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Horus RisingIty nearly accomplished the emperor hands over the reins of power to his warmaster Horus and heads back to. Very entertaining readFirst of all if you are unfamiliar with Warhammer 40k it's set in distant future and it's combination of dystopian military sci fi Tolkein and HP LovecraftNext to fanatical humanity there are classical fantasy races like Orcs Elfs Eldar Undead Lovecraftian horrors like demons and malicious otherworldy gods and diverse menagerie of different sci fi inspired racesPrior to this book my knowladge of Warhamer 40k was limited I mostly know about this setting from combination of Relic entretainment's Dawn of war games and Warhammer40kwikia pageMy obscure knowlage didn't stop me from enjoying this in a fact this is great place to start with Warhammer 40k universe I came in expecting some good Warhammer 40k action but I got way than thatDon't get me wrong this is sci fi military novel set in Warhammer 40k universe but it's not cheap action blockbuster it's well written book with author who knew what he was doing Characters are surprisingly well defined and distinctive considering most of main cast are protagonist included 25 meters tall specially bred genetically modified super soldiers of Imperium Super soldiers are pointless without some super action and here action is delightful with tons of blood guts guns blazing and sword fightsRecommendation if you are looking for some good sci fi action whether you know about Warhammer universe or not

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After thousands of years of expansion and conuest the imperium of man is at its height His dream for human. I feel remarkably dirty giving a book about the Horus Heresy 4 stars Some other things I've given 4 stars include On The Road Paradise Lost The Great Gatsby and other classics spanning centuries of upper middle and high literature if there is such a thing at least So when I give this book which is unabashedly pulp and a step away from fanfiction 4 stars I need to disclaim a good many things You're not going to find layers of complexity here The book sets out to do one thing and one thing only to recount a momentous event in the Warhammer 40k timeline in an accurate and straightforward manner Does it do this Yes and remarkably well at thatThis was a uick fun and easy read which makes for a nice break from several years of English Lit stuff I was interested in expanding my knowledge of the 40k universe so where better to start than with the one thing that screwed humanity over than a galaxy full of belligerent xenos This book doesn't detail the heresy itself but rather sets the stage Things are looking good for mankind; we're unmatched at kicking ass the Imperium is steadily growing and absorbing stray human cultures and we're at a point of logic and reason thanks to the still kickin' Emperor However there's serious foreshadowing every other page and knowing what happens next gives the whole book an insidious depressing tone What a difference ten thousand years can make So yeah I enjoyed it Yeah I'm going to pick up the next in the series And yeah I'm probably going to talk about it here It's not great literature but so what It does what it sets out to do and without pretense When I want to read something that will make me uestion humanity or my own sanity I'll pick up Blindness again When I want to read about the Adeptus Astartes doing the very same thing Dan Abnett works as good as anyone

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Horus Rising review ¾ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ã After thousands of years of expansion and conuest the imperium of man is at its height His dream for humanity nearly accomplished the emperor hands over the reins of power to his warmaster Horus and heads back to Terra But is Horus strong enough to control his fellow commanders and continue theTerra But is Horus strong enough to control his fellow commanders and continue the emperor's grand design. Some time ago I stumbled over several Warhammer 40K or 40000 books in Mckay's books for like 05 each I had never played the game nor had I played Warhammer Fantasy battles for that matter but I amwas aware of them The local game shop where I'd played DD for years also had groups of these gamers and a good friend of mine was also at one time REALLY into the gameSo anyway being a big fan of military science fiction I picked up the booksand now I've gotten around to reading one of the seemingly thousands of books in existence for this universeWell it's always nice to know there are books out there waiting to be readrightAnyway what we have here is the book I was advised by all good authorities you knowWikipedia as the best place to start my sojourn into the 41st millennium of humanity This is the beginning of the Hours Heresy It takes place at the ending of the Great Crusade actually it seems to have been what brought the Great Crusade to an endI think the Imperium of Humanity actually the books call it the Imperium of Man but I'm sure that will cause howls of rage from some of our politically correct members has some very LARGE internal problems during the Herseybillions or trillions dead you know problemsAnyway did I say that before we get some interesting infighting here some political maneuvering some beginning disillusionment and some battlesyou know lots of StuffI liked it planning to go on to the next and maybe have a lot of good pointless reads ahead of meCool I can recommend them as brain candyor possibly brain blood sausage