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الحفيدة الأميركيةرشحت لجائزة بوكر للرواية العربية 2009، والتي تدور أحداثها في العراق بعد الاحتلال الأمريكي، من خلال عيني شابة أمريكية عراقية ال. This novel made me discover an amazing female author from Ira Again Ira is keeping surprising us with the talented people they have The story is very attractive about the American Irai Christian Zainah travelling back to her country after American invasion and workingas a translator for the US military forces I think the author described very well the mixed personality and feelings of Zaina about her own people and her present country Somehow I could feel that Zainah is part of me as I m myself a girl who moved between two different cultures It s very painful to try to explain to both cultures what u really feel as a lost soul in a way being torn apart between two backgrounds Zainah when she loved Mohaymen this impossible love was so desperate like a romantic Arabic girl yet as practical and cruel in her realistic Western heart or mindZaina had many weak spots toward Ira and her grandmother but she felt also the rejection by Irais to her as she was like a freak for them or even a trader The stories from Ira the instability the spies and small ambitions and greeds were also described to the smallest details in a beautiful artistic way The story details about Ira at that time makes u thing the author herself was Zainah I defintely admire this author and want to read of her books She has both the great idea of a story that keeps u absorped and devoted and the great style with some poetic expressions I loved the seuences especially in describing the other Arabic nationalities who were with her in just few sentences but uite comprehensive and precise maybe sarcastic in black humor too Definitely I recommend this book to my friends

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أصل سبق لوالدها أن فرّ هرباً من القمع، تعود إلى بلدها للعمل كمترجمة مع الجيش المحتل، فيوقظ فيها المكان الذي وصلت إليه بدافع ا?. Nice Entry level into post 2003 Ira events It would of been a better book if it was shorter and tighterCould not connect to some of the secondary charactersThe characters and the setting are there but the plot needs friction to move forward At the end you ask yourself do i really care probably not 35

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READ & DOWNLOAD الحفيدة الأميركية 107 È رشحت لجائزة بوكر للرواية العربية 2009، والتي تدور أحداثها في العراق بعد الاحتلال الأمريكي، من خلال عيني شابة أمريكية عراقية الأصل سبق لوالدها أن فرّ هرباً م?بحث عن مصدر للرزق ذكريات وأشجاناً، ظنت لفترة طويلة أنها نسيتها، تدفعها لمواجهة ذاتها وإعادة ترتيب أولوياتها الروحية من جديد. That thing where you want to be your own person in the future but you can't stop thinking about your family and your pastI'm sorry it's been too long since I finished it to have anything useful to say but as a picture of the Ira War from someone straddling the two worlds I enjoyed it very much