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CHARACTERS ¶ Rosemary and Rue Ù October Toby Daye a changeling who is half human and half fae has been an outsider from birth After getting burned by both sides of her heritage Toby has denied the Faerie world retreating to a normal life Unfortunately for her the Faerie world has other ideas The murder of Countess Evening Winterrose pulls Toby back inS knight errant and renew old alliances As she steps back into fae society dealing with a cast of characters not entirely good or evil she realizes that than her own life will be forfeited if she cannot find Evening's kille. “Toby Daye Investigations Toby Daye speaking what is it now Cliff” October Toby is our brash vivacious lili changeling After hiding away from the fey world the murder of Winterrose drags her back into the thick of it NOW lets see if she survives it Muahha Her POV I weirdly enjoyed that she on weaker side of fey and not a mythical punching bag that always top of the food chain it was a breathe of air on how she has been FUCKEDD UPPP by the fey and refuses to ever let that happen to her or others again She aint stupid she knows her weaknesses and fights to overcome them which really showed in her POV as capable but cautious I think the best way to describe this book is a rough start to a great series while the book itself does have some issues looking back I see the hidden details as gems of info that later play a HUGE part in the series so its very much a trust the process its only gonna keep getting better from here bbAnd of course she makes some friends on the way “On the other hand it’s actually been something of a relief because it’s something I can count on Dawn comes the moon wanes and Tybalt hates me” I fucking loved Tybalt his character as the Kings of Cats just cloaked in mysterious in the shadows while also a teasing fuckwhad was the PERFECT addition to this story that I can't believe isn't in fey types I ship the HELLLL outta them together bc ummm he's amazing duhhh I love the way he helps her but in the most dickish way possible ie some mysterious vague clues He definitely a reoccurring character who always gonna be in the middle of trouble ya know how cats be but the uestion remains whether he is on Toby's side or against her is yet to be seen Secondary character wise we seemed to get info about the villainous then any real supporting cast not even a cliche bff with all the answers snorts But we do get sneak peak of some possible friends from some stray kids she tried to save “So you followed me after I told you not to and saw us come out of the cliff”“Yes”“Manuel”“Yes”“That was dumb”“Yes ma’am” I think the best part of the story besides Tybalt of course was the general world building in how the fey rules worked in tandem with the human world the author clearly kept some classic fey rules like NO LYINGG but also intertwined her own uniue twists of mystical badasses that even I'm scared shitless of Like all the Fey legends that she must survive i mean visit “You have to visit the Luidaeg” She said it like it was a perfectly reasonable idea Like hell” If that hasn't intrigued you into this series then maybe hearing from the heroine herself introduce her world might help “My name is October Christine Daye; I live in a city by the sea where the fog paints the early morning parking is precious than gold and Kelpies wait for the unwary on street corners Neither of the worlds I live in is uite mine but no one can take them away from me I did what had to be done and I think I may finally be starting to understand what's important It's all about finding the way home wherever that is I plan on finding out


Her the Faerie world has other ideas The murder of Countess Evening Winterrose pulls Toby back into the fae world Unable to resist Evening's dying curse which binds her to investigate Toby must resume her former position a. ► BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting Oct 5 2015Welcome to the most uninspired review in the history of uninspired reviewsWhy am I out of ideas you ask Because this book It's a Bleh Meh Yawn and Blah Blah Blah Super Fest And surprisingly enough it seems that uite a few of my weird dear buddy reading accomplices agree with me here Wow It turns out they might not have such crappy book taste after all Who would have thought► Okay since I don't have much to say about this thrilling piece of literature let's get it over with once and for all shall we Here goes① Boredom IncThe problem with this book is not that nothing happens It's just that the things that do happen aren't particularly exciting Or interesting Or entertaining Or intriguing And none of it is terribly original either Just your typical UF mysteryinvestigation Sigh There is no suspense at all Sigh The culprit is pretty obvious from the start Sigh The only positive thing about this story is that for once there are no werewolves or vampires involved Which should have been pretty refreshing right Wrong ② Silly fairies incomingOh please calm down you Toby fans I don't mean to insult the fae in this particular book I'm talking about the silly fae in general here eyeroll Because yes the time has come for me to confess the awful truth my name is Sarah and I don't like the fae My name is Sarah and I'm exhausted just thinking of all the different names these silly little creatures can be called I mean fay faery faerie fairyYAWN And then we have all the silly sub varietiesspeciesbreedsclasseswhatever that inevitably appear in any story involving the fae There are usually so many of them that authors invariably feel the need to include some sort of glossary to explain it all And let's not forget the pronunciation guide Oh no let's not I swear by the time I'm done reading these I'm usually so bored I'm ready to put the book down for good Anyway long story short the silly little fairies just do nothing for me Okay that's not entirely true There is one notable exception here You know who I'm talking about don't you No Seriously Sigh Okay I'll help you his name starts with V' and it ends with Lane Get it V'Lane YES V'Lane people As in bra onbra off games Death by sex and all that YUM What You don't know who V'Lane is I can't believe this You know what Just go back to sleep Wait no Go read Fever instead view spoiler hide spoiler

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Rosemary and RueOctober Toby Daye a changeling who is half human and half fae has been an outsider from birth After getting burned by both sides of her heritage Toby has denied the Faerie world retreating to a normal life Unfortunately for. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsThere are two things I want to tell you in advance1 October Daye is one of my Top 5 Favorite UF Series2 The first time I tried to read ROSEMARY AND RUE I DNF ed itYEP I didI didn't pick it up again for a couple of years and when I did it was bc DESPERATE for new UFSo I was patient Which was good bc I made it past the '90s flashback of a prologue and the depths of despair aftermath that had initially put me off You Yeah but how long did that take How far do I have to get into the book before I get to the good partMe I'm SO glad you asked I didn't even have to finish the first chapter before things got interesting waves at Tybalt Once he showed up it was easy to push through the next couple of chapters then Toby was back in thick of things orbit gum smileOctober Daye is a changeling or part faepart human She lives mostly with the humans or has for awhile now She has a human fiancé and together they have a daughter It's that mostly that destroys her world When a powerful fae's wife and daughter are kidnapped he recruits Toby for her PI skills to find them She's worked similar jobs for fae before but as a changeling her abilities are flimsy compared to those of a full blooded fae so when she finds what she's looking for she taps out She calls in reinforcements to handle any takedowns or wrangling of pureblooded fae villainsBut this time she doesn't Sylvester Toruill is her friend as is his wife and their daughter is near the same age as her own so when she tracks down the culprit instead of leaving to report in she stays And gets transfigured into a koi and spends the next FOURTEEN YEARS of her life swimming in one of the ponds in Golden Gate Park's Tea Gardens Eventually she regains her humanity but she's lost everything she cared about her fiancé is with another woman her daughter is nearly grown and both believe she abandoned them the world is unrecognizable her last cell phone was the size of a 12oz soda can and well She's MAD And defeated And plagued with guilt and remorse But the anger is there even if she's buried it under six feet of avoidance and an angry Toby makes for an infinitely interesting Toby than a woe is me Toby Like when she's driving home from a meeting with the duke only to find a fae assassin in her backseat “What the—” demanded a voice from the back“It’s called reckless driving asshole”“You’re going to kill us both” “That’s the idea” It was actually fun in a fatalistic sort of way I smiled grimly as we wove in and out of traffic watching the near misses become less miss and near There’s nothing like a good high speed car chase to get the evening started off right Sounds fun to me winksWhich brings me to how fantastic McGuire's writing is across the board not only is this series about fae but her style embodies the very faeness that makes them my FAEvorite I’ve never been good at shadow weaving or fire work but give me a thick veil of water vapor and I can manage the basics This time my aim was clarity water’s excellent for scrying and fog is just water that’s forgotten its beginnings Then there are the various types of fae A black horse stood by the curb in the deepest part of the shadow the smell of debris masking its characteristic blood and seaweed scent Its eyes were red and the look it gave me was inviting promising wild adventures and fantastic delights if I’d just get onto its back backs away from kelpieAnd let's not forget the wonderfully clever world building the electronic age has broadened the horizons of magical fraud to an astonishing degree Faerie gold can be used for than just party tricks; it works pretty well on the stock market for example where money’s an illusion anyway Do you see why I'm hookedROSEMARY AND RUE is the first installment of Seanan McGuire's OCTOBER DAYE series and it is the full package Our heroine has taken some hard knocks but she doesn't let it keep her down She keeps pushing and fighting and pursuing bc what she's been tasked to do matters and anything else is uitter talk The world is fae the characters are fae the tone is fae I love it Highly recommended3916 Impromptu buddy read with Jo and maybe HOPEFULLY Robin in BBB Bc Urban Fantasy we NEEDS it Plus you know this is one of my Top 5 UF series FYI ;My other reviews for this series A Local Habitation October Daye #2 An Artificial Night October Daye #3 Late Eclipses October Daye #4 One Salt Sea October Daye #5 Ashes of Honor October Daye #6 Chimes at Midnight October Daye #7 The Winter Long October Daye #8 A Red Rose Chain October Daye #9 Once Broken Faith October Daye #10