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Summary ↠ The Nutmeg Tree ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Set in 1930s France Margery Sharp’s witty warm hearted novel tells the story of a free spirited mother who is reunited with her very proper daughter after sixteen years when her daughter asks her to inspect her fiancé Julia Packett has barely laid eyes on her Lf a charming clever playboy The arrival of Susan’s legal guardian the distinguished Sir William Waring further complicates the situation Soon Julia’s efforts to pass herself off as a lady and secure her daughter’s happiness spin out of control leading to romantic entanglements and madcap adventures that challenge preconceived notions about the ultimate compatibility of any two people who fall in love  . This 1937 novel was a revelation In the first place before stumbling across it I was unaware of Margery Sharp's adult novels having only been acuainted with her children's books like The Rescuers I also don't believe I've ever before read a true comedy of manners This book was a delight and very insightful into pre WWII Europe society I hope this isn't a spoiler but the ending too was a revelation; I think the only way to describe it is as speculation on the reader's part What happens to each character Not only in their imagined future but in the possible next page Somehow that ending with no closure wasn't frustrating but fitting Like you've been observing these people for a few days at a grand hotel getting a little acuainted with them all but now you observe them loading luggage into the car about to head off and you have no time to say goodbye You know you're likely to never see them again but are wistful about that prospect too

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Set in 1930s France Margery Sharp’s witty warm hearted novel tells the story of a free spirited mother who is reunited with her very proper daughter after sixteen years when her daughter asks her to inspect her fiancé Julia Packett has barely laid eyes on her daughter Susan since leaving her with her proper well heeled in laws after her husband was killed in World War I Now thirty seven her lack of prospects. The Nutmeg Tree charts the fortunes of Julia a middle aged former actress who retains her gleeful love of life and all it has to offer Her enthusiasm and warmth has got her into trouble before in her youth not least when she finds herself swiftly become pregnant married and widowed in the space of a few months Stifled by the kindness of her very proper and rather rich in laws she leaves her daughter Susan with them to be raised and returns to life and work in London At the start of the novel Julia has not seen her daughter for sixteen years until a letter arrives from Susan enlisting her mother’s help in persuading her grandparents to let her get married Unable to resist this cry for help the affectionate Julia immediately boards a boat for France determined this time to be a proper mother But old habits die hard and Julia’s exuberance will not be repressed particularly when there are eligible gentlemen aroundI could tell that I had picked just the right book as soon as I read the opening paragraph Julia by marriage Mrs Packett by courtesy Mrs Macdermot lay in her bath singing the Marseillaise Her fine robust contralto however was less resonant than usual; for on this particular summer morning the bathroom in addition to the ordinary fittings contained a lacuer coffee table seven hatboxes half a dinner service a small grandfather clock all Julia’s clothes a single bed mattress thirty five novelettes three suitcases and a copy of a Landseer stag The customary echo was therefore lacking; and if the ceiling now and then trembled it was not because of Julia’s song but because the men from the Bayswater Hire Furniture Company had not yet finished removing the hired furnitureJulia is such a character it is impossible not to like her and enjoy reading about her exploits as she tries to appear respectable for the sake of her daughter If just given the facts about her she should be someone of whom the reader disapproves she is far too free with her affections and abandons her young child out of boredom and frustration Yet Sharp creates her in such a way that her great ability to give love suggests bounty and generosity rather than being a negative attribute and there is no judgement at all on her decision to leave Susan with the Packetts If anything the reader is encouraged to sympathise with Julia’s feelings of being stifled and bored among her interfering but well meaning in laws Her escapades never fail to entertain and bring a smile to my faceThe other characters are all eually enjoyable I particularly enjoyed the description of Susan’s grandmother It seemed to her likely that her mother in law was of the type not rare among Englishwomen in whom full individuality only blossoms with age one of those who as sixty one suddenly startle their relatives by going up in aeroplanes or marrying their chauffeursThe story itself isn’t exactly full of surprises; you can tell from the tone of the writing that everything will work out for the best Sometimes however the journey is far important than the destination and I’ll happily travel along with Julia any day Sir William talks about feeling a mixture of affection and amusement towards Julia and that’s exactly how I felt towards The Nutmeg Tree

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The Nutmeg TreeHasn’t dimmed her spirit or appetite for life So when Susan asks her to come to France for the summer to persuade her grandmother to allow her to marry her fiancé Julia sets sail with the noblest intentions of being a paragon of motherhood   But at her mother in law’s vacation villa in Haute Savoie Julia sees that her priggish but lovely daughter is completely mismatched with a man who is just like herse. Julia Packett is such an interesting character She is to use an old fashioned and somewhat pejorative term no better than she ought to be As a very young woman she met a young lieutenant whose family was country gentry and spent several days and nights with him When she found herself enceinte she wrote to him; to her surprise he returned on leave and married her He took her home to his family and returned to the battlefields of WW1; shortly thereafter he was killedJulia had a daughter and for several months did her best to play the widowed Mrs Packett knowing however that she wasn't their sort Eventually she returns to London and relinuishes parental rights to young Susan leaving her to be raised by the Packetts The elder Mrs Packett is truly fond of Susan raising the girl in her own image and making Susan the heir to their not inconsiderable fortuneMrs Packett settles £7000 on Julia thinking that she will likely remarry Julia meanwhile follows the theatre which is in her blood puts on 2 plays and loses the entire amount For years Julia gets by on her wits her luck occasional bit parts and to put it bluntly on her back Not a very likely heroine rightThen one day 16 years later Julia receives a very unexpected letter from her daughter Susan has met a young man and wants to be married but her grandmother doesn't approve Susan pleads with her mother to join them at a country villa in France This is where Julia's adventure really begins And what a romp it is although there are plenty of tender poignant moments as well The ending is a bit abrupt and the reader is left to fill in the blanks somewhat but still one is left with no doubts that the intrepid Julia will make her happy endingFor any Betties and you know who you areJulia is neither an Araminta nor a Veronica I would characterize her as Araminta's wayward sister; she is easily led down the primrose path It was not her nature to deny if she took lovers freely than most women it was largely because she could not bear to see men sad when it was so easy to make them happyWhen Julia finally meets her RBD she has ualms about her past“There are things I ought to tell you—” “Don’t” said Sir William “I haven’t been a hermit myself but I’m not going to bore you with the details” I shouldn’t be bored a bit” said Julia who had no tact In any case I shan’t tell you We start clear from now”