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review Cecilia, or Memoirs of an Heiress 103 ´ Cecilia is an heiress but she can only keep her fortune if her husband will consent to take her surname Fanny Burney's unusual love story and deft social satire was much admired on its first publication in 1782 for its subtle interweaving of comedy humanity and social analysisHer surname Fanny Burney's unusual love story and deft social satire was much admired on its. Cecilia or Memoirs of an Heiress is the second novel by English author Fanny Burney published in 1782 Burney was a novelist diarist and playwright She wrote in all four novels eight plays one biography and twenty volumes of journals and letters Fanny was the third child in a family of six Fanny's sisters Esther and Susanna were favored over Fanny by their father for what he perceived as their superior attractiveness and intelligence I'm not sure how he felt about the rest of his children but he shouldn't be favoring one over another at all At the age of eight Fanny had not yet learned the alphabet and some scholars suggest that Burney suffered from a form of dyslexia By the age of ten however she had begun to write for her own amusement Esther and Susanna were sent by their father to be educated in Paris while at home Fanny educated herself by reading from the family collection including Plutarch's Lives works by Shakespeare histories sermons poetry plays novels and courtesy books I'd rather be at home reading by myself than going to school in Paris Come to think of it I'd rather be home reading alone than going to school anywhere But back to Burney she drew on this material along with her journals when writing her first novels Burney kept a diary or a lot of diaries I guess all through her life and I do the same thing although hers' were probably much interesting The first entry in her journal was made on March 27 1768 addressed to Miss Nobody see right there mine aren't addressed to anybody just day date and start writing Burney's diary writings were to extend over 72 years Burney wrote these diaries as a form of correspondence with family and friends recounting to them events from her life and how she felt about them Fanny and her sister Susanna were particularly close and it was to this sister that Fanny would correspond throughout her adult life in the form of such journal letters I wonder if my children will publish my diaries once I'm gone perhaps with the title One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest but I'm pretty sure that's already taken Then there is Cecilia the novel I'm supposed to be talking about Cecilia Burney's second novel is twice as long as the first Evelina I read that one too but I can't remember a thing about it although I suppose the heroine was named Evelina Evelina had been so popular that rumors of a new book being published created long waiting lists for the book at circulating libraries even before it was published I didn't know they had things like waiting lists way back then The first edition sold out almost immediately Burney spent about a year and a half starting in 1780 composing Cecilia while staying at the home of her family friend Samuel Crisp Burney then spent six months copying and correcting the draft and the book was published in 1782 According to her letters Burney wrote under tremendous anxiety and familial pressure but Crisp's home provided a respite and he highly encouraged her work A highly successful novel Cecilia went through 51 known editions and there were at least 25 international editions in places such as the US Belgium Germany Ireland Sweden and Russia during Burney's own lifetime The first and subseuent editions of Cecilia sold out uickly and at Burney's death in 1828 there were 27 editions The novel is about the trials and tribulations of a young upper class woman named you guessed it Cecilia who must negotiate London society for the first time There are a lot of people in this book so if you decide to read it be prepared I'm never going to remember them all One character I can remember is Cecilia Beverley Miss Beverley is extremely wealthy or at least she will be when she becomes of age twenty one I think until then her uncle the one who left her all the money has chosen three guardians for her I can't remember how he came to choose these three guys but he did Oh one thing that becomes rather important to everyone in the book except me if I would have been in the book that is is that Cecilia can't get married unless the man she marries agrees to take her surname that is become Mr Beverley Now I suppose her uncle did this so his family name wouldn't be forgotten or some such thing but it seems dumb to me it's not like you are going to be here to notice whether or not your name is still around and when I get to heaven I'm going to be way too busy decorating for Christmas for all eternity than pay any attention to who is named what down here However that is the rule and if Cecilia marries without her husband changing his name then her fortune goes to the next relative some second cousin or some such person Since she is or will be wealthy once she is of age she manages to get in with the wealthy or at least the higher class of society people The problem with them is that not too many of the men who are Lord this or Lord that are willing to change their names unless they have managed to spend all the money their high society family ever had in which case they only want to marry Cecilia for her money anyway So it seems like her choices will be to marry someone she loves but who refuses to change his family name so she loses her fortune or to marry a man willing to change his name in which case he probably doesn't love her just her money or do the safest thing just don't marry anybodyI'm not telling you who marries who or who doesn't marry who I wonder if I should use the word who or whom Anyway here are some of the other main characters first the extremely unlikeable Mr Monckton he isn't one of her guardians but he certainly acts like he is he follows her around everywhere and knows everything about her and is just creepy and annoying Mr Harrel is the husband of Cecilia's childhood friend Priscilla and one of the three guardians That is where Cecilia goes when she arrives in London she is to live with them She finds however that her friend isn't the same girl she remembers but now only cares about going about in society and keeping up appearances On her arrival Mrs Harrel presents her to her “friends” and every day is filled with parties and London amusements whether they can afford them or not which soon tire Cecilia And it is during all this society that we meet most of our characters Mrs Harrel's brother Mr Arnott I liked him Mr Briggs another guardian you would think he was down to his last cent the way he lives uite a strange guy There is also Mr Delvile her last guardian who never said a word that wasn't about himself I could start naming people who try to win Cecilia's hand in marriage but that would take too long longer than I want to think about it anyway One of the main contenders for her hand at least he thought he was is Sir Robert Floyer he was on almost every page of the first half of the book then just seemed to drop out of exsistance why I'm not sure but I don't miss him One of my very favorite characters is Lady Honoria Pemberton she came along just when I was getting a little bit tired of the story and I welcomed her She is a relative of the Delviles whom Cecilia meets during her stay at Delvile Castle Now Mr Delvile just loves his castle almost as much as he loves his family name Come to think of it his list of loves would probably go himself his name his castle his family Hmm odd man Anyway Lady Honoria is uick and very high spirited but without discretion or delicacy for others She enjoys infuriating the haughty Mr Delvile by giddy remarks on his castle such as calling it a gaol Here's a glimpse of Honoria You think then the uarrel amusing than the reconciliation O a thousand times for while you are uarrelling you may say any thing and demand any thing but when you are reconciled you ought to behave pretty and seem contented Those who presume to have any pretensions to your ladyship said Cecilia would be made happy indeed should they hear your principles O

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First publication in 1782 for its subtle interweaving of comedy humanity and social analysi. In short Cecilia is an heiress of great fortune who is also blessed with a wealth of beauty native refinement and intelligence She is a year or so from reaching her majority Until then she must reside with one of her three guardians These all prove to be a problem While Jane has told us that an unmarried man of fortune must be in want of a wife Cecilia's case proves the same for unmarried young ladies From the minute she is introduced into London society she is beset with the mostly unwanted attentions from conniving suitors and their supporters The terms of Cecilia's uncle's will does little to dissuade the rank of suitors expect one These terms that her husband must take her surname seems peculiar to us but was in fact not uncommon in those days Cecilia provides 90 part delight to 10 parts vexation Any reader with knowledge of 18th century tropes can well guess the source of the vexation Yet Cecilia is a wonderful story of amorous suspense abetted by Pride and Prejudice Janeites get your pinafores out of a twist; it was Cecilia's Dr Lyster who coined the phrase Our Jane would be the borrower The novel's length the vacillations of will and fortune might provide fatiguing to the modern reader to say nothing of the comic characters and their humours Burney was writing in an era in which many popular novels revolved around the exploits of a man of humour some prevailing fancy affinity or bigotry Take the works of Tobias Smollett Such character were much enjoyed and prevailed as minor characters into the 19th century heavily relied on by writers such as Dickens Modern readers however weary of this sort of humor though seem to love it in short dose in the form of situation comedies The best advice to those who find characters like Hobson irksome is to skip their bits They rarely add to the plot though sometimes to the confusion Absolutely no one says anything in 5 words when 50 are to be found Once again this is something modern readers often scorn Cecilia Mrs Devile and Mortimer's vexing vacillations are understandable when the 18th century context is given full weight Yes the end stoops to a bit of melodrama but for all this all 1000 pages of Cecilia are a worthy delight if you like this sort of thing and I do It is hard to pinpoint why this doorstop of a novel is as appealing as it is The themes of self knowledge and remaining true to ones own code are part of the allure The feeling of being so thoroughly drawn into the ethos of another era the era just as in absolutely just after the colonies that became these United States had won their liberty is another Cecilia's sense of self direction in an era where most women had little is yet another Then there is the humor though sprightly in the first volume which helps to propel one onward Mr Gosport's unfailing guidance of Cecilia as she navigates her new social circles is especially fun Other characters added for comic relief are also enjoyable Lady Honoria Mr Meadows The suspense of Cecilia's romantic dealings is uite intriguing as well The modern reader might be annoyed with the depiction of Cecilia as a paragon of perfection but please be kind here Some of us just can't help being practically perfect Don't judge My favorite character aside from the beleaguered Cecilia is Mr Albany At first he figures as a cypher then becomes instrumental to the denouement There are many delightful characters that I will not soon forget

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Cecilia or Memoirs of an HeiressCecilia is an heiress but she can only keep her fortune if her husband will consent to take. I happen to love this book than the combined works of Jane Austen blasphemy I know While lacking Austen's sparkling style I find this book has emotional connection and focus on social issues than I find lacking in Austen's works It's probably my favorite 18th century novel in factThe story revolves around Cecilia a young woman who has inherited an enormous fortune but who can keep it only if upon marriage her husband agrees to take her name Unfortunately Cecilia has fallen for Delville a dashing young aristocrat whose proud family would never agree to a name change I confess that I adore Cecilia and have a crush on Delville Cecilia is smart strong and full of common sense Delville is a dutiful young aristocrat who finally has enough and defies his psycho Mom for the love of Cecilia in my favorite scene in the book The book is chockful of funny scenes passionate declarations of love misunderstandings jealousy elopment and every other good thing I never understood why Burney's Evelina with the really annoying secondary characters insipid heroine and patterncard of perfection hero is better known