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Thor of the masterwork In This House of Brede tells an inspiring and entirely convincing conversion story that shows how the mercy of God extends to the darkest human places The Loyola Classics series connects today's readers to the timeless themes of Catholic fiction in new editions of acclaimed Catholic novel. Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy by Rumer GoddenMy rating 5 of 5 starsIf Elizabeth Fanshawe had not got caught in the celebrations of the Liberation of France her life would never have taken the turn it did That night caught in the midst of drinking gallons of wine dancing with thousands of people jumping in fountains she is ‘rescued’ by Patrice Ambard who turns out to be a pimp of a high class Parisian brothel She falls in love with him enad too by the good things Patrice has to offer jewels clothes and good food Falling in love with a pimp however cannot last for long as Lise soon finds out She has to ‘work’ to keep herself but a fight that earns her the sobriuet 'La Balafree' the Scarred One puts an end to her days as a prostitute Patrice then keeps her on as the Manageress of his brothel On one of her long walks very early in the morning she finds a very young beautiful girl Vivi in a pool of vomit but what is surprising is the very delicate rosary thrown next to her in a pile of debris Could this be an omen It could be because Lise rescues Vivi and takes her to the brothel where she is groomed fed cleaned and becomes Patrice’s new find It is at this point that Lise in her naiveté makes a series of serious errors of judgment But are they really errors of judgment or is there a higher power at work here Trying to save Vivi from Patrice Lise murders him she is then in prison for a long timeIt is at the Prison that she meets the Sisters of Bethany from the Convent of Belle Source It is here that our comparison to Rumer Godden’s masterpiece ‘In this House of Brede’ should end The nuns in Brede are contemplative cloistered nuns who live their lives in Prayer and the Sisters of Bethany at the Convent of Belle Source are nuns who have an active life outside the Convent One of their duties is to visit women prisoners Women who have been prostitutes criminals some doing a couple of years some incarcerated for life Murderers thieves prostitutes all banded together in a hell hole of misery extreme sorrow vice rage and of course terrible sadness for wrong decisions taken in their lives The most amazing aspect of these nuns however is that some of these nuns were once upon a time in their previous lives fallen women many of them prostitutes and murderers who through a great deal of Prayer a lot of help from the Sisters of Bethany are now nuns Was it easy Of course not like it or not you miss your old life It is slow going as many vocations normally are But if God really calls you it is amazing“I wish I had your imperturbability” said Lise It was not just a shell; Lise herself could keep her face and voice in control when in reality she was in turmoil; this was deeper—the nuns were not perturbed over things like this “When you have seen as much of God’s providence as I have” said Soeur Raymonde as any of the nuns would have said “seen the unfathomable ways in which He works if you have any sense at all you learn not to uestion or to judge—only to trust” Page 212 Prayer and trust two simple words two powerful actions Although it seems to be an easy life there is so much hard work; the nuns grow all their food so there is the very hot work of sowing weeding and harvesting There are the cows to be looked after the pigs Oh yes the nuns work extremely hard but this life of prayer hard work is all they want It is indeed a long journey from Lise to 'La Balafree' to Soeur Marie Lise du RosarieI had been intrigued by the title ‘Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy’ but some reading shows that it refers to the total number of decades in a complete rosary—fifteen as it used to be before the addition of the five Luminous MysteriesView all my reviews

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Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy“ Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy is about growth choice struggle and the freedom of the soul that transcends the license of the body It is about finding sin where we least expect it” Joan Chittister from the introduction This haunting tale of disgrace and redemption centers on Lise Fanshawe a prostitute and b. I’m so glad that I picked up this book the third of Rumer Godden’s three ‘convent novels’ when she was The LibraryThing Virago Group Author of the MonthIt is a uietly compelling account of one woman’s life telling of the downfall of Elizabeth Fanshawe a young Englishwoman in Paris and the chain of circumstance that would lead her to become Soeur Marie Lise one of the Sisters of Béthanie at the convent of Belle SourceThat historical setting is very real The author spent time with the real Sisters of Béthanie who minister to the poor the downtrodden and the imprisoned; and she speaks wonderfully well for them The pictures she paints of convent life is are vivid rich with detail and utterly captivatingElizabeth grew up in the uietest of English villages; raised by an elderly aunt as she was orphaned at a very early age War came and wanting to see of the world Elizabeth joined the army as a driver She was in Paris when the city was liberated and she was swept up in wild and joyful celebrationsThat would change her lifeShe met Patrice Ambard a handsome and charming elder man that night and he would draw her into his world of crime and high class prostitution It was clear that he had prospered during the war years that he had been a collaborator but Lise – he called her Lise – was far to innocent and inexperienced to see him for what he wasShe fell in love with him and by the time she realised where he was steering her and that he didn’t love her it was much too late She had no family or friends to turn to; and because she had taken his name and lived openly with him she couldn’t bring herself to approach the church And so she was trapped she was broken and she became hardenedLise never lost her compassion for others and so she had to care for the damaged unhappy young girl she foundThat would change her life againLise took her in; Patrice seduced her and set her in Lise’s place; and Lise’s love for the girl and her wish to guide her to a happier life than she had would lead to her downfall Because she didn’t understand how damaged the girl was she didn’t understand that she didn’t see the world as Lise didOne desperate act would make her notorious and send her to prisonIt was there that she met Sisters of Béthanie who ministered to prisoners She realised that she wanted to join them she felt that it would be impossible for someone with her background but she was told that her background would be no obstacle at all The order included former prisoners and former prostitutes like her and their experience of the world would help them to understand others in need of their helpThat would truly change her lifeLise began a long journey that would lead to her becoming Soeur Marie Lise du RosarieThis wonderful story – of one woman’s downfall and redemption – is uite beautifully told It moves backwards and forwards in time setting stories of Lise’s past against stories of her life at the convent The stories flowed into one another and the author had such skill that it felt completely and utterly natural and I always understood where I was and what was happeningShe brought all of the women in this story and their world to life They were utterly real she cared about them and she made me careThere was such love and compassion in this book that I couldn’t doubt for a moment that Rumer Godden was inspired by the real Sisters of BéthanieThat is not to say that it is her best work The story of Lise’s downfall wouldn’t stand up to close scrutiny at least one character is compromised to make the latter part of the story work and the conclusion is rather too contrived and melodramaticThe arc of this novel though is uite wonderful; and the other side of the story following Lise from the moment when she that she may have a vocation through her novitiate and into her life as a fully professed nun is exuisitely drawn and rich with detailFor that and for what this book has to say I have to love it

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Read Ò Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy 100 ´ “ Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy is about growth choice struggle and the freedom of the soul that transcends the license of the body It is about finding sin where we least expect it” — Joan Chittister from the introduction This haunting tale of disgrace and redemption centers on Lise Fanshawe a pRothel manager in postwar Paris who while serving time in prison for killing a man finds God Lise is helped by an order of Catholic nuns that includes former prostitutes and prisoners like her She joins the order and is swept up in an unexpected and fateful encounter with people from her past life Rumer Godden au. I didn't think this could be better than In this House of Brede but it is 10x powerful and moving