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Download The Work and the Glory Vol 1 Pillar of Light è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß You believe me don't you Nathan It was not a uestion but a statement filled with wonderIt stunned NathanYou believe it all I can see it on your faceFor a moment time seemed suspended as Nathan probed the inwNts The well drawn plot and fictional characters present a moving gripping story Here are Benjamin and Mary Ann Steed devoted to each other as man and wife yet at odds over religion; Joshua their volatile son who rebels and heads for trouble; the sensitive Nathan their second son in whom Joseph Smith's message strikes a responsive chord; the beautiful Lydia McBride who captures the hearts of both Joshua and NathanThis book skillfully explores the inmost motivations of Joseph Smith and his early followers and the responses of typical contemporary families to the claims he made These people come to life in this powerful historical novel a story that captures both the heartache and the happiness that came in the wake of Joseph's experience with the pillar of lig. Holy cow I loved this book It is a historical fiction book about a family named the Steeds In the book they hire Hyrum and Joseph Smith to help to clear their land but because of rumors about gold bibles and angles fire them from their job to save face in the public Still a few members of the steed family continue to keep in contact and soon begin to head on to their way to conversion I was surprised how accurate this book is pertaining to the gospel I really enjoyed this book and hopefully others will too

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You believe me don't you Nathan It was not a uestion but a statement filled with wonderIt stunned NathanYou believe it all I can see it on your faceFor a moment time seemed suspended as Nathan probed the inward recesses of his soul There was still the incredulousness still the sense of hearing something that couldn't possibly be true And yet he knew it was He knew without the least shadow of doubt that everything Joseph was telling him was true And so finally with a wonder of his own he said Yes Joseph I believe youPillar of Light the first volume in the series The Work and the Glory begins the epic story of the Benjamin Steed family In the 1820s they move from Vermont to Palmyra Township in upstate New York in search of better farmland There they meet a. I have to preclude this review with the statement I first read this series while a high school It was loaned to me very slowly by an LDS 'Mormon' friend and I was interested in the history of the LDS church Much of the origins of the church are discussed throughout the series as are the doctrines As I learned about both I became interested in the church met with the missionaries and was ultimately baptized though such had not been my original intent As a result this series holds a special place in my heart which may bias my review ;Pillar of Light is the first in a long and interesting series of historic novels that cover the origins of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints or Mormons through the eyes of a fictional family In this first volume Lund draws liberally from written accounts of church history and scripture to put words regarding many of the events into the mouths of those who spake them Unfortunately he does not notate them though he does so in future volumes so for those who aren't familiar with many of the texts they don't realize that these are the testimonies of the living men Similarly unless already familiar with the history readers cannot tell the difference between people who existed in real life versus those who are purely fictional However as I mentioned this is done in future novels in the seriesLund tells the tale of a fictional family whose lives are intertwined with Joseph Smith almost from the start As they hear his story of an angel and gold plates they each reach different conclusions Some believe immediately; some take time to feel it out in their heart; others scorn Smith is part of the father son tension that erupts in the novel though not the whole part We see him and his brother Hyrum through the eyes of this family who know him first as hard working honest men before learning of the wild tales We see members of the community mocking and ridiculing his story and we see people who supported him at great financial and emotional costsThrough it all the reader is never forced to believe anything about Smith We are never taken to see the gold plates or the angel only to hear about it from him As a result readers are left with an unspoken invitation to determine what they think on their own is Smith lying Is he deceived Lund of course is an active member of the church so the image he paints of Joseph Smith is obviously slanted toward his side But Lund does present the realistic doubts of his characters doubts which I on original read shared thinking how 'convenient' it was that no one else saw the angel or the plates and many other points When one of the characters is invited to read the Book of Mormon and judge Smith's words by his fruits the invitation could be said to be extended to the readerAlthough the series is clearly embraced predominantly by Mormons today it does not exclude nonmember readers the same way some LDS texts do Each new concept of LDS doctrine is explained to a character unfamiliar with it making the reader feel as though they understand at least the concept Reading it as a member that did make it a little tedious in some respects However Lund clearly did his homework researching not only church historical documents but also the time period explaining daily activities such as grinding flour at home and putting shingles on a roof in such a way that it is clear he has fully immersed his characters in the settingWhether you are reading it as a practicing Mormon or as someone curious about the history of a church that plays a significant role in American history you will find the storyline compelling and interesting The interactions between characters both religious and non keep the tale moving and the family dynamics are very well done

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The Work and the Glory Vol 1 Pillar of LightYoung man named Joseph Smith and are thrown into the maelstrom of conflict and controversy that swirls around him Did he really see the Father and the Son in a pillar of light Has he truly been visited by angelic messengers What is all this talk about gold plates and new scripture In short is he a prophet and seer or a monumental fraud The answers each one gives to these uestions intensely personal potentially divisive will dramatically affect the lives of the Steeds forever afterAuthor Gerald N Lund here masterfully weaves together historical reality and high powered fiction In his hands this combination seems to make the reader an eyewitness to the early scenes of the Restoration thus deepening one's understanding and appreciation of those momentous eve. AWESOME My VERY favorite books to read are LDS historical fiction I love the way that Lund captures the surroundings and the scenery of the time and draws you right into the story The early saints of the church have always amazed me Joseph Smith his family and many of the saints suffered so much at the hands of those who mocked and terrorized them but the work of the Lord continued to move forth I am so grateful for my pioneer posterity who have afforded me the blessings of the gospel through their unuestionable faith love and sacrifice