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review The Idylls of the Queen: A Tale of Queen Guenevere Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ In The Idylls of the ueen Phyllis Ann Karr takes an incident the murder of Sir Patrise from Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur and creates an intelligent complex and fascinating mystery novel perfect for fans of historHo is guilty Kay knows the ueen is innocent and an unsuspected murderer is loose in feud filled Camelot a murderer who intended to kill a person or persons other than the obscure knight Patrise and who is poised to kill again With the trial only days away Kay joins with the great knights Gawaine and Gareth and their half brother King Arthur's bastard son Mordred in two uests to find the missing Lancelot and to uncover the true murderer Cynthia Ward. Reviewed here enjoyable Arthurian mystery treating the same episode in Malory as Dark Jenny which I reviewed for Ideomancer That is the poisoning of Sir Patrise and the false accusation against Guenevere which makes for a good mystery framework The authors take rather different approaches though– Dark Jenny features an original character from an ongoing series while Idylls of the ueen rehabilitates the Sir Kay Arthur’s foster brother making him a hero in his own right I picked up this book to scratch my “sympathetic Mordred” itch– my copy of The Winter Prince is out of state Mordred is a major supporting character like Kay trying to solve the mystery of who poisoned Sir Patrise as it is suspected that the poison was aimed at his brother Gawain This Mordred is sarcastic infuriating sharp witted enough loyal to his mother and tormented by the knowledge that he is prophesied to be the downfall of Camelot This makes him suicidal but as by medieval standards a suicide damned his soul he mostly tries to get other people to kill him His humor and Kay’s skeptical narration stop his character from being weighed down by angstSo it scratched the Mordred itch but this book also dug up my Gawain feelings from way back when I read Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight– which is clearly an influence on this portrayal of Gawain He’s far from perfect but he’s honorable to a faultAnd what of Kay the main character He’s pragmatic being a seneschal and not much of a fighter in fact he loses the climactic fight with the bad guy He’s the guy who makes sure everyone gets fed not the guy who goes off on uests and he has a cynical attitude towards glory seeking Oh and he’s desperately in love with Guenevere– which accounts for his bitterness towards Lancelot who is Sir Not Appearing in this Book Kay’s a fun narrator but I found my sympathies deeply engaged by the Orkney brothers The emotional climax of the book is when Kay gathers the brothers together and makes them face some unpleasant truthsThe book bogs down for a bit in the middle when they’re visiting Morgan le Fay and also the villains tend to be unsympathetic from the get go– both sanctimonious in different ways But those are minor flaws as the novel picks up towards the end and repays the investment At the end of the book I was only sad there wasn’t

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In The Idylls of the ueen Phyllis Ann Karr takes an incident the murder of Sir Patrise from Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur and creates an intelligent complex and fascinating mystery novel perfect for fans of historical mysteries of British legends and of fantasyueen Guenevere is giving a dinner to honor King Arthur's knights when one guest Sir Patrise falls dead of poison The dead man's cousin accuses the ueen of murder and she is taken away to. This is really A Tale of Sir Kay His Never ending Snark but I suppose Guenevere's name sells books I loved Kay his banter with Mordred and the book was a light entertaining read throughout Excellent voice nice plotting even if you might already know some of what gets revealed Though you can't necessarily predict the who dunnit

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The Idylls of the Queen A Tale of Queen GuenevereBe held until her trial by combat If her knight champion wins Guenevere will be declared innocent and freed; if he loses she will be burned to death as a murderer She is unlikely to survive the trial Most of Britain's mightiest knights were at the dinner and therefore cannot fight for the ueen Her champion and secret lover the invincible Lancelot has vanished And as Sir Kay realizes trial by combat determines only is who is the better fighter not w. Haven't read this book since it came out in 1982 WOW It is even better than I remember it If you are a fan of the old Malory tales of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table then you will definitely eat this upPAK takes details from Le Morte d'Arthur and weaves them into a medieval whodunit Sir Kay the third rate hero and maybe second rate villain as well as the King's stepbrother reveals unknown depths as he tries to save the ueen from the flames when she is accused of poisoning a young knight and attempting to poison Sir Gawain Even Mordred shows a human side when compared to the two dimensional treatment he is usually given In fact you learn about many of the usual heroes than you ever suspected And Karr does all of this without disturbing any of the original details or conventions Very well done