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Paul FerrollThe novel is in its third edition Strikingly original a phenomenon in literature never to be forgotten grand and fearful force of contrast marvellous powerful effect faultless work of art admirable and almost awful power such are the praises of an applauding press We beg to add the humble tribute of our homageSo wrote a reviewer for the Saturday Review in 1856 of Caroline Clive's Paul Ferroll 1855 But if readers and reviewers were almost unanimous in their praise of Clive s novel as a nearly flawless work of art many were troubled by what they saw as its. According to the introduction one contemporary reviewer believed that this was the type of book that was very dangerous for young women of the middle and upper classes to read since it could fill the mind with details of imaginary vice and distress and crime Cool My kind of book And all in all it was pretty good considering that I actually couldn't stand the titular character Not that I have to like the characters to enjoy a novel; in this case I think that the author was leaving it to the reader to decide just what sort of person he is because every so often he has his moments of redemption most especially toward the end of the novel What starts out uite peacefully with a picture of the calm loveliness falling over the Ferroll country home of the Tower of Mainwarey is interrupted with Ferroll being summoned home with the news that Your lady has been murdered and indeed she'd been found with her throat slit By whom was never really discovered since the gardener Mr Franks who'd been accused of her death was acuitted But far from being a detective novel or a story about a murder investigation the novel follows Paul Ferroll over a period of about sixteenseventeen years as he goes on about his business after the death of his wife He remarries and has a daughter yet while he is highly respected in his community he remains completely aloof in terms of friends social concerns and his own child Why this might be is so is just part of the mystery surrounding Paul Ferroll and overall the novel tells one of those stories where all I could do is to guess at the motivations behind the main character here since right up until the last few pages there is absolutely no clue as to why he does what he does It's frustrating but in the end it pays off Paul Ferroll as one scholar notes is further evidence of women writers challenging convention and contributing to the nascent crime and detective genre and to me that's the novel's primary importance and then of course the discovery of Caroline Clive and her work I don't know that other people get so worked up about finding new old authors to read but it's something that's uite meaningful to me so it's a big deal So many male writers from this time period have names and work that have never been forgotten or have yet to lapse into obscurity but that's not the case with a huge number of female writers especially those whose work crosses into the crimemystery area I have at my reading journal; I want to say also how pleasantly surprised I was to have found that Valancourt had published this book bringing yet another largely forgotten work out of obscurity recommended but likely to a rather narrow audience; it would likely be less attractive to modern crime readers who would probably find it beyond tame

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Uestionable moralityNothing looks peaceful and secure than a country house seen at early morning the novel begins But behind that tranuil exterior is hidden a horrible crime Paul Ferroll s wife lies violently murdered in her bed A servant is arrested and later acuitted for the crime time moves on and Ferroll eventually remarries A respected magistrate a gifted author and a loving husband Ferroll s character nonetheless seems to have a dark side Why does he shun the friendship of his neighbours neglect his young daughter and evince indifference when the. Suspenseful mystery similar to Jane Eyre

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characters Paul Ferroll ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Í The novel is in its third edition Strikingly original a phenomenon in literature never to be forgotten grand and fearful force of contrast marvellous powerful effect faultless work of art admirable and almost awful power such are the praises of an applauding press We beg tVillagers die during a cholera outbreak Is his strange behaviour caused by remembrance of his first wife s untimely death or does there lie hidden a much darker secretHugely popular and influential in its time and recognised as the successor to Jane Eyre and the predecessor of the sensation novels of Mary Elizabeth Braddon Paul Ferroll has suffered from an unfortunate neglect in the past century This new edition features an introduction and notes by Adrienne E Gavin as well as a chronology of Clive s life and career and excerpts from contemporary reviews. Valancourt Books and 19th century reviewers would have you believe that Paul Ferroll is a melodrama classic comparable to Jane Eyre The Woman in White and Lady Audley's Secret They are wrongReally the only reason to read this is for the 19th century reviews examining the main character's morality or saying the Sword of Justice is too heavy for the author Clive's prose is drab compared to Wilkie Collins or Mary Elizabeth Braddon books She has a way of making arsonist butlers and cholera outbreaks boring Much of the story is taken up by daily Victorian life and a love triangle involving the protagonist's daughter To resuscitate the plot Clive has Paul confess to murder because he suddenly has moral ualms about sending the wrong person to jail This was after he lived happily for 18 years keeping the secretAs Bri Fidelity says I read terrible books so you don't have to The second star is for the contemporary reviews