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The Quiet WarVe constructed a wild variety of self sufficient cities and settlements scientific utopias crammed with exuberant creations of the genetic arts; the last outposts of every kind of democratic tradition The fragile detente between the Outer cities and the dynasties of Earth is threatened by the ambitions of the rising generation of Outers who want to break free of their cosy inward looking pocket paradises colonise th. Blockbuster hard sfspace opera in Mr McAuley Greater Brazil future history In the 2200's a century after the big Overturn an ecological and social catastrophe that left vast swaths of Earth disaster area Earth is rebuilding under 3 big powers dominated by Families that rose with prominence with their Green SaintsThe religion of Gaia is dominant though in Greater Brazil it is mixed with traditional Catholicism in the EU with secularism and in the Asian Sphere with traditional Asian religions After the destruction of the Mars colonies the outer humans live in thousands of small towns habitats domes all over the moons of Jupiter Saturn up to Uranus and Neptune Practicing mostly direct democracy though politics by polling is not particularly better than other kind as the events of the novel show genetic engineering the outers are split between older conservative factions that want peace and cooperation with Earth and the younger generation that wants to explore the starts move as far out from Earth as possible and even fight with Earth if it comes to that despite the heavy odds against them When leaders of the peace faction in the great Families of Earth start dying and the initiatives of cooperation are sabotaged it is clear that war is coming We follow 4 main characters from different walks of life though all from earth since through their eye we see the strangeness and diversity of the outers Dr Sri Owen is the top geneticists on Earth at least in her opinion and a subordinate of the Peixoto family though as a personal favorite of the family Green Saint the elderly Oscar Ramos she is uite powerful on her own However in secret she cooperates with the war faction led by General Avram Peixoto and she helps with top secret projects like the superbright children that make scientific and tech breakthroughs that make the defeat of the outers all by certain altering pilots to be effective and so on Though her dream is to become a disciple of the legendary outer space gene wizard Avernus so she wants peace with the outers needs mustMacy Minot had a tough life in the slums of Pittsburgh after running away from home Getting a break by coming to the attention of the Fontaine Family she becomes a soil treatment specialist and crew leader so when she is chosen to represent her lords on an Earth outer cooperative habitat on Callisto under a the top engineer on Earth she thinks she got a break Dave #8 is another of Sri' secret war projects Super warrior spy from a batch of clones altered to look like outers and trained from birth in the arts of war spying and sabotage Dave #8 nurses secret doubts about his humanity and the goals of his superiors but when mission time comes he will go to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting outers Cash is a special forces pilot altered by Dr Sri as another war project and he is eager for war and to teach the abominations a lesson Superb book and while the ending is good and ties most threads there is ample scope for seuels Highly highly recommended and a sf blockbuster on the Hamilton scale

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Twenty third century Earth ravaged by climate change looks backwards to the holy ideal of a pre industrial Eden Political power has been grabbed by a few powerful families and their green saints Millions of people are imprisoned in teeming cities; millions labour on Pharaonic projects to rebuild ruined ecosystems On the moons of Jupiter and Saturn the Outers descendants of refugees from Earth's repressive regimes ha. WOW This book changed my view of the solar system foreverMcAuley shows a superb understanding and vision of the post Global Warming catastrophe on earth clearly presented fascinating One of the best and most likely scenarios 1 Global Warming causes severe disruptions to society and agriculture2 Sudden Methane release from ocean clathrates the Overturn a total catastrophic climate change collapsing society3 The rise of the super rich powerful families and power blocksFull size image hereThe author also presents plausible detailed hard science fictional worlds and ecologies as they might exist on the moons of the gas giants; plausible spaceship propulsion and mechanical technologies; and stretched but plausible gene manipulation technologies Sometimes a bit dense and long winded but mostly superior Well doneInto this mix he throws Earth characters caught up in or directing naked power often cloaked as religion for familypersonal gain as well as Outers living ultra democratic lifestyles on the moons creative successful and somewhat chaoticThe first 34 of the book expands at a comfortable pace never leaving the reader behind and accelerating towards a horrific brutal climax I was reminded of the power grab and greed for money and oil which foreshadowed the US invasion of Ira which clearly could Never succeed rant Only generates continuing obscene profits for the few continues to wreck an entire country and increases daily the death so far of 400000 human beings benefitting only corporations and the super rich rantThe climax of the novel is both typical of overweening power militarism gone mad the ability to break things but not repair or better them and a uite astounding view of the gene manipulator Avernus' whimsy and skill on the surface of Titan Brilliantly imagined and realised4 stars for the first 34 of the book and then Highest marks 5 stars for the climaxIn his own words McAuley's story of the writing of The uiet War and subseuent of the series am proceeding to the seuel #2 of 4 in this series uite good so farPaul McAuleyFull size image here

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READ & DOWNLOAD ¹ The Quiet War ¸ Twenty third century Earth ravaged by climate change looks backwards to the holy ideal of a pre industrial Eden Political power has been grabbed by a few powerful families and their green saints Millions of people are imprisoned in teeming cities; millions labour on Pharaonic projects to rebuild ruined ecosystems OnE rest of the Solar System and drive human evolution in a hundred new directions On Earth many demand pre emptive action against the Outers before it's too late; others want to exploit the talents of their scientists and gene wizards Amid campaigns for peace and reconciliation political machinations crude displays of military might and espionage by cunningly wrought agents the two branches of humanity edge towards w. Paul McAuley’s The uiet War was the second course in my “Presidents’ Day Brain Candy” Weekend see my review of The Caryatids and I wound up liking it than The Caryatids That despite the fact that it suffered from a very slow beginning – I almost gave up but the action picked up after section one and the info dumping largely ceased The info dumping was the second factor that almost made me stop reading One of the main characters Macy Minnot is a soil chemistgeologist I understand that McAuley might wish to establish her bona fides by describing her work – to an extent – but I learned far about soil chemistry than I really wanted to and for no reason The story never for a moment depends upon Macy’s knowledge of proper phosphate levelsOther moments of info dumping are mercifully brief and usually relevant at some point later on Though I still could have wished McAuley was able to incorporate them smoothly and invisiblyThe set up It’s 2210 and Earth has been devastated both by climate change and the ensuing political economic and social chaos that followed In the wake of the Overturn a never fully explained catastrophe in the 21st century a new increasingly fanatic religion has emerged that places a premium on restoring the planet to its pre climate change state some want to restore it to its pre human state The most powerful state of this new Earth is Greater Brazil which is an oligarchy – almost a feudal state – dominated by a small group of “families” During the Overturn a group of humans escaped from Earth orbit and established colonies on Mars and among the moons of Jupiter and Saturn – the Outers They’ve developed a radically democratic noncentralized society that freely alters the human genome adapting to the nonterrestrial environments they find themselves in In the eyes of Earth they’re tampering with the natural God given order of things Worse the Outers offer an alternative to the authoritarian stratified terrestrial society outside of Earth's control A century before the novel’s opening a war between Earth and the Outers results in the obliteration of the Martian colony and a large residue of ill feeling and misunderstanding between humanity’s two branchesThe novel concerns itself with the beginnings of a second war between Earth and the Outers The two chief protagonists are Sri Hong Owen Earth’s premier geneticist though her work is and restricted by the growing fanaticism of the government and Macy Minnot reluctant refugee from Earth and the aforementioned soil chemist There are a few other characters who play prominent though lesser roles – especially Dave #8Ken Shintaro a genetically enhanced Earth soldierspy – but it’s Sri’s and Macy’s stories that take up the bulk of the plotAnnoyingly McAuley treads dangerously close to deus ex machina territory in the character of the Outers’ super genius geneticist Avernus but I hadn’t invested too much interest in the story so it didn’t bother me all that much The character’s actions don’t alter the plot too much and they don’t determine any plot pointsAs with Sterling’s book no character peaked my interest though I did become interested in the societies McAuley was creating He left enough loose ends in this book so that he can further develop them Of great interest to me was a theme only touched upon and that late in the book of how to reconcile two “noble” causes – reclaiming Earth and adapting to life off planet – that pits two strands of humanity against each other and factoring in common humanity’s mob like idiocy If McAuley continues to explore that kind of issue future volumes set in this universe would be worth my timeNot a bad book I can’t uite give it 3 stars considering some of the other stuff I’ve been reading lately see my reviews of Lolly Willowes and Mr Fortune’s Maggot but a decent read overall