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áveis da natureza e das relações humanas à medida ue o suspense ascende a um nível uase claustrofóbico Um livro perturbador ue conuistou os lugares cimeiros de diversas tabelas de vendas foi traduzido em cerca de 30 línguas e vê a sua adaptação cinematográfica concretizada em 20. Wow what a disappointment I'd been so excited about this I'm not a horror novel fan but this had gotten such great reviews I figured I'd give it a try The trailer for the movie also looked intriguing Unfortunately you may as well just watch the trailer and read the first forty pages of the book because beyond that it doesn't deliver My first issue with the book was the characters they're the most one dimensional people I've come across in long time Goldilocks had personality It's hard to feel a whole lot of sympathy or empathy for characters who are nothing than stock types the ditzy sexy girl; the boy scout etc Smith acknowledges their single dimensions midway through the book when the characters are talking about a film version of their situation and one of the character breaks them all down into types the boy scout the prissy girl the slut the funny guy Too bad Smith never makes the effort to flesh the characters out It's hard to get too worked up about their deaths when you don't feel like there's anything at stake The second problem and a far bigger one in my opinion is the lack of pay off Early in the book the characters end up stranded on a mountain kept captive by a Mayan village who forces them to stay on the mountain with this monster plant Yeah yeah the plant's terrible it's carnivorous and smart and is able to torture and kill it's captives Once I got to the point in the book where it's clear the characters are stuck on the mountain I thought I sure hope the next 400 pages aren't spent just detailing how these people die I sure hope we solve the mystery of where the plant came from why the Mayans are in collusion with it and if it's truly a plant at all or an extension of something much ominous below the surface So if you ask yourself the same uestions and think you'll get answers later in the book save yourself the time None of those things are answered and it is in fact 400 pages of describing each of their demise Part of the problem stems from Smith's tactic of only writing from the point of view of the American characters If the characters were interesting it might be worthwhile to see how they handle this awful and confusing situation but we've already addressed that these folks are pretty dull I think a interesting approach would've been to either tell part of the story from the Mayan's point of view or from an omniscient POV detailing the history of why such a malevolent force is at work in this spot Maybe my perception was skewed from the film trailers in thinking that this might be revealed I found the book frustrating because the characters briefly seem to be going in this direction mentioning how the Mayans have contained the plant and guessing at why they continue to hold people captive here They also touch on the fact that the plant may not be a plant at all Unfortunately Smith doesn't explore these ideas either through speculation on the characters' parts or by having the characters physically seek out the source of the plant Sure it may be unbelievable that the characters would risk their lives trying to find the source but believability went out the window when the plant started talkig Smith already set up that the characters are boringnot so bright and going to die anyway so why not have them die in the pursuit of what this thing actually isOverall I thought the book was pisspoor The first 40 pages are good the story is tightly wound and propulsive but after that you may as well watch any generic slasher flick

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The RuinsO ue acontece uando um grupo de pessoas vulgares se vê isolado numa situação extrema Eram apenas umas férias descontraídas para Jeff Amy Eric Stacy Mathias e Pablo nas praias do México Mas uando Mathias lhes confessa ue está a pensar ir à procura do irmão ue desapareceu numas esca. “The vines covered everything but the path and the tent’s orange fabric In some places they grew thinly enough that Eric could glimpse the soil underneath – rockier than he would’ve expected dry almost desertlike – but in others they seemed to fold back upon themselves piling layer upon layer forming waist high mounds tangled knoll like profusions of green And everywhere hanging like bells from the vines were those brilliant bloodred flowers” Scott Smith The Ruins I’ve always had this conception that the horror genre be it books or movies are meant to be scary So that’s how I’ve judged various entries in the field Did this book or movie scare me Mostly the answer is no Real life itself is so terrifying that fictional fears really don’t do anything for me After all no monster springing from an author’s imagination is uite so terrifying as my student debt load While reading Scott Smith’s The Ruins it occurred to me that my concept of horror is wrong or at least strikingly narrow That I was grading horror on the wrong scale To be successful horror doesn’t need to scare you At least not in the BOO sense of the word It should also horrify you Yes I recognize this should be self evident that legions of youngsters flocking to Eli Roth's torture porn oeuvre knew this intuitively What can I say I'm old and I'm starting to recognize all the things I don't get Anyway The Ruins isn't frightening but it is horrific Almost from the start it filled me with dread creating a weird tension as I longed to read on and hesitated to read onThe setup is rather standard Young people ostensibly good looking find themselves in a wee bit of trouble Things get bad before they get worse The setting of course is paradise because there’s nothing like inverting the joy of being young attractive and in Mexico with the unspeakable terror of being hunted by something inexplicable and perhaps supernatural Jeff and Amy are med students Eric and Stacy are not med students Stacy and Amy are friends All four are enjoying some time on the beach getting drunk and lolling in the sun They meet Mathias a German tourist who is looking for his brother They also meet some Greeks one of whom they nickname Pablo Mathias suggests they go meet his brother at some Mayan ruins He has a crude map and a general notion about what they might find For some reason Jeff Amy Eric Stacy and the functional alcoholic non English speaking Pablo all find this a good idea It does not in fact turn out to be a good idea The six get stranded on the ruins for reasons that I will not explain further at the risk of spoiling plot points Smith is like the Salinger of the modern suspense novel scene He has written two books This is the second A Simple Plan was the first Both are excellent Both were bestsellers Both were made into movies One of those movies had Billy Bob Thornton in it That movie is not the one based on The Ruins because there is no place for Billy Bob Thornton among young attractive vacationers getting themselves into a situation Unless I suppose Billy Bob is the situation A Simple Plan came out in 1993 The Ruins followed at the speed of George RR Martin in 2006 He hasn’t published anything since I haven’t been able to figure out why This is a shame Because Smith does uality work The Ruins is an absolutely fantastic book that I can’t say much about The writing is superb Smith knows how to modulate his prose so that it is at times evocative at times descriptive and at other times unobtrusive as the story barrels forward At the start the characters sort of blend together But that changes as Smith draws them in firm bold strokes revealing personalities and back stories in an effectively poignant way I cared for these stranded people Even Pablo Well maybe not Pablo This is a battle for survival The characters are put through a desperate wringer that lasts 369 pages in my trade paperback edition Smith grounds things so well in reality that I readily accepted the gradual ratcheting of the horror elementsThere are passages in The Ruins that are among the most brutal and graphic things I have ever read And I say this as a person who makes it a point on occasion to discover what is out there in the world of brutal and graphic Yet the gruesomeness is not gratuitous It perfectly complements the tale that Smith has set out to tell When the heat of summer starts to break when I walk down the grocery aisle and say to myself I should get some soup when the leaves overhead turn orange and yellow and red and fall to the sidewalk where they brown and crumble underfoot and when the beer I drink comes spiced in pumpkin that is my window for reading horror Since I only read this kind of novel during the AutumnHalloween season I don’t claim to be an expert I also recognize that horror like religion and politics creates wildly divergent reactions in people If you look at the reviews there are as many 1 star ratings as 5 star ratings I can understand that If you don’t accept the central conceit then all is lost Setting that aside I still contend that Smith’s literary skills are objectively first class He excels at scene setting characterizations dialogue and creating tension In my humble opinion – again the opinion of a man who reads two or three horror novels a year at best – this is a classic It does not have the bleak thematic brilliance of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary which I hold to be the greatest of all works of horror But it comes close This is a novel that got inside me insidiously It is vivid and horrifying and ultimately unforgettable Even on the bookshelf I can feel the book watching me daring me to reread it

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Summary The Ruins ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ O ue acontece uando um grupo de pessoas vulgares se vê isolado numa situação extrema Eram apenas umas férias descontraídas para Jeff Amy Eric Stacy Mathias e Pablo nas praias do México Mas uando Mathias lhes confessa ue está a pensar ir à procura do irmão ue desapareceVações arueológicas na selva mexicana em breve todos estarão a atravessar o ponto a partir do ual não poderão mais regressar começando uma desesperada e inimaginável luta pela sobrevivência Scott Smith explora com uma precisão impiedosa as tensões psicológicas e os medos insond. When four American college students and a German tourist go on a foray into the Mexican jungle searching for the German's missing brother they have no idea of the horror they will find themselves entangled in Will any of them leave the jungle aliveI was in the mood for some horror and received recommendations for this book from two highly regarded reviewers I'm proud to say Kemper and Trudi weren't wrongThe Ruins is the story of five people who make a series of uestionable choices and wind up trapped on top of a hill with a killer vine terrorizing them It reminded me of The Troop uite a bit in the way the relationships disintegrated as supplies ran low and the vine got and vicious After one stupid mistake things uickly fell apart I'm surprised the characters lasted as long as they didThis book seems to have a polarising effect among reviewers Part of it is probably that it straddles the line between horror and thriller stymying people who like to be able to slap a convenient label on things The other part is probably the characters I didn't find any of them overly likeable but I didn't hate any of them either Sure I wanted to slap them around from the moment they decided it was a good idea to go for a romp in the Mexican jungle all the way until the end but that's how horror stories of this type go sometimesEric's self mutilation was one of the creepier parts of the book made creepier at the end when it turned out he actually had vines inside him I felt bad for Jeff trying to hold things together when everyone else seemed continually on the verge of losing his or her shit I think I would have pushed some assholes down the mineshaft when he came back to find them all drunkThe vine was creepy but that wasn't a surprise since plants are emotionless monsters Just look at the Venus Flytrap or watch how uickly plants overtake an abandoned shed or cabin I didn't have a problem with the plant's intelligence but I will admit that its mimicry was a little far fetched at the endWhile The Ruins isn't your grandma's horror novel it delivers the goods if you're looking for a tale of desperation and creepiness Four out of five stars