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The Importance of Being EmmaKs begin to fly It’s just like the old days except that now he’s seeing her through entirely new eyesWhile Mark struggles to keep his feelings in check Emma remains immune to the Knightley charm She’s never forgotten that embarrassing moment when he discovered her teenage crush on him He’s still pouring scorn on all her projects especially her beautifully orchestrated. After eight years away from Highbury Mark Knightley a very handsome and rich man returns to help his father’s business out In addition to this he gets an extremely challenging task becoming the mentor of Emma Woodhouse the new Marketing Director of Highbury Foods a girl who had a huge crush on him and now is a really bewitching woman Mark soon realizes he has to fight against his growing feelings for Emma because she is like his little sister plus she is attracted by a mysterious man Flynn Churcill In this modern adaptation of “Emma” by Jane Austen Juliet Archer creates a very intriguing and fascinating world Emma Woodhouse is very similar to the original character She is stubborn maddening and little attentive to other people’s feelings Mark Knightley on the other hand is uite different He has some traits that belong to the original hero named George like his devotion to Emma the habit of lecturing her and the love for his nephews and nieces he is very sweet with them but he also shows new aspects of himself that surprised me Like the fact that he is incredibly hot Readers can see that clearly because Mrs Archer switches between Emma and Mark as the narrator so we have a deep look into both of their minds Besides thanks to this choice we soon understand how much Mark is drawn to Emma since their first encounter after eight years apart I really appreciated that aspect because we have the possibility to get to know this hero better and I believe he deserved that Since in this novel he is so loving and passionate I am sure even those who do not already love Mr Knightley will fall for himI liked the accuracy at describing the other characters who are close to the protagonists Mr Woodhouse and his daughter Izzy are perfect with their fears and obsessions of all sorts concerning everybody’s health I enjoyed the portrait of the clumsy Harriet Smith and the chatterbox Miss Bates they are hilarious And I loved how the author perfectly depicted Mr Elton he is treacherous and revolting as ever I daresay than the original and since I loathe this character I think he is well representedAlthough this is a fun and entertaining reading I recommend to all Jane Austen fans I must warn you as there are some intimate scenes and the sporadic use of profanity So if you prefer clean stories you probably would not like this one Nevertheless it is a well written book and it is worth reading

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Mark Knightley – handsome clever rich – is used to women falling at his feet Except Emma Woodhouse who’s like part of the family – and the furniture When their relationship changes dramatically is it an ending or a new beginning Emma’s grown into a stunningly attractive young woman full of ideas for modernizing her family business Then Mark gets involved and the spar. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EMMA AUDIO VERSIONThis is a modern re telling of Jane Austen's classic which sticks pretty closely to the plot of the original for the most part I have to warn those who don't like such things that it does contain a certain amount of profanity references to sex and a couple of sex scenes as well so this would be a readlisten for mature audiences only The story is told from alternating POVs; being that of Emma herself and the modern Mr Knightley here called Mark rather than George The George Knightley in this tale is Mr Knightley Senior who's still alive but absent for the most part on a cruise with his second wife It was interesting seeing the story from Mark's side as well as Emma's The story is set in the world of the foodcatering business Emma is the newly appointed Marketing Director of Hartfield Foods and Mark is temporary CEO of Donwell Organics is his father's absence Mark has spent the past eight years working for his family firm in India He hasn't seen Emma grow up from the teenager nicknamed 'Mouse' who had a crush on him into the beautiful young woman she is now He also has a girlfriend back in India one of the few departures from canon All of the usual characters are present Harriet Smith is a ditzy chavish PA who's replaced Kate now Mrs Weston Mr Woodhouse is the same hypochondriac we all know and Miss Bates is also very true to canon working for Hartfield Foods past retirement I think due to financial reasons Philip Elton is Hartfield's Finance Director and we meet a truly awful modern Augusta Hawkins known as 'Gusty' Robert Martin runs a local haulage company Jane Fairfax turns up on a work placement in Emma's marketing department and Frank Churchill renamed Flynn is an Australian celebrity chef who's very full of himself Emma's sister is still married to Mark's brother as in canon One thing I think that the audio version gains over the printed version is that two narrators were used Melody Grove voices Emma's sections and Jonathan Keeble does Mark's I really liked both their voices and would definitely listen to audiobooks narrated by either or both I find it hard to see why some people have given this book such poor reviews and low ratings I thought it was a pretty good attempt at bringing this story into the modern world including all the baggage that goes with melding the original storyline with 21st century morals and expectations

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The Importance of Being Emma Free download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Mark Knightley – handsome clever rich – is used to women falling at his feet Except Emma Woodhouse who’s like part of the family – and the furniture When their relationship changes dramatically is it an ending or a new Campaign to find Mr Right for her ditzy PA And finally when the mysterious Flynn Churchill – the man of her dreams – turns up how could she have eyes for anyone else With its clueless heroine and entertaining plot this modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma stays true to the original while giving fresh insights into the mind of its thoroughly updated and irresistible her. Of all the Jane Austen's books Emma is my favorite Therefore when I noticed this 'modern day' version about Emma I thought I would enjoy it It had it's fun moments and it followed Ms Austen's book Emma to a certain degree But in my opinion it was way to modern for me It turned into a trashy Emma which completely ruined the story for me I have never read anything by this author before and won't be reading anything by her again I would never recommend this book to anyone else I am awarding it 2 because I didn't like the book