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FREE READ Falling Stars Shooting Stars #5

FREE READ ó Falling Stars Shooting Stars #5 Ø All The World's A Stage but What If The Play Doesn't Go As Planned Four talented girls from vastly different pasts share a dream of stardom Cinnamon the edgy actress; Ice the phenomenal vocalist; Rose the beautiful dancer; and Honey the first rate violinist The four meet at the prestigious SeAnd become instant friends as they take off on a dazzling whirlwind of intense classes theater outings and celebrity studded parties And together they bend the strict house rules of Madame Senetsky a famous actress who guarantees success for students under her tutelage But they soon realize this is no ordinary school Madame Senetsky pushes the girls' studies beyond reas. I was really happy that this novel took place from Honey's point of view because she was my favorite character in this series Though the over all uality of the story was rather dull The description on the back made it seem much suspenseful than it really was I found the secret of the Senetsky family to be just meh Not like original VC Andrews' dramaIt also took me almost three months to finish because it was so dull Howard pissed me off the most which I guess was the intent but I was absolutely annoyed to death by him I felt like Chandler had barely any personality in both books by Honey its like she is dating a rock And Ice was shoved into the very back of the cast of characters barely mentioned and no growth as a character whatsoever I wished that this book was less rushed and detail was put in but sadly these books do not have the uality of previous works Im now deciding whether to keep reading any other new books by Neiderman because they are starting to be a pain to get through

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On She controls their social lives And they get the strange feeling someone is watching them But whoand why Cinnamon Ice Rose and Honey set out to untangle a shadowy web of Senetsky family secrets As they explore dark corners and hidden rooms every creak and moan of the old mansion tells a story too frightening to repeat A devastating story that can destroy their dreams. I don't think I finished this book I tried a long time ago but the only thing I remember about it is that there were so many inconsistencies with the previous books It was as if the author never got to know each character and confused their stories or names When recapping part if Ice's background in particular the relationship between her and her guy was all wrong I remember being very confused and rereading Ice again just to figure it out but it still made no sense These inconsistencies in story seem to happen a lot with the ghost writer

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Falling Stars Shooting Stars #5All The World's A Stage but What If The Play Doesn't Go As Planned Four talented girls from vastly different pasts share a dream of stardom Cinnamon the edgy actress; Ice the phenomenal vocalist; Rose the beautiful dancer; and Honey the first rate violinist The four meet at the prestigious Senetsky School of the Performing Arts housed in an ornate New York City mansion. A short summary is basically needless for this book One who's read its predecessor Shooting Stars the compilation of the four girls' separate stories knows that each protagonist ended up with a place of enrollment in the Senetsky academy for a study of performance art It's obvious this next novel is about their time of residence in the academyIt's also just about as obvious that the book contains some of the infamous VC Andrews plot points outrageous family scandal dark secrets tension and breasts Neiderman's personal favorite A newer reader might not have such expectations especially considering the last book was very tame this is a big reason why I enjoyed that book than the ghostwriter's other literary progenyeach girl's life seemed believeable than his usual let's just throw together some wacky shit Well okay Rose's and Cinnamon's are unusual than what could occur in a normal girl's life but believe me they're much better than the usual rides he takes us onUnfortunately this book falls way way behind the one that came before itin all points 1 The author decided to pick one girl and stick with her viewpoint throughout the entire novel After reading each girl's separate point of view just before it's an uncomfortable changeit doesn't seem to work somehow We go from being inside each girl's head first person to having to read about the other three only from Honey's point of view It's frustrating especially if the reader feels connected to one of the other girls rather than the protagonist chosen to relate the story That being said I don't think it would be possible for the author to assign a different girl's viewpoint to each different chapter If it were a novel in which the characters do separate things at separate times in different places that method would work but here the girls are all in the same place at the same time They're not separated except when they have separate lessons or when they go to sleep There isn't enough difference in their day to day life to make the separate viewpoint work I acknowledge that Yet it still feels like sabotaging the original stories to just fall back on one girl here We spent time in each girl's mind before getting to know her only to now be able to see them there but only through the veil of Honey's interactions with them not able to get closer Which leads to2 character personality deterioration ooh that's a nice term should I capitalize to make it a thing ;D We can have a sense of our former protagonists' selves; they're all basically the same girl since they all seemingly have the same train of thought One girl will say something and then another will finish the sentence and I get the impression that Neiderman was just keeping track of how many times each person got to say something so that he could be like Hmm well Rose has five sentences so far and the other girls have eight; I should let her say this instead of letting Honey say it And since they otherwise seem to be the same girl Neiderman decided he'd just give each girl one defining characteristic and exaggerate it to give some semblance of difference to each Cinnamon becomes the Fearless Leader the one who acts as spokesperson for all the girls and doesn't afraid of anything Ice becomes the Sassy Black Girl which I have a problem with not just because of the racial stereotype but also becauseshe's not the Ice we were introduced to The author still makes a point of saying how silent she is and that her words are all the intimidating just because she's silent but Ice didn't originally ever make sarcastic jabs at anyone Even if she was angry which she seemed incapable of being almost she kept her thoughts to herself So what is this nowEven our voice of the story who being such should have opportunity for a fleshed out personality is given the same treatment Honey's mostly bland in personality save for being the Innocent One; although we don't read anything about her that makes her seem naive in thought every character who comes across Honey mentions how she's so different from everyone else so innocent so hey if they say it it must be true And RoseRose is the Pretty One Who Says Ya'll All The Time3 continuity error Some others might say this is minor but Balwin Noble was my favorite boyfran out of all the protagonists' boy toys in the previous novel Before Ice gets accepted to the Senetsky Academy she and Balwin have a falling out but it gets mended I assumed they'd still be together here yet when asked if she has a boyfriend Ice says no and doesn't even mention Balwin at any point He had such an important role in helping her get where she was that I find that a peeve point 4 the cheesiness of the sex scene And when he touched me I felt like we were ascending to a cloud high above all creation in our love; I could feel our minds becoming one coloring our very worlds with rainbow joy etc etc and the like not a direct uote but seriously the real thing is JUST LIKE THIS HAHA gurl no he's just a random who'll be out of your life in a few months since you guys have nothing to talk about and don't even see each other but once every 15 weeks He's a college guy come on he's not thinking that you two are having some spiritual transcendental journey; he's just excited to dip his wick Let's be real nao5 the unrealistic closeness of the girls Neiderman describes them being like sisters They all get along right off the bat Honey and Rose seem easy to get along with but Cinnamon's extreme gothic look would in real life likely be off putting to the majority of people and I feel that girls like Honey and Rose would be likely to at least be uncomfortable about her for a long while Further Cinnamon always seemed to be pleased at the idea of turning people away purposely so I'm surprised she was treating them as friends immediately Same goes for Ice except in her standoffish ways She and Cinnamon NEVER had any girl friends and Cinnamon at least was always outgoingIce barely spoke to people beforeTheir sisterhood is just built up way too uickly to be believeable Especially because right away they all seemed willing to share the details of their lives that were most mortifying They'd just be sitting around when Rose for instance would be like Yeah my dad got another woman pregnant while he was married to my mom and then killed himselfthat is not something anyone would tell people after knowing them for so short a time Even people who have been extremely close to others for a long time would not come forward with something like that so easilyI find it hard to buy the concept of their closeness when there isn't even any dynamic