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review Sea Swept ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ç The first novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts' stunning Chesapeake Bay Saga where the uinn brothers must return to their family home on the Maryland shore to honor their father's last reuestA champion boat racer Cameron uinn traveled the world spending his wRon and his brothers but they try to put aside their differences for Seth’s sake In the end a social worker will decide Seth’s fate and as tough as she is beautiful she has the power to bring the uinns together or tear them apartDon't miss the other books in the Chesapeake Bay SagaRising TidesInner HarborChesapeake Blue. Update February 21st 2019I keep rereading this book and every time I do I love it even I thank the romance Goddesses for placing this wonderful story in my way Sea Swept is without a doubt the best of the best in romance If I had to pick a book to read for the rest of my life this would be itFirst review July 2011My first book by Nora Roberts was Vision in White I actually read the entire series Bride uartet since I bought the 4 books at the same time I liked it but there was something lacking something that didn't capture me as other stories do I was even reluctant to read Nora Roberts again but she has so many books and she's considered one of the best romance authors so how could I not give her books another try I looked through her series and found the Chesapeake Bay Saga The summary of Sea Swept first book in the series draw me in and I knew I had to read itI'm so glad I didEach character is interesting I liked all the uinn brothers though I have to admit I loved Cameron And the heroine Wow It's been a long time since I liked the heroine as much as the hero Lately it's happened to me that I liked the hero but in this case I absolutely loved them both Anna knows how to hold her ground how to stand up to people She was the perfect match for Cameron who like her knows how to hold his ground It was amazing seeing them falling in love They are perfect for each other I can't wait to read the following books in the saga to know about them and also to know about the rest of the uinn brothers Their brotherhood was my favorite part of the story than the romance between Cameron and Anna and I absolutely loved those twoGod I feel like I wrote a lot haha All that's left to say is that I highly recommend this book to those romance readers who are not only looking for a story about two people falling in love but also about the importance of family

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The first novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts' stunning Chesapeake Bay Saga where the uinn brothers must return to their family home on the Maryland shore to honor their father's last reuestA champion boat racer Cameron uinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women But when his. What is it about Nora Roberts' uinn brothers that makes them so special They're rough and tumble they swear a lot they like to be in charge they're all good looking But I think it's the fact that they were once all troubled boys who were saved by two good people who instilled in them a sense of family love and loyalty that lasted even when they were grown and their adopted parents gone Sea Swept tells the story of the first of those boys Cameron He was the first troubled boy that Ray and Stella uinn took in and saved Now that he's grown Cam travels the world racing boats cars motorcycles dating models gambling and just plain old having a great time But when his adopted father is in a fatal car accident he must return to St Christoper on the Chesapeake Bay where he learns that just before the accident that eventually kills him Ray uinn had taken in another troubled boy A boy with secrets no one but Ray knew and he's no longer there to answer the uinn brothers uestionsThis book at least in my opinion is a uintessential Nora Roberts romance Great characters a strong sense of family and a romance that draws you in and makes you fall in love along with the hero and heroine I first read this book years ago but it's one that stands out in my mind and one I like to go back and reread once in a while especially when I want a great romance and family storyI love heroes that are rough edged and Cam is definitely that He likes to swear he wears jeans most of the time wears his hair long Yet there's something about him that's rather endearing And the heroine Anna is the perfect match for him She's fiery and passionate and is strong enough to stand up against Cam's Alpha personality The sparks flow between them from their first meetingWhat I really enjoy about this book though is the overall story Three brothers suddenly find themselves in charge of a damaged 10 year old boy and it changes all their lives The story focuses on Cam and Anna but you still feel like you know everyone else Ethan Phillip Seth And Ray Despite the fact that he has a small appearance in the beginning and then dies Roberts still makes you feel like you know him Seth's storyline is wonderfully done I loved reading the interactions between Cam and Seth and Seth and everyone else You really feel the boys pain and just want to hug him and protect him And the way it's all set up you can't wait to keep reading the rest of the series to see how everything plays outThis is just a great romancepeoplefamily story to read I loved every part of it and it's one that will always be on my keeper shelf

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Sea SweptDying father calls him home to care for Seth a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron once was his life changes overnightAfter years of independence Cameron has to learn to live with his brothers again while he struggles with cooking cleaning and caring for a difficult boy Old rivalries and new resentments flare between Came. Final rating 55 starsFinal rating for the whole series 454755 starsThis is the second book I've read from Nora Roberts and I was not disappointed Whenever I saw Nora's books in the bookstore my first thought was murder case Not saying that all her books are about murder cases but somehow i have that luck of picking up every single one with a killer in it This time it's different This is a story of a family three adopted brothers who after the death of their father accept to raise and fight for the sake of the youngest addition to the family 10 years old brother I was pleasantly surprised by this book and it made me eager to read and while I'm writing the review now I have already started second one too The only thing that threw me off was the sudden ending but the story continues in the other books So if you are thinking of reading this series as a set of stand alones pick up the third one and read only that one stop These books are connected to each other by a single character and the timeline Reading out of order or reading any of the books without the knowledge of the previous ones will end bad very bad Read in orderI was surprised by a flashback scenes it was interesting to meet Ray and Stella back then and to see how things happened ► STORY Each of the books in this series follow the story and life of one of the brothers This one is starting with the oldest the first addition to the family of uinn's Ray and Stella uinn saved 3 broken terrified wounded jaded teenagers gave them home accepted them in their family and helped them become something in life become people who could stay alive without doing horrid things to survive or being subjected to the cruel torture and whims of their abusers Many years later all three of them have faced the death of their mother Stella and now Ray's car crash resulted not only in his death but in arrival of another broken boy Ray tried to save Ray's condition Work together and save Seth before it's too late The way he helped Cameron Ethan and Phillip they should do the same for Seth and live as a family Only a few months in his care Seth was trying to accustom to Ray and his life style desperately trying to get away and stay anywhere that is far far away from his mother who just sold him to Ray And then the accident happened and he is afraid of the conseuences he would do anything anything just to stay away from his mother And uinns don't give up that easily they want to honor the last wish of their father and they want to save Seth like they were saved after all Seth is a troubled boy who had to go through all things the three of them combinedEnter social worker Anna a woman who needs to decide whether Seth should go into the system or stay with the uinns The adoption process was never finished as Ray passed away during it and mother could take it back at any time The conditions set Cameron needs to get a job and all three of them need to live together with Seth until they get the full adoption process And Cameron as well as his other two brothers decide that changing their own lives drastically is a small price to pay to save another lost soul the soul all three of them understand the best And then Cam and Anna decide that they fell in lust at the first sight The end I'm joking ► CHARACTERS ◈ Cameron is the first boyteen saved by Ray and Stella Broken by his father he tries to escape and ends up getting caught by a man Ray whose car he was trying to steal Assessing the situation and understanding that Cameron was terribly abused by his own father Ray and Stella accepted healed and took care of their first son Cam And now the only thing he wishes to do is live fast drive fast have fast relationships be fast and never be in one place Easy going guy who lives for an adventure and the sheer thrill of it After being healed and been showed what real family should feel like he thought this was the right way to live his life until it changes the moment his father dies and meets his third brother Seth Understanding him is not a problem only looking at Seth tells him everything he needs to know that he was once abused as Cam was and he needs to help Seth move on in his life Changing his life 180 degrees is drastic unexpected but it's a small price to pay to save another family member left by uinn's Cameron loves to flirt with women he never passes and opportunity and meeting Anna is one of the best days in his life he would uite love to take her out on a date He can be selfish but also kind and caring and very determined “The boy’s mine Yours now Keep the boy whatever happens you see to him Cam You’ll understand him best” The big hand once so strong and vital tried desperately to sueeze “Your word on it”“We’ll take care of him” At that moment Cam would have promised to drag down the moon and stars “We’ll take care of him until you’re on your feet again” ◈ Ethan is the second child still and calm as water patient but loner on the inside Prefers being in calm and peaceful surrounding and a is a bit anti social unless he is talking to his family He is a waterman and he does his job well aware of the risks After finally getting apartment and peace he desired his life was changed when he met Seth and he knew he needs to help as well Among the other brothers he also understands Seth's fears and doubts Once broken and betrayed by his own mother messed up by her decisions and feeling neverending shame and pain he tries to help any way he can “Ethan” Ray sucked in another breath that wheezed through the respirator “He’ll need your patience your heart You’re a fine waterman because of them”“Don’t worry about Seth We’ll look after him” ◈ Phillip the third child adopted is now a man who excels at marketing does it for living in another town where he does wonders with his charismatic attitude Being usually grumpy annoyed sometimes complaining does not stop him from switching personality in seconds when it comes to convincing people to do things he wants Having to go through traumatic events in his life and being saved when he thought it was over changed his life for better Now he is proud of his career choice and enjoys using his charismatic abilities on people He looks like a real gentleman “Phillip”“Right here” He moved closer bending low “We’re all right here”“Such good brains You’ll figure how to make it all work Don’t let the boy go You’re brothers Remember you’re brothers So proud of you All of you uinns” ◈ Seth is the youngest of the four 10 years old guarded hurt and a broken boy who usually says what he doesn't mean His only wish is to be far far away from the person who hurt him so much which led to him abandoning any hopes in humanity Expecting to be hurt for every single thing he doesn't back down he tries to fight like a lion instead even if it includes annoying people trying to seem disinterested relaxed beyond caring for anything But every time he feels the same fear over and over again that he will be returned to his mother that the people who took him in would abandon him rather than let their lives change drastically or abuse him like he was He would rather die than let it happen to him again unless he is able to bolt instead Seth is not shy to express himself rather daring people around him trying to prove to himself that uinns brothers are like people who hurt him And trying to get under his skin is a hard thing to do finding out about him himself even and uinns know how to do that One cannot change another in a day◈ Anna is the social worker sent to deal with Seth's situation She is kind thoughtful sometimes is fast to conclude things but usually takes uite a lot of time to think problems through She understands what people like them had gone through and tries to evaluate the situation surrounding environment Seth needs the most the best way for him to stay happy and heal in time And when she meets Cameron she knows the feeling of lust on the first sight is mutual enough She had fast relationships too But is it wise as it can affect her judging of the situation◈ Ray and Stella uinn were two generous people who helped save 3 lives Never stopping at what they set their eyes on they helped the three of them accept that they can be loved unconditionally that their lives can be changed for better if only given opportunity Bonded by love not by blood they succeeded in forging a strong sense of loyalty friendship brotherhood and family between three adopted teens trying to find a place in the world while escaping their painful pasts ◈ Grace is a family friend and love interest of one of the brothers But she doesn't know his feelings Having a daughter of her own she comes and helps the uinn's brothers from time to time ► OVERALL Wonderful book about trying to find a place in the family helping a broken boy find his place in the world and helping a wounded soul accept the fact that he doesn't have to be alone in order to be free Bonds between the brothers is wonderfully done and most enjoyable to read about The romance was nicely done as well and I loved the relationships It's not easy to change but sometimes you don't have to change to have another person fall in love with you “I’ve got something for you inside me Anna” He forgot his hands were grimy and laid them on her shoulders “I haven’t used it up yet This thing with you it’s one of the first times I haven’t wanted to rush to the finish line” LIKED ☑ relationship between the brothers and how it worked out☑ family☑ there is no murder case in this one DISLIKED ☒ Sudden ending OTHER IMPORTANT INFO ⚠ Standalone No Part of a series DO NOT READ AS STAND ALONE BOOK EVERY BOOK IN THIS SERIES IS CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER BY STORY ⚠ Point of View Third POV multiply characters⚠ Cliffhanger No⚠ Triggers view spoilereverything you can imagine but mostly set in the past of the characters drugs physical and mental abuse rape and hide spoiler