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T of the jungle all in forty eight hours Only one man is up for the job But sharing an unforgettable one night stand was nothing next to being stranded with Rydell on some third world mountaintop And with bullets flying and all hell breaking loose now is not the time for passion As if these two could possibly resist i. I read this entire series a while ago I liked the writing style setting and characters Fun fast reads all of them

SUMMARY On the Loose Steele Street #7

On the Loose Steele Street #7He's a special agent who never loses his coolShe's the heat seeking missle headed straight for his heartKeeping cool under pressure is the credo C Smith Rydell lives by That’s why he was handpicked by the Special Defense Forces for a mission few men survive So why has the ex DEA superstar been reassigned to Panama C. edited and added to 31209Rating 35 5I'm a bit undecided on what to rate this book I could go anywhere from 3 to 35 to 4 I'm leaning toward 35 though the strong ending tempts me to bump it to 4 I enjoyed this book a fair amount but I didn't think it was as strong as some of the past books in the series On the Loose is the seventh book in the Steele Street series and the first book in the Loose subset of books Most likely this book could be read as a stand alone or as a try out for the series There is some direct connection to the last book but Janzen gives you a good enough idea of what happened in the past for things in this book to make senseIn the previous book C Smith Rydell and Honey York had a run in that resulted in a one night stand Now Smith is suddenly called off a mission to be a personal escort to Honey on a supposed coffee tour in San Salvador Of course it isn't a coffee tour though Due to a plane crash the US lost some important info that is now in the hands of a drug lord The drug lord who has met Honey before is demanding that she be present for the exchange the US is making to get the info back So the US forces Honey and Smith to make the deal Nothing goes easy though when the mission involves a society princess an SDF agent a mysterious coffee grower a crazy drug lord a trio of nuns and a school teacher in way over her head Oh and don't forget the cold hearted pilot for hire who wants Smith deadWhile I liked this book I also found it easy to set aside It didn't draw me back to keep reading all that much Part of that is because of the setting in a way I'm just not a fan of books that involve trekking through jungles or other inhospitable places They just tend to bore me So I didn't like that end of this bookthough there wasn't a lot of thatAside from that a lot of this book is just rather slow moving A lot of traveling and talking Not a lot of danger or action The other books in this series had going on throughout the book but this one dragged a bit It wasn't until near the end when everything picked upWhich is one of the things I like about this book the ending Lately I've read so many books with super rushed endings where the plot conclusion and HEA for the HH are stuffed into five or less pages and it drives me nuts I HATE endings like that I like endings where the plot resolution is drawn out a little bit and where there's a final chapter wrapping up the romance angle This book had that The big finish was well done moderately intense and worked for the story Plus there was a last chapter with Smith and Honey to give you that nice satisfied feeling when you finishedSo on that end the book gets bonus points The romance was okayI liked Honey and Smith but I wouldn't really say either character or their romance was particularly memorable One thing I really missed in this book was the Steele Street SDF vibe The past books in this series were all centered around SDF Special Defense Force and the Steele Street their bad ass headuarters There was a strong teamwork aspect with a cast of really great recurring characters It just gave the series a fascination dynamic But in this book that was completely lacking Steele Street SDF and the other characters were only used in mention except for the final scene in Smith's Steele St loft Since that dynamic is part of what made this series so great having it missing in this story really took something away from the bookWhich overall made this addition to the series just a little above average Definitely not one of my favorites of the series but I'm glad I finally got around to reading it And it peaked my curiosity enough about Alejandro that I'll be bumping the next book up to the top of my TBR mountain

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CHARACTERS â On the Loose Steele Street #7 ↠ He's a special agent who never loses his coolShe's the heat seeking missle headed straight for his heartKeeping cool under pressure is the credo C Smith Rydell lives by That’s why he was handpicked by the Special Defense Forces for a mission few men survive So why has the ex DEA superstar beIty playing bodyguard to a blond in a black string bikini Except Honey York isn’t your average pampered socialite She’s the woman Rydell caught smuggling cash into El Salvador four months ago And now she wants him to take her back All Honey has to do is find the guerrilla camp deliver the goods and get the hell ou. You know what I liked this one It was different than the others didn't have the spark of the first four the thing that sets them apart than other romantic suspense series which is the cars These chop shop boys can get a girl all a'flutter with their earth shaking engines and reformed bad boy smoothness but the last two haven't had that snap crackle pop This one was different but it had something I've liked Smith since our first glimpse of him with Kid Chaos and I love that he's a part of SDF now Bringing new blood is crucial to keeping any series going and it's easy to fall in love with him I love how his mind works he's one of the funnier of the male leads and his chemistry and banter with Honey is just this side of adorable This book had a different element to it since they were in South America and not Denver so it actually had of a Cindy Gerard feel whom I love and I thought it worked it uite well The introduction to Alejandro Campos was top notch and that little nod and salute at the end will have you cheering for the next book