually read Literature But I wasn't willing to actually move or look around too much so I was limited to whatever was in arm's reach of Anne Rice The snazzy cover immediately drew me towards Empress Cute asian girl on cover check Written by a woman from communist china check who emmigrated to France big check to make paintings check of weird indistinct monochrome blobs check The book was original written in French humongous check and was historical fiction about the first female Empress of China Huh That actually sounded interesting So I grabbed the book tucked it under my meaty arm and headed off After finishing a genre book or two I finally turned to Empress with a little trepidation This was no ordinary reading No this was a serious meeting from the ambassador of Planet Literary Snob The book definitely has poetic prose but it doesn't gush as much as say a Stephen King book where it takes ten pages to describe someone opening a door The writing style even translated from another language is uite beautiful which I suppose is an important part of literature Now the narrative and characterization the parts that matter most in Spaceman Gort Land I personally found the characters uite emotive while some people found them dry I liked it The plot moved along at a good pace and focused on courtly intrigue in the Gynaceum of the Chinese Emperor Very sumptious lots of focus on gowns and decoration and the pageantry of it all and scheming schemersOne thing I found sort of dare I say precious Is it sexist of me to call a female writer from ChinaFrance precious It probably is Oh well The Empress described is the ONLY female empress China has ever had An AMAZING amount of people around her vanish and die in ways that are very convenient to her pursuit of power and the author does a tremendous tapdancing act to try to pretend she had little if nothing to do with it All the good things she did all the bad things George Bush did apparently I find this um highly doubtful You don't wind up as the only female Empress of China by a weird twist of fate you get there over the dead bodies of the men and women less ambitious and careful than youSo I'm not sure how realistic it was but I very much enjoyed the book even if it was a bit naive at times Even though there were no robots flying death pygmies demon sorcerers alien invaders or bimbotronians I dare I say it Enjoyed the book Enough that I keep an eye out for other books by this author So I would say the Ambassador from Planet Literature did a good job of representing for her people TLDR If you like courtly intrigue enjoy Chinese culture and don't mind books without robots or demons this is something you would enjoy

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R Empress Wu who emerged in the Tang Dynasty and ushered in a golden age Writing with epic assurance poetry and vivid historic detail Shan Sa author o. This book took on a whole new take of Chinese History It portrayed an important historical figure in a personal and never before seen way Empress Wu was the first woman emperor to ever take the throne It was traditionally carried on by heirs of the previous emperor but during the Tang Dynasty the emperor lacked the capability to successfully control the nation without the help of Wu Ze Tian the empress And when the emperor passes away the only person that the nation could be entrusted to was Empress Wu Throughout the book the readers can see the difficulty within a woman's life and the life of the three thousand wives that the emperor has The tales of the forbidden city the secret rivalry between the wives in trying to gain the emperor's love and the secret affairs that Empress Wu has after her husbands death This book goes in depth with the relationships between the royalty and how all men within the government strive for power and try to do everything they can to become close to the empress This story entails the life of one of the most interesting figures in Chinese history through an intimate level and the raging battles and passionate lovers of the Tang Dynasty that not many people have heard of

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ImpératriceNow available with PS Empress is the hugely popular historical novel of one of China’s most controversial historical figures its first female empero. I've a penchant for literature written with an eye on the grander scale of things Most probably it comes with my preoccupation with critiuing the canon albeit through far less flimsy bases than prose and universality and all that invisible hand jazz In return for paying attention to fields that are not reuired for the common range of English history politics decolonization gender dichotomy all that fun stuff people like to pretend are subsidiary instead of the power generators of unuestioned classical status I get a continuum An angry muddled and heckling continuum by way of the present forever desiring to never pick apart the past but knowledge is power Of course absolute power corrupts absolutely but you can complain about my biases when white men make up less than ten percent of the population of various prizes as befits their portion of the demographic If you actually want to achieve something your target is not meIn the vein of Imperial Woman and Memoirs of Hadrian we have a work that is closer than either in terms of the physiognomy of author and authored The prose is to my taste the world is to my wonder and the life lived in close sensory detail and alienated moral grounds utterly befits the saying that the past is a foreign country Up until the end point of the narrative we reside in the head of one who survives via cunning fertility lust health strategy bloodthirstiness and every recourse of a dynastic body and soul One runs and builds and improves and kills until finally immortality begs the uestion of the empire one has built what tools will you leave behind once you are dead What have you left to the rulers what have you left to the populace and how will the latter mourn when the former have thrown each other to the wolvesBeware this is is historical fiction of the Chinese variety whose subject is a woman of infamous degree Those who do not indulge in historical fact with great pleasure you may be bored by the ritual regulation and political machination and all that comes with the narrative that rules anempire Those who indulge to a great degree you may be miffed by a smoothing here a sentimentalizing there for massacres and incest there was to a great degree Bear in mind however that each and every fact has been touched with gynephobic malice If you want a culprit for nonfictional debacles there're your men Outside of that there is the matter of a sexuality touching on a far broader space of field than the young man and the young woman lesbian pedophilia and female dominated gerontophilia being two of the sensational breeds of intercourse Even farther there is the realpolitik of the first millennium CE which put both my favorite families the Tudors and the Borgias to shame To shift to usual literary matters carrying all that across is the prose For those of the French linguistic persuasion the original text is available While curious as to how that would go I am satisfied enough with my Anglo transfiguration to pass on making an effortFinally there is the ending one of those out of body frames that attempts to draw a holism out of a past power speaking to an impermanent present Enad with contextual awareness that I am the last bit bumped this up that last half star Those of the objective temperament you're missing out